Gay Theater In Bengaluru

Hello everyone.. Im Sachin! I stay in Bengaluru. My stats are 62 height ,85kgs weight , wheatish brown complexion, toned body with little bit of tummy fat, good amount of chest.Im 19 years old now. Im basically bottom , but i dont mind getting my cock sucked (which is 7′ by the way). I use to suck cocks at the age of 10 .The story which Im gonna narrate is not how i was introduced to gay sex.Ill do that later. This is all about the famous gay theater in Bengaluru, the “RAJESHWARI THEATER”

For beginners its a theater on old airport road , near by HAL. Its an old theater where they play b class mallu porn. Its one of the major gay cruising spot in Bengaluru. gays all over Bengaluru come here to have fun. There are 4 shows. But the best one is “7:00 pm show on weekends”

Let me just give an overview of the theater. The ticket costs 50 rupees (which is damn cheap). As soon as you enter to the left the theater hall is situated. Outside the hall theres a washroom and a stairs which leads to no where xD. Inside the hall theres another washroom and two hallways. If you go on weekends (7 pm show) Im damn sure youll find at least of 100 people(majority gays) in those hallways and washrooms.

You find almost all types of people. Its like a gay buffet, go pick your type and have sex.If you are a gay in Bengaluru and never visited this place .. youre a waste of sperm.

Its almost 25kms from my home. I usually start at 6 pm on my 2 wheelers and reach around 7:20 pm(traffic sucks by the way).I did the same yesterday(11 nov). I bought the ticket and entered. As soon as I entered I could see 6-7 men standing and staring at me. Thats usually there. People just stare at you.I went inside the washroom, groomed my hair and went up the stairs.I could see at least of 20 people having fun among themselves. I just stood there for some time and found no one interesting.I came down and entered the hall, took right and theres a kinda hallway or something (I do not know how to describe)which leads to the washroom. People just stand over there and stare xD.I stood in that place as usual and saw people. There was one guy who was looking hot. He was staring at me.I didnt give any reaction. He came to me and touched my hand(thats the sign everyone over there gives if they are interested in you).

I stood there and h got the green signal from me and we started talking.
He: hey there.. your sweet name
Me: Im sachin

As soon as I finished saying my name he placed a kiss on my lips. I liked that and we started kissing madly. Our french kiss lasted up to 10 min.I broke the kiss as people started crowding around us. I took him to the front seat and we started kissing again. he removed my shirt and found my shining nipples. Without wasting any more time, like a hungry baby he started to suck my nipples. I was on 7th cloud. I was moaning like a bitch. Between all these, there was another man who was constantly looking at us. I gave him a signal to come over. He came and both of them started to suck my nipples. I was 3 steps away from heaven. I took out his cock and OMG!!!!. It was enormous.. 9” length and almost 2.5” thick. I took all of it in and started to suck as deep as possible. I could manage taking 3/4 th of the cock. (Im a pro when it comes to giving BJs). I could hear him moaning. He held my hair firmly and started pushing deep. I was chocking myself, but did i stop? no!

He started mouth fucking me.I could see people staring at us. But I was in no mood to care. This continued for 10 more minutes. At this point, he increased his pace and I knew he was about to cum. With one long final stroke, he came in my throat. It was sweet. I drank it completely. He was exhausted. He thanked me and we exchanged our numbers. He told he was leaving. but I was not ready to leave. I wanted a second round.

He left and I went inside the washroom.

I could see many people enjoying. There was no place to stand inside. I somehow managed to find a corner. I opened my cock out and started stroking it slowly. People around me started touching my cock. One guy started stroking and two of them found my nipples and started feeding on them.

I kissed one guy over there. He was damn cute. He was almost 18 years old. I could see people waiting for him to come to them. He was bottom. Since i was bottom too we thought of coming out and get some fresh air. He was from Andhra studying in Coorg. He was going back to Coorg from Andhra and he stopped in Bangalore especially to come to this theater. We spoke for some time.I was not done yet. We had a plan. We started walking like bitches on the floor. People over there started whistling cheering. I kinda liked that attention. We both were teasing every good looking guy over there.Out of no where we found two military guys( military guys visit that place) who were well built. Those two grabbed us and started to chew out lips like mads. I could feel how strong he was holding me. he was almost my height , very well built. i could feel hos biceps. i touched his cock over pant and found it was rockhard.I didnt waste any moment. I got on my knees , pilled his pants down and sucked his 8″ cut cock. He came in y mouth and i spitted ou his cum. By this time my new theater buddy was also done with giving bj to his man.He gave a bj to me also. We looked at watch and found out it was almost 9 15pm . He then remembered that he had a bus to catch from majestic to Coorg at 10. Luckily I had a extra helmet. i dropped him off to majestic. I also learnt that he was in relationship with a boy(which is great).

So this is my recent experience at rajeshwari theater. I dont prefer anal there dut to hygiene and safety issues. I visit that theater at least once in 3 months.

Please forgive me if there are any errors in the story as this is my first one here.

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