En Nanban Pool Pulithiya Kadhai

Hi readers, Im very happy to finally write a sex story on iss. Today, Im going to narrate the story happening between two young boys who are discovering their body for the first time during puberty. Im going to mix the languages a bit, so let me know your comments and suggestions through email: [email protected]

This is between me and my friend. We were friends right from childhood and we share all kinds of stuff. Right from childhood, we do everything together, we used to stay in my home or his home. We play and study every evening and eat dinner in anyone of our houses. His name is raj and Im ram, we live in the same locality. Both of us are medium complexion and are normal in every aspect. In fact, we were like brothers. I like him a lot, so we hang around together. Sometimes, after dinner, we used to sleep together (during holidays) or we will go to our own houses. Our parents were proud of our friendship and never minded us since we go to the same school and have the same timings.

Now, the fun part starts, since we were together all the time, nobody told us to maintain a private space from each other. That means we see each other nude several times a day, whenever we piss or shit, the other one was there. Dont ask me how this will happen when 2 boys are spending all their time together, it will happen. It did not stop there, we touched each other all the time, never felt shy or awkward about it. It is like we owned each other, so nothing matters. After we both finished 8th std, we were given own rooms. Even before that, when I wanted to piss, I would call him and he would come along with me, we will piss crisis cross, standing next to each other, with one shoulder on the other person and after we were done, he would take his hand off my shoulder and squeeze my penis. I did the same to him. Whenever during the day, if he or I wanted to shit, we would tell the other and go to the toilet, but never really bothered to close the door properly, the whole house had potpourri, so no odd smells, dont worry.

After shitting and washing our holes, we wrapped a towel around sometime before wearing underwear & clothes. At this time, the entire body was nude except for the towel. He has a nice chest though, his nipples were always poking, so I always played with his nipples when he was nude, he likes my ass hole, so he will lie on me and slowly take one of his fingers and stroke my ass hole. I liked it as a lot, so he always did it to me. During regular times, he will never wear the top 2 buttons of his shirt, so I used to put my hands on his shirt and played with his nipples. (avan eppome first rendu shirt button poda maatan, enakaagave, so enoda oru kai eppavume avanoda kaamba killitu dan irukum).

Rendu perum adikadi sanda poduvom, sanda nu vandha poranda eluthirupom, avan en mela kedapan, naan avan mela kedapen, ennoda kaamba avan pudichu ilupan, avanoda poola naan pudichu ilupen. Rendu perum shorts la dan irupom epaavume, casual ah ve ennoda kai avanoda shorts layum, avanoda kai ennoda shorts layum pogum. Ippo vayasu maara arambichadum, rendu perum nalla height ah weight ah peruthukite ponom. Oru naal 7th std la, avan enkita, machan inimel jatti poda venam da nu sonnan, adhu sunniya nerikudu machi nu sonan, naanum ok machi, but school la mattum poduvom da nu sonen. Avanum ok sonan.

8th la room thaniya kedachadu romba sowriyama pochu, rendu perum ore oru kutti shorts potutu kedapom, video games, tv, laptop la movies nu time pass panuvom, study exam time la dan. Vilayadum nerathula, rendu perla yarachu thothuta, nee cheating panra nu inoruthan mela pali poduvom, appo sanda start aagum. Apron enna ungaluku terinjadu daana, avan ennoda kaamba pudichu kilinan, nan avonoda sunniya pudichu iluthen, rendu perum mela mela, naan avanoda shorts avuthu thooki veesiten, avan ennada shorts ah kalatitan, rendu perum ippo ottu thuni illa. Innaiku eppovum illama, sudden ah avan ennoda suthula kai vechi otaila aluthinan. Naanum summa vidala, avanoda sutha viruchen, rendu peru poolum vedachudu, enna panradune teriyala, rendu poolum thechukitu iruka, naan avanoda kaamba vaaila vechi sapunen.

Avanuku idu varai illada maari edo puriyaada sugam, poolu summa 8 inch perusa aachu, avan badhiluku ennoda poola rendu kaiyum vechi thechan, enaku appo dan purinjudu, sugam na ennanu. Ennoda poolu vedachu 8 inch aachu, ippo avan ennoda vedacha sunnila kai vechi pinadi thalinan, ennoda pool thol pinadi poyiduchu, mottu mulusa veliya vandudu. First time ennoda poola puluthi vitan, naanum avanoda poola pulithinen. Machi, ennada idhu nu kathinan, enaku ennamo maari irukune sonnan.

Rendu 8 inch vedacha poolu aatikittu irukum bothu, vera enna baaki iruku, avan ennoda kanna paathan, rendu perum oru deep kiss adichom. Mella mella naan avanoda lips ah urinju eduthen, aprom, avanoda kaamba sappi viten, rendu kaiyum avanoda chest mela vechu, thechukite keela ponen, andha virinja motta sappanum nu thonichu, apdiye vaayila vechen, en nanban alarinan.

Machi, semmaya iruku da nu kathinan, avanoda sunni ennoda vaaila veka enaku romba pudichudu, andha vinrinja motta lollipop maari suppi eduthen, sugathula nanban thavichan, sudden ah keela vandu, ennoda lips ah kadichan, naaka ilithu vechi sappunan. Vidaama, ennoda kaamba kadichan, enaku sugam therichudu, udane ennoda poola eduthu vaaila vechan, naan avanuku sapuna mariye sapunan. Ahhhaaaa……. Ahhaaaaaa, enaatha solla, oru 30 mins ippadi velayadi irupom, kanjiye varala, rendu perum oruthar mela oruthar paduthukitom. Andha naal la irundhu, engaluku naduvula sex games start aachu, vilayaata sanda potu, poola iluthu vilayanda naanga, sugam kandathum vida manasu varala.

Online la idhu related stuff paaka arambichom. Indha sandaila, rendu perum first time poola puluthinadhu dan highlight, skin tight ah dan irudhuchu but andha verila iluthadu naala, vere eduvume teriyala. Naanga rendu perume nenachu paakala, enga sunni avlo perusa vedaikum nu. But we like it a lot. Enaku avanoda poola virichi, andha tip la naaku vechi theka pudikum, adha avan sugama rasipan, avanuku ennoda suthula vaai poda pudikum. Eppovume lip kiss dan.

We never stopped touching each other, wait for the next story where both of them are going to the gym and are fully developing their body and finding more desires. If you liked the story, let me know. Also, mail me your first experience about your penis. When did you pull the skin, what did you do, was it with any other person, are you circumcised? Waiting for your mail & feedback.
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