Office Romance

In last few years I have spent enough time exploring sexuality that I now feel very comfortable with companies of both men and women. I guess this is the luckiest thing to possess as you can have a taste of both flavors. This has to lead me to be neutral towards both the genders or probably attracted towards both the genders. This story is about a cute guy who joined recently as my teammate and is very shy and introvert from the outside till I found his real incest thinking.

This guy is young and belongs to a good family and I think he does not have many friends in this new town and I moved in a few months back so open for some friendship. This guy is called Pawan and he looks like a true Pakistani male model with slight shades of beard highlighting his square jawline and nonsmoking pink lips sitting on his lips like pink rose petals. He got perfectly shaped eyebrows under which big and beautiful eyes. He is not skinny but has a well-toned body which comes from athletic activities and sun tan on his biceps revealed his recent about his Goa trip.

We came to know each other a month ago and started working together on the same client project. Since I am senior to him so he listens to my suggestions very politely and does whatever I say so. I even asked him to pick my amazon delivery too and he asked whats inside it and I gave a lame answer to him not wanting to tell him that I ordered Lubricants from amazon.

Now Let me tell you about the incident where a neutral small town guy whom I wanted to target but ultimately turned out that I was being targeted or played on by him… This incident happened almost 2 months back when we had to come to office on a weekend to deliver some project artifacts and it was supposed to be over in 2 hours but took almost half a day. We were almost over with the activities and about to go home then Pawan told me that he wants to go to office swimming pool for a quick dip before heading towards home. I told him that I too have few activities to finish before I can call it a day. I told him to go to the pool and went back to work. After few minutes when I completed my tasks I decided to go and check with Pawan if he wants to have a couple of beer. I headed towards the swimming pool and the day being Saturday I saw that there wasn’t anyone in the pool area. I thought that he must be inside taking shower so I went straight to the changing area and slowly opened the door.

As I entered the changing room I saw Pawan’s bag lying there and I check all his clothes are on it including his underwear which was Jockey bikini brief. I took his underwear and smelled it. It smelled his manhood and was soft and little warm. I kept it back and stepped inside slowly and heard the sound of the shower. I went straight to shower area and sneaked into the area where there were small cabins and none of the doors were shut. I wondered if he’s taking shower without closing the door. I spotted him in the very far shower cabin and completely naked facing the wall and rubbing soap on his masculine body.

I stepped back and found a safety spot where I could enjoy watching him taking shower while not getting caught. He is around 5’7” very fair and little hair on his body. He got round bubbly ass which was complemented by strong thighs. My jaw dropped when he turned and I saw his nice built chest with trimmed hair and a small trail of chest hair encircling his naval joined the pubes. His dick was semi hard and would be around 6” and so thick that it could pierce anyone’s ass. Huge balls hanging which had very few pubes on that as well.

I was enjoying this sight very much and I had my hand inside my pants and I started stroking. Just then I got this amazing idea to undress and join Pawan in the shower. I couldn’t think of any reason for my presence in that room. I slowly removed my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist and made some noise so that Pawan acknowledges my presence. I gave a shout to Pawan, “Hey Pawan You there?”

He replied, “Yes 2 minutes”

I moved towards his cabin asking how long will he take and some other questions. He did not bother to close the door and he was standing there butt naked and semi-hard cock. He tried to pretend that he’s ashamed to stand naked in front of me but he still did not close the door. He was talking to me with one hand in front of this crotch and other rubbing his body. I was now thinking of some reason for me standing wearing towel. I said, “How long will it take? I am too tired too and want to take shower if you’re going to take time”
Pawan: “Just two minutes brother.”
Me: “ok let me get into the shower now.”

Pawan: “Actually all other showers do not have warm water, I check each and every cabin and here too water is fine but not warm.”
Before I could react or say anything he continued, “I am done in 2 minutes then you can use this cabin. Or”
Me: “or what?”

Pawan laughingly turns towards me and says, “Join me.”
This is a very bold invitation or could be just a joke but I pretended to be natural and before he could justify any further I dropped my towel on the floor and jumped in the shower.

Rest of the story in another part II
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