Fucked For License

Hello, guys, this is jasmine anu again.Let me introduce my self, Im jasmine (real name changed) I am studying my final year in a reputed college near potheri, Chennai. I am a fat chubby guy with a large body.My chest will look like a married 30-year-old lady.My boobs size increased due to many of my partners and many groping in public places.I also have a fat ass. Since Im fat both my breast and my ass look like women parts. Sometimes I have to wear bras to hide my boobs inside.Still, they look big. They also turn me on always.My college men staffs also used to stare at me.I also had sex with 2 of my male professors

Lets go to the story now. This happened to me on my final semester.This is a real incident with a little of extra fantasy.I and my friends used to go on night rides in Chennai. We used to go on rides along ecr and beach we also go to many tea shops and eat kulfi ice cream in Chennai.At that time I was staying in a 1bhk room with my friend.Due to the holiday for project work, my friend went to his home town.So I got bored and called my other friends and we went for the night ride.

After completing my journey I was returning home.It was almost 2 am in the morning I was going in my gixer towards my home.Suddenly I saw police checking so I reduced my speed and was stopped by the police and since I always have my papers on my bike I was cool.But when I searched for the papers I found out that I had forgotten my license in my home. Since my home was out of the city the check-post had only 2 more bikers who were caught for drunken driving.I became panic and I was also wearing a yellow t-shirt with a white bra inside.There were 2 police men.They also check the person whether they are having weed and any other illegal things hidden in their body.

This is the time I was sweating on the inside and Im so much worried.After 5 mins one of the police came to me and asked for my papers he was a matured police with age between 30 to 35.I said him about the license.He started to threaten me of putting a case on me.I know their intention is money but I spent almost all my money for petrol and food.I also did not have my atm with me.

Then I started begging for him to leave me. He was still threatening me.Then he went to the other police and told about me.He asked him to check me and let me go. Now I was little afraid that he is going to check me and little happy that he will let me go.He came to me and started to check when checking my collar he saw my bra straps.He also touched my breast and he was rotating his hand around my breast then he checked my back pocket and my pant below my thigh when he was touching it gave me a new feeling I was becoming hornier and hornier then he checked my full body and he went to the other cop and whispered some thing.

After 5 min they asked the other people who caught for drunken driving to leave and called me.I went near them the police man asked me if I was wearing a bra.I was shocked and I have no words to say I said no to him then the other cop came near me he was a dark matured man of age between 35 to 45 yrs.He forcefully pressed my left boobs and said: “Nice tits are you male or female”.I became shy and put my heads down then he again pressed my boobs and said to the other cop “Hey look, buddy, this bitch is enjoying this “.Now he asked me to remove my shirt.I was afraid and he said no problem no one will come here.I stood still there. He signalled the other cop some thing. Suddenly he came near me and forcefully removed my t-shirt now Im standing with a pair of jeans and a bra in front of two police man in the middle of some bypass road.

He started to tease me. “Hey bitch your tits are bigger than my wife.” .The other one said, “Sir lets finish him.”. I did not understand first then he said: “You dont have license or money, so come to the police station we will file a case or give us blow job.” .Now I was terrified.I had no other choice. Then he asked me to come to the other side of the patrol vehicle and he hugged me and removed my bra from my back.He removed and threw them away, now he started biting and sucking my nipples I was enjoying his lick and pinching.My nipples became like a grapes fruit. They became so large and erect he was enjoying for almost 10 minutes my boobs became red and now he opened his zip and took out his 5-inch cock. He asked me to bend and suck it.I sucked it for almost 10 minutes and his manhood sperm oozed out of his cock.

Now he called the other cop he also gave me a tissue to wipe the sperm from my face.Then the other police came to me and started to press my boobs and my ass hole.He asked me to remove my jeans and my inner wear.I obeyed him and I was standing naked in front of him he opened his zip wooow Im shocked it was about 9 inches.I have seen cocks till 6 or 7 inch whoah that was a big man.Like 9 inches I started to suck it after 5 mins he gave me a water bottle and asked me to clean my asshole. I went aside and cleaned my asshole he pulled me closer and kissed me suddenly I felt other police man pressing my boobs from my back. I am sandwiched between them like a whore. Then he asked me to bend and again suck his 9-inch monster when I was sucking I was afraid of the other cop since he was waiting to insert his penis in my ass.

Suddenly he came near my asshole and inserted his cock.It was paining like hell.Then he spat in my asshole and started fucking now I was feeling more pleasure than pain.

Now I was mouth fucked and assfucked by two men and that too cops.I was feeling like a horny whore.Then after 10 mins of fucking the first cop injected his sperm in my asshole. And he was relieved now the police who is fucking in my mouth asked me to turn back.And he slowly inserted his tool now I was becoming hornier and he started to fuck vigourously. Then after fucking for 5 mins he also cummed inside me. Then I sat in near a stone on another side of the patrol.

They two asked my phone number and asked me to wear my dress. He did not want me to wear my bra.He told “Your boobs are good dont wear a bra.” then I drank some water and the police with 9-inch tool came near me kissed me in my mouth and pressed my boons along with my t-shirt.The other one also pressed my boobs and they gave me a slip to show to the other checkpoint or I would be caught again. Then I took my bike and left home.One of the best gay sex in my life with both fear and pleasure.Thank you, guys. Sent your comments to [email protected]