One Of A Kind Ride Part -2

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I came to experience the world of gay sex and the pleasures that it hold by accident. My world changed and having experienced it, normal was no more possible. Having gone through that intense session, I could not focus on anything but the events that occurred. I tried shifting my focus but in the end, it dragged me even further down. The boners that I began to get were harder, even to the point painful. Nothing was enough to satisfy my thirst and climaxing to anything else other than the memories of that session was impossible. And this was just the second day.

Thoughts of having another session turned in to wishes and then to cravings.

And finally, after two days of struggle, I called it a quit and decided to text him. I had not given him my number as I was a bit scared and did not want to ruin my social image. I went and got another sim, and texted him.

I sent a “hi” and told him that I was the person who shared the other bed with him in the sleeper bus.

Even typing “sleeper bus” made me hard.

Not receiving a reply even after two hours made me sad. It was not because of the fact that I did not receive a reply but the fact that I was not able to get the relieving that I needed so desperately. Finding someone else was out of the question. There are a lot of people out there looking for gay sex but finding one that matches ones wavelength and is also willing to go the extra mile to pleasure ones partner just like you are is not so easy.

It was around 10 pm; I was in bed twisting and turning, rubbing my dick wherever possible, that my phone beeped. It was from him. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw his name on the screen.

I opened it to find some of the worst cusses I have ever come across. I guess the feelings where mutual. He had started to develop a craving for me as well but he had no way of contacting me. I was happy. We texted the whole night and I did not masturbate that night which was a first considering the pain I was experiencing a few hours before.

It turned out that it was his first time as well. Knowing that I was his first made me happy in a way. At that moment I wanted him even more. Now that the wall was slowly coming down and we were starting to get comfortable with each other, the topic we both were desperate to bring forth was starting. It was not whether to have another similar one but the venue where we would have it. And in the end, we decided to meet up the way we first did and to take things from there.

We both booked the seats together for a sleeper bus and decided to board together. We were to start after two days. Even though we texted each other constantly, the waiting for the day to come was excruciating. I decided not to jack for those two days.

We met up at our boarding points. There was this awkward silence. We both did not know what to speak and how to behave. After half an hour of awkward silence and secret stares, our bus came and we boarded. He was nice enough to offer me the one near the window. We both opted for upper birth.

After we got all settled, we lay there not knowing what to do. Time passed,
I was a bit tense at the beginning, but after a while, the memories of our past sexual intercourse started running through my mind and my cock was hard in no time. I wore a soft fabric short on top of my undies. I wanted it to be more pleasurable than the last time, if at all that was possible.

After a short while, I guessed that he was too shy to be the one to make the first move. So I decided to make it instead. The reason being me losing control by the second.
At one point, I decided to just fuck it and took a hold of his neck, gripping it tight and laying on top of him. I pressed my rock hard dick on to his hard cock, rubbed my feet on to his and brought my lips to his neck. I pushed his face on to the bed sideways and gave a hard rub with my lips followed by frantic kisses. I was hungry and like a vampire, I dug in.

The warmth of his neck and body in the cold AC air was arousing me to a point where
I was becoming an animal. The awkwardness that was there just a few moments before was no more. He wore shorts of the same soft material that I did and as a result, we got pleasure from rubbing against each other.

Eventually, my lips found their way to his lips and that was it. My left feet was on the waist of his shorts pulling them down along with his undies while his hands where inside mine squeezing my butt. It felt amazing! All those pent up sexual cravings were starting to be let loose. Pulling his shorts down caused his hard cock to hit my stomach in the gap between and eventually getting sandwiched between our stomachs with his cock facing our chest direction and in the next moment our t-shirts were both in the corner. He was completely nude and I was semi-nude.

His hands found the way back to my butt and were getting fondled really well. That feeling coupled with the feeling of his dick in my stomach and the heat between us was magical. He started to and fro motions up and down while his fingers played with my asshole. I was on cloud 9. We started kissing again.

Soon our bus neared the halfway point where it stopped so that everyone could get a short break and have some food. We got dressed before it halted and got down. The bus always stops before a hotel. We both had tea and some light snack and then proceeded to the restroom. Once we were inside, after a piss and clean up, we were inside one of the stalls there with me in the closet and him on my lap. It was an intimate kissing session.

I made him turn around and offer his ass to me. I had lube in my pocket which I took out and applied to his asshole and my fingers. This time it was easy enough for my fingers to enter him. So I decided to skip the finger play and head straight for the main course.
I turned him towards me, gave him a kiss and guided him down. Thinking about the sucking he did at that moment still gives me boners. It was like his lifelong mission was to worship my cock. Even though hard as it was to get him to stop sucking and to turn him around, I had to surrender my lips instead because the time we had in that stall was limited. The bus would depart soon.

I tongue fucked him while I made his lower body turn around and make his ass bend toward me.

He took my dick in hand, gave a few strokes and guided it toward his asshole. I parted his ass, made him bend all the way and placed my dick on his asshole. I gave it a few rubs and finally pushed it in.

I could not control myself from letting out a soft “aaaaahh” moan. It was a moment of pure bliss.

Slowly by slowly, my head went in followed by the rest of my dick. He stayed motionless till then but started to push back once he got used to the girth of my cock. I hugged him from behind and inserted the whole of my dick inside. Twisted his nipples and sucked his neck. Even though I wanted it to go slow, since we were time bound, I had to cum fast.
I started fucking him hard. It took all that I had to fuck him. His tightness was creating pleasures a bit too much for me to handle. I rode him hard and eventually reached close to my climax.

I did not want to climax inside him as the night was still young and we still had ways to go. I turned him around, kissed him deeply while he jerked me to climax. He was on his knees with a wide open mouth. He deep throated me and sucked the living life out of me.

I climaxed hard. He sucked every last bit of my cum and came back up for the sexiest kiss of our lives.

I was still hard and he had yet to climax. Our time was nearing. I sat on the toilet seat and made him sit on my lap with my still hard cock inside his ass. I jerked him off while he lay back supporting himself with his hands on my knees and rode my cock. He climaxed soon on to my chest and neck.

We embraced each other rubbing his cum all over our bodies while he licked his cum that was on my neck. I was nearing climax. He rose and made me cum on to his chest and stomach after which he proceeded to clean my cock dry.

He cleaned my chest and when I asked about the cum on his chest, he replied saying that he liked it to stay there. He said that he wanted to wear me which made me kiss him.
We then proceeded to clean our mouths, hands, and face so as to remove any smell and trace.

Everyone was already inside and the conductor waiting outside for us. I had to lie that my friend had upset his stomach to avoid a scene. Once we were inside, I was lying on my back and him on my side on top of me saying that because of me, he was able to cross off an item from his bucket list. “An encounter in a public toilet” the only small change being that it was a girl in his list but nonetheless he was glad it was not.”

Hearing that made me happy! I wanted to make love to him. To fuck him real slow.

Our true ride was just beginning!

Stay tuned for what happened after.

Do let me know your opinions and suggestions. Thank you for all the mails and I look forward to creating more memories with all of you. Write to me at [email protected]


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