Boring Day Turns Into A Passionate Evening.

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Hello Readers, I am Rahul, a bisexual Top, I like getting sucked especially by CDs, the males and bottoms, This happened to me when I was visiting New Delhi on business. After work, I kind of got bored after coming back to my hotel room and decided to explore and see if I could get lucky, and boy did I get lucky.

I went to a bar and was eyeing the crowd sipping my beer when my eye caught a beauty, she too was sitting alone and sipping her drink after making eye contact, and I moved towards her and got talking. She said her name was Julie, she was about 22, fair good-looking, big breasts with a dimple.

After some time I asked her if she would like to come with me, she got the hint and agreed. We went back to my hotel room. I made her comfortable on the sofa, opened a breeze for her and excused myself to get comfortable.

I came back and sat next to her and we were watching TV, a repeat of football was going on. I was running my fingers on her arms kind of tickling her. As we were watching, with her next to me, I felt my dick rise in anticipation and she noticed it. Do the guys turn you on? She asked, I was kind of zapped and replied, sorry what? She said do guys get you excited referring to the game going on.

Moving closer to me, she said, “Its okay, you can tell me. “Placing her arm around my shoulder. I could feel my dick, stiffening further. It was poking up right at my shorts. Wondering how to hide my growing erection, I was looking around to cover it with something when I felt Julie’s hand on my dick. I looked at Julie with embarrassment; I was frozen at what to do next.

She whispered in her sexy voice. “It’s alright,” “tell me what’s making you so horny.” She was moving her hand up and down on my dick; I moaned and said your big breasts. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I was stunned, my hand was feeling, squeezing her breast. She closes her eyes and lets out a small moan as my thumbs rub against her nipples through her shirt and bra. Her hand was now jerking, squeezing more on my dick.

She put her other under my shirt, her bare hand on my back brought goosebumps, then Her hands slid to my waist to my shorts, pulling at the sides, I moved my ass up, both of her hands grab at the sides of my shorts and she pulls it down to the floor. My erect dick stood at full mast, with a drop of pre-cum.

She then put her hand back on my dick, her warm hand massaging my dick, she moved down so that her head was on my thigh, I stretched and pulled up her top exposing her lacy red bra.

Seeing her only in her lacy Red bra and Jeans made me horny, I just wanted to fuck her pussy. I unhooked her bra and took it off; her nipples were erect from me fondling them. I felt the urge to suck on them, as I feel her hands pushing my shirt up. I removed my shirt, completely naked in front of her.

As I moved to remove her jeans, she stopped me “No” She said, Later. But I was in no mood and I pleaded with her, “Just a little. I pull her jeans down a bit exposing her red lace panties when her hands stopped me from pulling them further, as her hand grabs my cock again, my hands go to her breasts. I lean in, her breasts in my face. Her nipples were stiff and firm in my mouth from licking that I gave them, came out a moan of pleasure from her. I continued to kiss and suck her boobs, my hands groping her ass.

I move my hands to her thighs next, feeling her smooth thighs on the outside of both legs. Slowly, I push her jeans inch by inch. I could feel her breath on my dick, hot and heavy. She proceeds to engulf my cock, slowly taking more and more. She was getting my dick wetter and wetter with her mouth, running her tongue along the whole length and head.

Her mouth was giving my cock great pleasure, I moan loudly when her tongue runs up and down. I continue to inch her pants down, just reaching her knees. Knowing her aching pussy was now inches from my fingers, I put my hand in her crotch. Her hand immediately grabs mine, her mouth leaving my cock. Her hand props her up. “That’s off limits.” She said.

Not willing to lose such an awesome blowjob, I nodded, my hands back on her thighs and back, running my hands up and down, caressing her, as she was sucking my dick, as she was engrossed in sucking my dick, I slowly moved my had and placed it on her pushy. But to my surprise, I didn’t find a pussy but a tiny dick.

Julie jerked, froze and sat up, she was kind of embarrassed. She was not aware that I have been intrigued with Transsexuals, I could sense fear and rejection on her face, and here my heart was pounding fast when I realized she was actually a transsexual. I never thought I could meet one so beautiful and good looking. Hey, it’s okay. I want to see it.” I said.

She is kind of surprised; I assure her that I want to do this. She smiled and I slid her jeans off her legs. I once again assured that I am alright with this, hooked her panties in my thumb and removed them completely, My eyes were fixed on what was in between her legs. Her little cock was soft, just about 3 inches. “Julie, you look so hot and beautiful,” I told her, staring at her cock. She relaxed and gave a smile, I move closer to her sexy body, my hands run up and down her thighs, trying to relax her and open her legs.

I lean my head down, kissing her breast, taking as much as I could into my mouth. I lick and suck each of her breasts, as she relaxes more and more. I reach down to her dick. I wrap my fingers around her small dick; I move my hand on her dick back and forth. I knew she was enjoying this, as I could hear her moan and her cock begins to get erect.

Julie is quite happy with my acceptance, she pleads with me, and “It’s been a while since I’ve had a cock inside. I want you to fuck me.” I kiss her on the lips, sure baby, whenever you are ready. She positions herself, spreading her legs with her feet on the sofa, she leans back, her butt high in the air, her cock pointing up, what a sexy sight that was.

I get the complimentary bottle of moisturizing lotion from the bathroom and take a condom from my jeans. I slide the condom on my dick, put some lotion on the condom and after coating my finger with a good amount of lotion, slip a finger into her tight asshole and slowly finger fuck her. With her eyes closed, and her head fallen back, she enjoys the sensations and moans, as if her asshole seems to beg to be filled. I then, position myself with my cock at her entrance. Using her hands she pulls her ass cheeks apart, exposing her hole, to be fucked.

I push my cock in; Julie groaned softly, the pressure against the head of my cock increases. Pushing slowly, I could feel the pressure on the head of my dick. My dick was going in! She then tightened her anus tightly, and I almost came right there. After a second, she relaxed again, and I felt my cock pushing a little deeper inside. Julie was gasping, moaning, holding on tightly to the sofa, with one hand and was jerking off with the other, I then I felt my balls rest against the soft skin of her butt and realized that I was all the way inside. All My six and a half inches had gone into her ass.

I was now super horny and hot, I grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her. It was so intense that I forgot about going slow or being gentle, the only thought in my head was the feeling of her butt squeezing up on my cock. My balls were slapping against her ass as I keep burying my dick fully into her I increased my rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her tight ass. Julie moaned, Oh my god, oh yes Rahul, I am loving it, Fuck me, Fuck me hard. I need you, hearing this I pounded her ass, her breathing became rapid, her breasts shaking like mangoes hanging on a tree.

Her breathing got heavier; I felt her ass muscles tighten against my dick, her body shaking beneath me. I knew I was going to cum and pulling her towards me while with a final thrust; I pushed in as deep as I could and started Cumming spraying jets of my hot cum inside her.

Julie was panting and groaning, the muscles in her ass pushing me out. I pulled out of her, sat on the sofa catching my breath, Julie didn’t move, her legs still open wide on the sofa, she was breathing hard, she was in a state of ecstasy. I moved my hands towards her breast, holding them in my hand; I realized that she too had cum all over her stomach. I kissed her on the lips, I asked her, are you alright. She just nodded and kissed me back passionately.

We went into the bathroom, took a shower and Julie got dressed and left, giving me a passionate kiss on my dick. I live in Chennai now; please share your comments and feedback about the sex story on [email protected]