Rejuvenation Massage With Happy Ending

Hi, I am Rahul, now living in Chennai, during one of my business trips, after the work I was taking a walk, looking here and there with curiosity when my eyes fell on a small board with the writing, “Ayurveda Massage” curious, I wandered into the place.

A middle-aged man greeted me. The man was tall and well built, deeply tanned. He was wearing a shirt and a white dhoti. The ushered me into the small reception. I sat comfortably on a sofa where the man handed me a card with the various options for Ayurveda treatment explained in it along with the prices. I told him that I was just looking for a relaxing massage, nothing more. I was not sleeping well as I was traveling a lot.

He smiled kindly and pointed to the first option in the card, which said “Rejuvenation Massage”. It went on to explain that it was a massage done with hot oil and followed by a steam bath and a shower. I nodded my head in agreement. He spoke very little English, so I just pointed to the option on the card. The man smiled as he said, “Come.”

I was led to a small room with a long wooden table on one side. The masseuse gestured to clothes rack on the side. I was familiar with the drill. Nodding, I started to undress and hung up each item on the rack. Finally, I was down to my briefs. Then he came forward with a loin cloth, common in ayurvedic centers, the man tucked in the cloth at my front, just above my penis and then rapidly pulled down my briefs. My dick was covered from view by the cloth. Then he pulled the cloth tightly and tucked it behind me, forming a sort of covering for my private parts. The thin cotton was lodged between my ass cheeks.

I was asked to sit on a stool. He had already heated the oil. Now, he dipped his fingers into the bowl and started on the massage. First, he massaged my head, then my shoulders. I have to admit, it felt good after a tiring week of traveling and work. I just sat there and enjoyed his strong hands taking away my stress.

Finally, I was asked to lie down on the table face down. I did so. My masseuse untucked the cloth at the back and exposed my ass. Then he opened the string tied around my waist. My backside was now totally bare. He started by dripping hot scented oil on my entire back, from my neck to my toes. Then he started his slow massage. He started at my feet and slowly worked his way up my thighs. At the same time, he also separated my thighs way apart. In this position, he must be able to see my balls and part of my dick as it hung there, I thought. As he was massaging the upper part of my thighs, I felt his fingers dip down way below and touch my balls with each stroke. I tried not to think too much about it but his massage was turning me on. I felt my dick start to swell and grow larger.

He went higher up to my back and massaged with his experienced hands, taking away the stress from my poor back. His fingertips pressed along my spine all the way to my ass cheeks in a routine he repeated several times. He continued this for quite some time until he came down to my ass cheeks. He pressed the soft flesh there with his hands, separating them and pressing them together as part of his massage. I was again getting mildly aroused from this ass play, though I knew it was a part of the routine.

Soon after, he tapped my shoulder and gestured me to turn around. Normally, the ‘langoti or the small brief I was wearing, is tied back up before the front part is massaged. Apparently, this guy was doing it quite differently here. I hesitated as I was totally nude.

With trepidation and a bit of confusion, I turned around on the hard wooden table. My semi hard dick was exposed to his view. He didnt seem to be bothered by my penis as he reached for the bowl of hot oil and went through the same procedure. He dripped the oil from my chest to my toes and began the massage.

Strangely, I was getting more and more excited at exposing myself to this middle-aged masseuse. As he massaged upwards from my toes to my calves and then my thighs, I felt myself grow harder. And when he reached my inner thighs, the sensations reached a peak and I felt myself become fully erect. I got so embarrassed that I shut my eyes. My exposed penis was standing firm in front of a middle-aged man and I couldnt stop it. Suddenly his hands stopped and then I felt them move away from my thighs. I felt even worse. I thought he had stopped because of my erection. I wondered what he was going to do about this situation. My eyes were still closed when suddenly I felt a warm sensation in my crotch. I opened my eyes to see that he was dripping warm oil on and around my dick. When he saw that I was looking at him, he smiled again and said, almost like a rhetorical question, “I massage your penis, yes. Full relaxation.”

He reached for my penis and began to slowly rub the hard flesh. He smoothly pulled the foreskin up and down over the enlarged head with one hand while his other hand cupped my aching tight balls. He massaged my balls with his palm as he deftly manipulated my erection to even more hardness. Then he started using both hands on my stiff pole. His hands gripped my member tightly as they moved in an upward manner over the rigid, oily shaft in tandem, starting from the root to the slick, shiny helmet. As soon as one hand was over the top, the other gripped the root and started again. He was milking my dick with his experienced and soft hands. I closed my eyes tightly as I enjoyed the immense pleasure his hands were giving me. After some time, he started to massage only my dick head. He held the foreskin back as his hands moved in a circular fashion on my oily knob. It was all getting too much for me.

I opened my eyes and gestured to him that I was about to cum. He immediately understood. He let go of my penis and gestured me to turn around again. I was a bit confused but complied wordlessly. I was again lying face down on the table, but now my pelvis was raised as reached underneath me and grabbed my dick again. He pulled on the engorged organ in a circular motion. I just lay there, ass raised as he milked my dick. His other hand nestled between my ass cheeks, sometimes massaging my balls, and sometimes massaging my asshole. Once or twice, I even felt an oil-dipped finger slip inside my ass. I was getting close to Cumming as he tugged harder on my swollen shaft. I felt my balls constrict as I made a sound like a wounded animal and erupted. Spurt after spurt of my semen fell on the wooden table. My masseuse kept on jerking my rod as I emptied myself completely of a weeks worth of sperm. Slowly, I came down from the high of my orgasm and lay down completely on the table. He gently turned me around and wiped my dick with a cloth.

He continued the massage for some time after that, occasionally rubbing my flaccid penis. I was completely exhausted and just lay there as his hands roamed over my naked body. When he was done, he gestured me to get up and come to the steam room. I sat there, naked in the steam room for some time and then had a relaxing hot shower. I felt invigorated. When I came out, I saw that he was standing there with a smile on his face and a towel in his hands. He proceeded to rub me dry with the towel. He dried my legs and thighs and then came up to my penis; he lifted it with his hands as he dried my private parts. Though my penis was soft, it had filled up a bit.

He rubbed it in his hand for some time until I held up my hand as I smiled and said, “Maybe next time. Im drained for now.” He got up and stood by, as I dressed in front of him, shameless now. I paid him, with a good bonus and left.

I must confess that I am bisexual, I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a man massaging me and giving me a hand job. Maybe I would come back sometime later; I thought to myself as I stepped out into the cool air and headed to my hotel.

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