Massage At A Bathhouse

I am Rahul; I was travelling and decided to try out the special bath house there.

I booked the appointment and I reached at the bathhouse. This was my first visit to a bath house, so naturally did not know what to expect. I was greeted by the receptionist. Upon informing him of my appointment, he came around to escort me to a room where I would meet the masseuse, when I asked him if they had female masseur, he said it was strictly men only.

The door to the room opened and a well-built man walked into the room, wearing white shorts and a white t-shirt.

“Hi, Im Peter your masseuse. While I prepare for your massage, please take off your clothes and lie on your back on the massage table, use one of the towels on the shelf to cover yourself and I will return when you are ready.”

I undressed, wearing only underwear on. I was nervous about being completely naked while another man had his hands on me. Then I got a towel from the shelf and got up on the massage table. I lie on my back and put the towel over my underwear.

Peter then returned, put oil on his hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil.

“Just close your eyes and relax and let me give you that really good massage that you have ordered.”He began by gently kneading my shoulders and neck area; His hands were big and strong. He continued down my chest and my upper arms. His massage was strong but gentle, he pinched both of my nipples, being naked with a man pinching my nipples, well, and they were standing erect. I kind of liked it. He moved down to massage my feet and toes. His hands were very talented and it felt great, his hands moved further up my legs past my calves to my thighs, I was now getting more relaxed and shut my eyes enjoying the massage. Ah he continued his hands reached the towel covering me, he slid his warm hands under to continue the sensual massage. As he reached further under the towel he said; we dont need this on” seeing that I had not removed my underwear.

Peter grabbed the waistband of my underwear, pulled it down, removing it completely.

Dont worry, Rahul. I don’t want any oil on your underwear. I was now completely naked, He continued to massage my thighs for a few minutes more, occasionally rubbing the back of his hands against my balls, I found myself getting aroused, Suddenly he stopped, told me to turn over and let my face rest in the support, now my completely naked ass would be on display. Peter then started to give me a really deep massage on my shoulder blades and upper back muscles. As he moved further down my back with his massage he inched closer to the table until I could feel the heat of his body close to my head. From the position that my head was in, I had a good view of his dick in his shorts. I couldnt take my eyes off of his bulge and began to get excited again.

Peter then moved to the foot of the massage table, he again resumed my massage, but when he did he was now massaging the back of my thighs, spreading my legs apart giving him access to my inner thighs and a clear view of the crack of my ass. He continued to the top of my legs and his hands now started to work on the muscles of my ass. He spread my legs further apart so that now my butt hole was exposed. He took the oil bottle and poured a generous amount on my ass cheeks and hole. His hands began to work the oil into my skin moving my ass cheeks apart further, by now I was having a hard-on.

Peter then, used his thumb to graze my hole while continuing my butt massage and then he slipped one of his fingers right into my hole. I jumped up, but his other hand held me down firmly.”Relax take it easy, .this is to make sure that all of the muscles in your body are relaxed, even your sphincter muscles. When all of your muscles are relaxed, you will be able to enjoy our massage much better.” He continued to put his finger in and out of me, and seemed to be stretching my muscles.

Peter, stopped and told me to turn over again, I noticed that he had removed his shorts and he was now completely naked also my dick was as hard as a rock and standing straight up in the air. His dick was huge. He grabbed my dick with one hand and held his head in position He took my dick up to lips.”Opening his mouth wide, he took my dick head into his mouth. He had to open his mouth as wide as he could to let all of my head enter his mouth. It was warm and soft as my dick was trying to find a place in his mouth. His lips closed around my dick he began to suck my dick.

“Sucking it, like it was a lollipop. He put his tongue on top of my dick and was breathing through his nose. I moved my hips closer to his head forcing my dick further into his mouth. I continued to work my dick into his mouth until the head hit the back of his throat. My dick was very erect and hard and my balls were ready to explode. This was by far the most exciting sexual experience that I have ever had and there wasnt a girl in the whole building. Though, I was not gay, but I was ecstatic

I continued pumping my dick in and out of his throat until my dick began to swell even bigger, my body tensed and I shoved my dick as far down his throat as I could. I held his face to my balls tightly with both hands as my dick pumped out hot cum deep down his throat. When he finished sucking, all of my cum, he withdrew and gasped for air.

He then let me hold his dick, asking me if I would like to blow him, I declined but have him a hand job making him shoot his cum all over himself and me.

He then led me to the how showers and washed me with a wash rag; It was indeed an awesome experience.

I am living in Chennai, Comments and feedback from smooth, non hairy bottom gays welcome on [email protected]

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