Sissys Bisexual Experience With Mom

Hi, Im aju and this is my bisexual group incest experience. This is a long indian sex story and will have multiple parts. Im 18 years old and have a very sexy feminine body. I have well-rounded chests and a girl like abs and also have a big juicy ass.

My mothers name is Vaishnavi and I have known her to be a very traditional conservative woman. Her figure is 34 25 36. She normally wears sarees while going outside and maxis in the house. She has milky white skin, long hair that she ties up and is very beautiful and bombshell of a woman. My father works abroad and is mostly not at home.

So this is the time when I finished my 12th exams and Im planning to repeat one year. So Im alone at home with my mother and dont go out a lot. I watch a lot of porn in my room. I love watching the hot fit guys making love and fucking women. I watch their big juicy cocks slamming into the vagina and wish I could lick them in between. Then one day I discovered a sex chatting site and I signed up in a false account. I signed up as a woman and started chatting with horny men. They would treat me really special and wed have awesome sex chats. I really started wondering how amazing it would be to have a man fucking my boy pussy, which is my asshole.

So one day I meet this guy Ambrose on the site. He does some amazing sex chat with me but not only that he also is very interesting to chat with. I start chatting with him everyday and he calls me baby, sweetheart and darling lovingly that I start falling in love with him. I only wish he was gay or bisexual so I could become his lover in real life.

So surprisingly one day he asks me,”Are you bisexual Vaishnavi?”
I had registered using my moms name because I thought it was kinky.
I replied,

“What?! Why are you asking me like that”.
“I just know that youre very feminine on the inside but I know that youre a boy. Its okay sweety I like bisexual boys”
Im shocked and I close the website. That whole day I do not go to the chat site.

The next day I logged in and texted Ambrose.
“Yes Im bisexual but I like being a girl Im not gay I think.”
“Its okay to feel like you are feeling, Im not going to judge you. Tell me your real name first dear.”
“Im ajju”

“Hey ajju I think I can be your real friend, you can be yourself when your chatting with me”

So we begin chatting freely, I tell him how I think Im a girl trapped in a boys body and he asks me to try cross-dressing. I tell him Im scared to and that I dont have any clothes for it. So he gives me an idea. He tells me to first try out my moms clothes. So I tell him okay Ill try when she goes out.
So the next day thankfully my mom has an appointment to see the doctor and also she has to go to the beauty parlor and so Ill be home alone for most of the day. When she leaves Im excited about what Im about to do.

I first take a nice bath, I use my moms hair removal cream all over my body. I look at myself in the mirror. I look really stunning, my skin looks so smooth like a girls and I start feeling myself pouting my lips making girly sounds. Next, I go through the washing machine and find a black bra and pink panties. I use a lot of paper and cotton to stuff and make the lingerie fit me. Finally, I logged in and texted Ambrose.

“Hey, Ambrose I have something special to show you hope you like it.”
“Hey, babe I cant wait to see it.”

I send him a pic of me in my moms lingerie. He sends me a pic of him naked saying wow and his long big cock rock hard. I have seen Ambrose before but seeing him like this I knew he was crazy for me. He replied,

“Baby you are the gorgeous girl boy I have ever seen, I really like you a lot and want you to be my lover.”

I blush and reply that I would love to. He asks me for my phone number and soon I get a call.
“Ajju baby its me Ambrose”

“H-hi ambrose did you really like my photo.”
“Are you kidding me I wish I could marry you right now”
” haha youre funny I love you so much”

I try my best to speak in a light tone like a woman and Im really good at it. My cock becomes hard in my moms panties listening to his husky voice. I look at the clock and realize my mom will be home soon. So I tell him that and that Ill call him later and change back into my clothes and wait for my mom.
After moms back home I log in again. Ambrose has sent me links to porn videos called a sissy trainer. I watch them and Im shocked. They show how I should behave and how much I should love cock. I become very horny and text Ambrose.
‘ Im so horny right now I saw those videos you sent me.

He instructs me on how to dress like women and put makeup, lipstick, and kajal. He tells me how to wear wigs that dont come off easily and all that. Next, he starts asking me about my mom and I tell him whatever I know. He tells me to secretly take photos of my mom and send them to him which I do obediently.
Then he asks me whether I fantasize about my mom and I say I havent really thought like that a lot. So he tells me to fantasize about my own mom. We do video chat and he shows me pics of my mom and tells me to looks at her body shape, her lips her eyes. I start getting really horny and I jerk off listening to my lover ambrose describe my mom sexually.

Every day I start eyeing my mother hungrily. I notice her sexy curves, her big boobs, and even bigger ass. So one day my mom says that shell be going to aunts house which is little far away and shell only be back the next day. So excited I tell Ambrose and invite him over to my house. We live in a neighborhood which is largely unoccupied homes of NRIs. My mom leaves and soon ambrose comes over. Im very nervous and excited to meet Ambrose in real life. I have worn my moms panties and bra which are stuffed and also a tight t-shirt over the bra. I also wear lipstick and kajal and also put on my moms perfume.
The doorbell rings and I open the door like a girl with one leg behind the other.

Ambrose stands in front of me smiling with 3 bags in his hand and flowers. Hes wearing a t-shirt and jeans and boots and looks really sexy. He has wheatish skin an amazing face, nice jawline and ripped body with muscles. I stand there dumbstruck not knowing what to say, and he asks,
“May I come in?”

I say yes and welcome him inside. He hands me the flowers which I inhale deeply and now I really feel like a girl. I hug him tight and say,

“Ive waited so long to see you”
“Ive waited all my life for you ajju”

He runs his fingers through my medium hair. I really look like a girl who got a boy cut. He looks deep into my eyes and tells me that I look gorgeous. I blush and he gives me a kiss on my cheek. I look at his tall muscular body and my mouth waters. I run my arms all over his body and both our cocks become hard.

“Wait ajju, I know we are both horny but I have something for you”

He hands me 2 bags. They contain a party dress for girls, a push-up bra and laced panties all in my size. I squeal like an excited girl on her birthday and I run into the room. I put on the bra and panties after removing my moms. Then I put on the dress which is a perfect fit. Ambrose opens the door and looks at me hungrily. I can his huge cock bulging inside his jeans. He then helps me wear a wig and also makeup. Finally, Im like a woman in all my glory.

We take our phones out and click a lot of pics and videos. Finally, we cant take it anymore and I kiss him on the lips hard. He kisses me back and we keep smooching like well never see each other again. He tastes delicious and I cant stop kissing him. We give each other tongue and saliva starts exchanging our mouth. We finally stop after some time and stare at each other panting. My lipstick is smeared and Im looking like a whore. So he asks me to sit and takes out a bottle of vodka. We start drinking and Im getting drunk.

At this moment Ambrose starts stripping in front of me. He finally takes off his underwear and I drool looking at his hot body. He first takes my moms dirty panties which are on the floor. Holding them in one hand he starts slapping his veiny cock on my face and says,

“Ajju baby show me how much you love me”
I awkwardly lick his cock up and down and then take the head in my mouth.

It feels weird and really hot. My cock is hard inside my panties. I start sucking his cock hungrily. He looks at me and inhales my moms panties deeply. He then starts pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and it hits my throat and I gag. I take my mouth out and he yanks me towards him and kisses me deeply. He then takes my moms panties and stuffs it into my mouth. He lifts my dress up and rips panties open. Then he slams his penis right inside me and I shriek through my mouth gag.

Thats it for this part guys be tuned for the next part and all the action. Any fan mail and suggestions can be sent to [email protected]