A Journey To Remember

Hi, I know names dont matter here. So you can call me any name as you wish. Let me take you to the indian sex story straight away. It was during the first few months of our relationship, and as you all may be knowing we were in deep love as every other who is in deep love during their initial stage of the relationship. This is the stage you will do anything for your partner. And I wanted to surprise my partner as well.

She was going to her hometown after work for a few days leave. I thought to surprise her by accompanying her on the journey. So I booked my tickets, but unfortunately, I was under waiting list, she, on the other hand, had booked a ticket in advance. Even though I didnt get the ticket I boarded the train with her. She was very much surprised that I am also going with her. But was a little confused, because my seat was not confirmed yet.

So we went to the TTE and said about the situation. TTE said that no seat is available, he will inform us if any seat gets emptied. Until that time we will have to adjust each other. We were okay with that. At least I was not fined or asked to get down.

And the real story starts here.Her seat was side berth , lower. As it was already past 8 o clock in the night , everyone else had occupied their birth and started to settle down for sleep. But we were not in a position to sleep as we have to adjust each other. So we decided to chat for sometime, but soon found out that it is a bad idea as others may get disturbed. So we started to watch a movie together. But we got bored by the movie, so switched to music. By this time all the lights were down in our compartment. And we were just listening to the songs. Some love songs were playing and we were pretty close to each other as we had only a little space to sit. I was about to ask her something and tilted my head towards her and all of a sudden she planted a kiss on my lips.

A gentle and a smooth one which lasted only a few seconds. It was our first kiss, and I was pretty excited but also at the same time conscious whether anyone saw us . But all were busy asleep and all the lights were down. It gave me a slight confidence and I took my chance and kissed her in the lips and she was also waiting for that. We kissed for a long time, first it was just a lip to lip kiss , slowly our mouth parted , tongues intertwined and I tasted her saliva. Her juicy lips had an electrifying effect on me. I bit her lower lips and she bit my upper lips, and our kissing continued for about 5 minutes. We were really in a mood. She took a blanket out of her bag and we covered each other and lied down in the berth hugging each other. We kissed again and again each time more aggressive than the previous.

And we were just out of control. She got hold of my hand and placed it on her breast. Wow! It was the first time I was touching a girls breast. I was always a boob lover, I have been fantasizing about boobs since my childhood. And all of a sudden am holding my girls boobs in my hand. Wow what a feeling was that!! I pressed it slowly above her dress . It was soft and small, and it excited me more. I was in another world , holding her boobs and kissing her at the same time. Then again she took the next step she placed her hand over my pants on my bulge. I was already in seventh heaven and her touch made me shiver. I thought I am going to cum right there. But I controlled my cum and enjoyed her touch.

She was nicely rubbing my cock over my pants and I was caressing her boobs. She then slightly shifted her position and almost came on top of me so as to gain a better position to rub my cock. She started rubbing her thighs and pussy area over her pants over my bulge area. My hands automatically went over her bum , and started pressing it. She was moaning slightly and we were kissing vigorously. I was not in a mood to slow down and she was neither but we were in a train and we had to be cautious about the people around us.

So we adjusted once again. And she again got hold of my arms and rested it inside her dress and made me touch her bare breast. She adjusted her dress so that I got easy access to her boobs. I pressed her right boob with my right hand. Man what a feeling!!!! Her hand in the meanwhile had found the way to my pants and in a push she was in my underwear holding my already full erect dick covered with pre cum. She started stroking it slightly as her movement inside my pants were restricted as my pants zip were still on. To ease her access I slid down my pants zip and undid my button.

She took this opportunity and slid down my underwear and freed my cock in a second. She then started stroking it up and down vigorously and I was crushing her melons and kissing her. Her stroke got even faster and she was not in a mood to hold back or even care about the people around us. I was about to cum and she increased the speed knowing that. I couldnt control any longer and I cummed in her hand. She hugged me tightly and kissed me all over , I was exhausted for sure but I was not ready to stop it right there. She kissed and licked her hand and then kissed me. We exchanged my cum. I was pressing her bum over her pants and she slid my hand over to her panty and then inside it. And it was my turn to tease her.

I slowly touched my finger on her pussy lips and then circled around it. She let out a slight moan and said to me “Press hard, insert it” I inserted my whole finger and finger fucked her over 10 minutes until she got exhausted and reached her climax. We kissed again and again and slept like that.

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