Unexpected Male Massage

This is Rahul, I was in Bangalore then. This is my first experience taking massage from a guy, usually, I go to the massage parlor and Nisha is my regular masseuse, we have known each other for some time and she always gives me a hand job.

When I went the other day, I went to the cabin and was ready on the table, Nisha opened the door after some time “Im sorry, Rahul,” she said. “It’s a busy day and I am afraid you will have to wait long. Im really sorry.”

“Its okay,” I said. “Too bad, I was horny and looking forward to my massage.” I got up on my side. Nisha looked at my erect dick and smiled.

“Wait, Rahul,” she said. “I have another option, but am not sure if you might like it.”

“What is it?”Well, we do have one male masseur ”

“A male? No way, forget it.”

“Hey Just listen to me, He gives a good massage and could help you with this problem,” she said, her hand taking my dick in her hand.

“I dont think so,” I said. “Im not gay.”

“You will not know the difference, it’s a dark room. Ill give you a free one next time if you agree.
I sighed. Id never been massaged by a guy. But I did want to get relief, and I agreed.
Nisha smiled. “Okay, good. Now lie down.” As I lay down she played with my dick, but someone called her name and she went out.

I lay down on my stomach again. Well, this was a bit scary and my dick lost its erection. I listened to the soft music going on. My ass tensed at the thought of a guy touching me. I was just deciding to leave when the door opened and closed behind me. Then I saw a pair of feet through the hole in the table. “Hello Rahul. Im Suresh. Nisha says you are uncomfortable getting massage from a male. If you dont want to, its okay. Even I prefer women.” He rubbed his hands over my shoulder blade and shoulder. It did feel like of good. Maybe a massage wouldnt be such a bad option. I had been tense at work lately.

“No, its okay, Suresh, go ahead, I can use a good massage.”

“Great.” I heard him go to a table and get out the oils. I heard his hands coming together to heat up a sweet smelling oil that I knew would burn nicely on my back. “There,” he said, rubbing his hands over my back and neck. “You are tense. Relax.” He rubbed and kneaded and pressed at my back. I could feel my tension evaporating, though I still couldnt get it out of my mind a guy rubbing me like this. My dick was still flaccid.

Then he put one of his hands down over my ass cheek and down my leg and back again, then returned to my lower back. I shivered slightly. I could feel my dick growing.
Suresh thumbed my lower back, edging slowly towards the crack of my ass. Every time he neared my crack I tensed slightly and his hands would slide up my back again. He moved down again, but this time he didnt go back up. His finger made it to the top of my crack. Then I could feel his finger inside my crack. My ass clenched naturally. I thought about ending this, but I was growing down below. Perhaps after he finishes, I really would jack off.
He moved his hands over my ass cheeks, one on each, gently kneading. I started to relax. It felt good. He massaged and pushed the flesh and pulled it apart. I could feel the cool air of the room at one point on my asshole as he pulled the cheeks wide apart. My dick was getting harder. He worked on my legs for a while, then my feet. I was beginning to think hed given up on my ass when he asked me to turn over. I hadnt really thought of what to do at this point. I thought he will leave and then I will jerk off. But I was aroused and maybe something would happen and it wouldnt be so bad.

I rolled over and my dick was pointing at the ceiling. I could see Suresh giving it a quick glance and a smile. He was a good looking guy, about 25 years old. He was wearing a robe, which I could see a bulge in the middle.

Suresh began with my face, rubbing his thumbs on my cheek and forehead, then my neck and chest. He flicked my nipples a few times before slowly running his thumbs across them. I never much liked having my nipples touched, but this didnt seem so bad. My dick was getting really hard now.

Then he started moving his hands over my stomach, tickling me gently around my belly button. My dick danced with every touch. Id decided Id let him jack me off if he offered. He went further down to my feet and ankles, then back up my legs. He had one hand on either side of my groin now, gently rubbing. I wanted his hand on my dick badly. I opened my eyes and looked straight into his eyes. He smiled.

“I guess thats it then,” he said. “Nisha said you would finish this part yourself.”

No,” I said. “Its okay. Im really horny. “What would you like me to do for you then?” he said.
“Rub me, please. Rub my dick.”

“Show me what you want me to do,” he said.

I reached down and took my dick in my hand and started to stroke it. “Like this,” I said. I put my hand back at my side, closed my eyes.

His hand closed over my dick. My breathing was getting fast as he took it in his hand and started to stroke slowly. It felt good. I knew I wasnt going to last long. It was amazing; it seemed as good as Nisha.

Suresh could tell that I was trying to hold back my orgasm and he slowed down, playing with the tip, running a finger down the under of my hard dick. “Oh” I murmured. Then my dick felt hot and I realized that he had his lips upon me, his tongue on the head of my dick. “Oh” I said again and tried to push him away but he took me all the way into his mouth. I put my hands on his head, it felt too fucking good. Oh god it felt good. He sucked me right down to the base and started playing with my balls. I opened my legs wide. He reached down, grabbed some oil and put a finger into my asshole, gently, slowly, then quickly and hard. It hurt, but his mouth on my dick felt so good. He started to finger fuck me slowly as he sucked me. “Oh fuck,” I moaned.

“You didnt o cum,” he said, finally.

“No, not yet.” My dick was still solid.

“What would you like, a hand job, or for me to suck you off?” I thought for a second of my cum bursting into his waiting mouth, then said, “No, I think I will fuck you .on your stomach.” He hesitated; I found the lube beside the oil and rubbed some into his hole. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I give an awesome blowjob.”

“No, Im sure.” Id wanted to fuck somebody in the ass for a long time.
I jumped up onto the table and moved behind him. I placed the head of my dick against his asshole, as he had, then pressed it in slowly. His pucker wrapped around my dick as it found its way inside. Suresh cried in pain. “Slow, I will take it slow,” said. He then eased back onto my throbbing hard dick, right down to my balls. I put my hands on his shoulders and started moving in and out of him, slowly. Holy shit it felt good. I moved in and out, his ass muscles finding new purchase on my dick as I pumped him. My breathing quickened, I wasnt going to last long. I fucked him harder and harder. Then the door opened and closed and I froze for a second. It was Nisha. She put a finger to her lips to shush me. “Keep going,” she said, quietly. She opened up her robe, her boobs bare, and reached down and started fingering her pussy. I fucked Suresh harder now as I watched Nisha finger herself. “Hurry up,” he said. “Hurry up, Rahul, its hurting.” I fucked him harder, and I was close. So close, I pulled out my dick and stroked myself all over his back, then my cum shot onto his ass. I almost fell in ecstasy. I looked over at Nisha. She, too, was Cumming, moving her fingers in and out of her pussy. I fell on top of Suresh and heard Nisha let her out of the room. I got off the table . Suresh got up and put his robe back on and left., I dressed and came out, I saw Nisha and Suresh sitting, When will I see you again,” asked Nisha at her desk. Pretty soon, I said pretty soon. I moved to Chennai now, Any Bisexual guy’s, couples, interested can email me