An Evening Dressed As A Girl


This is my second story in ISS, I love ISS. Just love them. This story is basically an extended version of the first part of me and my bf. If u guys love the story or wanne connect then u can write to me at [email protected] Looking forward to meet new people. I stay in Bangalore so anyone here or travelling via Bangalore, I would be interested in meeting them

It was almost 3 years since I met my boyfriend and we badly needed to meet, all we did was video calling sending pics and buying gifts thats it. we fight and stay good friends but the things that happened in Goa was bad and I believe that I wont be speaking to him ever again

We decided to meet in Feb at Goa as he was from Goa after a lot of negotiation. I left for Goa from Bangalore on Monday night. Reached there on Tuesday morning he picked me up from the Bus Stand. We headed off to the room as soon the check in process was done we started to make out.

We kissed like as if there was no tom, he threw my jeans and my tshirt away. The way he pushed his tongue just gets me horny. He asked me to wear the Victoria Secret Lingerie he had got me he went mad after seeing it. He jumped on me and removed the Bra and sucked my nipples just like a kid. I kept moaning and moaning. He allowed me to suck his nipples which I enjoyed like a crazily.

I went to blow him, his dick stunk so bad that I felt like puking then I had to ask him to wash his dick. after that I kept on sucking his dick he told me he would come fast, he did cum quick. He had to leave as he was getting late for a couple of things that he had to for his Mom.

The next afternoon I get a text message from him to get ready.
I was at the beach I had to run back to get ready, as soon as I reached home. I had to shave my beard and my entire body. which was silky soft.

I took a shower after I was back from my shower, I started to apply body lotion, then started to wear the lingerie and wore a pretty good dress.

I started to apply foundation, cream, blush and lipstick and of course Kajal. I looked into the mirror was quite shocked to see me dressed so nice.

By then he came on to meet me he was super excited to see me and was so happy to see me dressed as a girl.

Things start when we started to kiss each other he had got me a lot of dresses so he made me wear all of them.
We threw the dresses of while I was in my bra still I blew him and he cummed me on my bra.

He tried to entry me as I was a virgin, It was hard for him he failed.
I was a bit disappointed in fact very disappointed. he left then and I was kinda angry.

So I decided to roam around Goa and then I got a thought, why dont I go out dressed as a girl.

I ran back to the room and started getting dressed as a girl wearing the makeup, lingerie , the clothes and the shoes.
Drove on my rented bike to Varca Beach but the beach was shady so was a bit scared and thus had to come back to Benanulim Beach.
While I was walking to the beach, I got a lot of stare of people but damn I was least bothered. I went to a shack and sat down to have drinks, I tried to download Grindr to see if I can hookup with any guy but I was actually quite unlucky, I hardly met anyone.

The waiter there called me a maam which made me so happy like so happy I was scared very scared on how people would react to me , what if they try to hurt me but nothing like that happened, while I was drunk I got to meet this amazing guy in the table next to me and he was such a GEM, he asked me why do u dress up like this and how does it make u feel special. To which I answered and he was impressed and we parted ways and wished me Good Luck. :)

The best part is I drank soo much that I dont know how I ended up in my room, I realized that I was sleeping was when I was thirsty and wanted to drink water. It was my dream that I need to step out dressed as a girl and the wish had finally come through.

the next day I wanted to go out as I got a lot of courage, I stepped out in a Crop top and a Palazzo Pant to the nearest coffee day. People kept on staring at me rather than drinking the coffee.

I liked the way how the lipstick remains around the cup of coffee, well it happened to me too and plus how it stayed on the cigarette tip. I had to then rush back to the room as I was getting late for the bus.

However what I learned from the story is that, I always wanted to dress like a girl and finally my dream has come true though things went bit rough with my bf but thats ok. I will always cherish the moments of the first step I took out being dressed as a girl.

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