Bi Curious Turns Into Gay

Hi I am Rahul, new in Chennai, I am bi curious guy, any she males, TS, gays like to suck and get fucked can email me at [email protected]

One day during a 3 day holiday period I was alone and horny and was getting a bit bored sitting at home and drinking. I was browsing the internet looking for massage and saw an ad by TS. Since I was a little drunk I got bold and called her. She answered the phone quickly, said her name was “Lalitha” and that she was only a little far away from me in a hotel. So I got her address, took another shot of rum and went over there. As soon as I saw the rooms door, it opened automatically, and Lalitha was standing inside by a king size bed, dressed in a butt tight, jet black one piece Dress. She looked a lot more like a guy in person than she did in her ad online. I was a bit disgusted by it and started to feel like kind of a fag.

But I was horny, spinning head drunk, and still wanted my dick sucked. So I stepped into the room, reached in my pocket, and put the money down on the table next to the sofa. Lalitha then stepped up to me and planted a tongue-laden kiss on my lips. Usually Masseuse’s dont kiss mouth to mouth, and I felt uncomfortable about the whole thing since I was basically kissing a guy, whose dick I could feel poking against my upper thigh dress. She guided my hands towards her hard tits, which were glorious. Then took my sweaty left paw further down, down to her erect penis, which was big, larger than mine. My reluctance to touch a penis that wasnt my own made me push my hand back as soon as I felt it, almost like Id touched a hot stove. At this point I broke away from her, but instead of being deterred, she looked me deeply in the eyes and asked authoritatively if I wanted to suck her cock. I said, no and asked her if shed give me a massage. I took off all my clothes and laid myself down, face first on the bed. She followed my lead and removed her dress, revealing naked, perky silicone tits and red panty holding her massive dick.

She got on top of me, sat on my butt, and I could feel her erect cock jabbing into my back. She busted out some hot oil, rubbed my shoulders, deep tissue style. Then wasted no time to reach down underneath me and start tugging on my soft dick. I flipped over and next thing I knew, shes got my now erect dick in her mouth. Usually, they put condoms on your dick before they suck you, but this one didnt, and her cold/warm mouth sucking my dick in deep-throated motions sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. As she was sucking me off, I reached back up into her butt, up under her panty, and used my middle finger to finger fuck her asshole, causing her to moan and hum on my penis while she moved her head up and down on it. This TS really gave a tremendous blow job, working the tongue like a master, making no dental contact at all and sucking at a rapid but not hurried pace.

I thought to myself that I should visit more transvestite prostitutes, not only because the head was good, but because of her rates, and others Id seen, were far more affordable than many females.
After around 4-5 minutes, I ejaculated furiously into her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it and even sucked a minute or so after, licking and swallowing up all the fluids until my little drunken penis went limp.

She then took my hand to her tits and asked me to pinch her tits and then guided my mouth towards one of them, I took her tit in my mouth and started sucking and slowly nibbling the nipples and with tweaking the other one with my hand.

I could see that this was exciting her and she took her dick in her hand and was rubbing its head, I could see her dick grow in excitement, she once again asked me to suck her but I refused, but took her dick in my hand and started playing with it stroking up and down, finally she was very hot and horny and asked me if I would fuck her.

This was a new experience for me but I was okay with it, she moved into doggy position and took ky jelly and asked me to put it on my dick and her hole, after a good amount of lubrication she put her fingers in her hole dilating it and making it ready for me. Once she was ready I mounted on her and slowly thrust my dick into her ass hole, she gave a moan and to the whole length of my dick into her, this made me horny and I was fucking her like a man possessed, she was furiously rubbing her dick up and down masturbating. Finally, when I couldn’t hold it I gave a hard push and screamed at her “I am coming!! She too moaned and came with her long hot spurts of she male cum falling on the bed.

She fell on her stomach and I was as on top of her, my dick still in her, taking in deep breaths.I withdrew from her and she led me to take a shower together. After we finished, we hugged goodbye. She tried to tongue kiss me again, but I didnt want to since Id just came in her mouth a few minutes ago. So I kissed her on the lips and left back home.

This experience of receiving a satisfying blowjob from TS made me change my way, now I look forward to getting sucked and fuck TS and am now open to trying out with smooth nonhairy guys.