Massage In Navi Mumbai

I am 37 year old gay guy.I live in Navi Mumbai.I am a loyal gym goer.I have a good buffed up body.I like to get massages.I like the massage ,I get in my gym but I need massage with happy endings.Since I don’t get it in my gym,I started searching for it elsewhere.I searched for massage ads in newspapers like midday.

I called a few,asking for male masseurs..I went to few ones,got costly normal massages.They didn’t even remove my underwear.After facing disappointment in mens massage parlours.I decided to try private male masseurs,who come to your place directly.Tried many.All are costly.Starting from 2k for 30mins and upwards.One strong muscular guy took 6k for 30 mins.Very hard massage giver.Tries to break your muscle by applying additional pressure .Gave only a hard handjob only.Painful and a costly massage.

On recommendation of a friend called a guy from karjat.His charges for 650 for 40 mins.Bargained him for 500rs.Fixed a day time.My room was free.He showed up.A young Maharashtrian guy.Tall,very slim.Wears a hat and sunglasses.Names anil.Before beginning he asked for money upfront.I wanted to give it later.But he was insistent on that.So I gave in.He told me to get naked and lie on the floor.I did .He poured coconut oil on my chest and slowly started massaging it.He pulled my nipples.He massaged my hands,then went for my thighs and legs.Grabbed my cock and started stroking my cock slowly and steadily.I got excited and blew my load.He cleaned it with a towel.He told me to lie on my back.He massaged my back using his legs.Felt good.He started massaging my ass.I told him to finger my ass.He put on a rubber glove and fingered me, oiled it, felt great.After massaging the entire back..The best masseur I ever had.After few weeks,I was itching for a body massage.I had stopped going to massage parlours completely as it wasn’t safe .Its costly and I don’t get what I want.So I called my masseur anil again during Saturday daytime.He comes only at daytime.

My room was empty .This time I had planned to have sex with him as well as get a massage.He came.Told me to take off my clothes.I did .Fully naked in front of him,told me to lie down on my back.He poured oil on my stomach and started spreading all over my body with his hand.While he was doing it.I placed my left hand on his crouth and started rubbing it slowly.He didn’t say word,just went about doing his work.As he was rubbing my thighs.I slipped my hand inside his pant and pulled his now erect cock out.Seeing his erect cock, I couldn’t contain myself.I got up and sucked his cock and licked his balls completely.After that I removed his shirt and sucked his nipples,licked his stomach liked a rabid dog.I removed his underwear and pants.Now he was completely naked too.He flipped lay oil on my back and slept on me and rubbed his body to mine up and down.It felt very nice.He started to finger my ass.I told him to fuck me.He.Slowly the speed intensified.In and out,in and out.Felt very good.After fucking my ass.I said I want to fuck his ass.He politely declined,saying he doesn’t suck cock or gets fucked in the ass.Cool with said he cant without protection.

I had a condom in my bag.I quickly got it.He told me to get down on my hands and knees in doggie position.I did.He put on the condom on his dick and slowly started stroking my assume.As long I get my enjoyment and moneys worth.Both of us were drenched in oil.We both went into the bathroom and had a nude shower.After that he was off.Anil is a average looking guy.Slim.No hunk or gym-buffed one.But is cheap and more intimate one.Light massage.Good one.Now I am his regular client.Once every month. Recently I couldn’t get hold of him.His phone was stitched off.Last month I got hold of it.I asked where he was?Why no contact.He said he suffered a bike accident,broke his hand and leg.Was in hospital.Got a surgery done.He is stitched up.Got lots of stitches on his hand and leg.I told him to never mind.I was going to goa for diwali vacation.Invited him too.He came.So its both of us.We stayed at dona paula.

Near the jetty is a shitty hotel.Small a/c room.We hired a car and off we went on day trips to the beaches.Went into the sea.In the water he stroked my cock,gave a good handjon.Felt relaxed in the hot sun and cold water.Fingered my ass too.As the water was deep upto our chest level.Nobody could see it.At evening I was tired .Anil gave me a naked massage.Grabbed and pressed my ass and fucked it.We had got some feni,beer and rum.In turns we drank it.As he was drinking the beer I sucked his cock.Spent 3 days of travel,eating,drinking,massage and fucking.I went to a ayurvedic massage for rs.600 near one o f the beaches.What a ripoff? Don’t go for it.Waste of time and money.My masseuse does a better job than that.Goa trip was good.Came back and back to work.During december time thinking about a malvan trip.Rather than going with friends.I will go with anil.Its easy to have private discreet encounters alongwith massage.Iin delhi I had a bad massage encounter.I had contacted a local delhi guy through the site pr.I invited him to my room.He came.He started to give me massage.I was in a towel.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.3 guys came.Said they were undercover policeman cracking down on sexual massages.Started harassing me and threatened to take me to police station.To avoid any scandal I bribed them.They took 4k that I had with me at the time.All 4 guys left soon.After a while it dawned on me,it was a setup.I was duped by the pr guy.So guys be careful about such fake massues running around.Didnt get anything out of it.Lost money and got the scare out of it.The delhi trip was a downer for me.I am a frequent traveler.Love hiking and going to new places.Looking forward for the malwan trip

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