Extreme Business Pleasure

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This is Rakesh from Mumbai. I am 25 years old and work in private sector. I was traveling due to work to Bangalore and it was my first business travel. It was for 2 nights from Wednesday until Friday. Since I was in a new city and had no one known there, I installed many gay dating apps and had uploaded my profile pic and was looking to hook up someone since I didnt have a lot of work on Thursday evening.

I had some time post lunch and hence I decided to check out a couple of guys in the vicinity. Since the rest of the client team was still having lunch, I went into their smoking room and continued my men shopping. After a couple of mins, I went outside and joined the rest of the team in the conference room. I kept my cell phone on my laptop and went to the washroom to take a leak before the other half of long discussions. It was during this break that my phone notification showed up and one of the representatives of the client saw the app and understood my intentions. When I got back I kept the phone in my pocket and didnt get any reaction from the college. We again took a break for tea and snacks around 5.30. At that time before I could check my phone, this colleague came and stood next to me and asked me how was I doing, what are my plans for the night, how did I find Bangalore etc. He asked me if I would like to go to a nearby bar at night for some beers and bird watching. I happily agreed, he winked at me and said ‘you will have fun Well I still dint know that he had seen the notification off my phone.

After the meeting and office, we decided that my colleague will pick me up from the hotel around 10 and we would drive up to the bar. This bar was quite close to the hotel I was staying in. It was a good place. Nice music, lots of drinking options. I started off with a beer and he had the same. We had some casual talks and it was turning out to be fun. I went to the washroom and tried seeing if anyone gay was located nearby but there were none. I got back to the table and we continued ordering drinks. We had a couple of beers, 3-4 large whiskeys. I asked him if he would want to accompany me to the smoking room. I actually dint know that he didnt smoke. For the sake of courtesy, he still accompanied me. After a while, he was getting uncomfortable and was abt to throw up.

I canned my cigarette and took him out and asked if he was feeling ok. I was holding him tight and it was then that I realized that he had an athletic body. He said he was okay and wanted to just sit. Meanwhile, I ordered a beer and continued my midnight hunt. He saw that and asked me to sit next to him. I obliged and kept my phone aside. He placed his hand on my thigh, I dint think of it to mean anything and I didnt react to it.
He asked if we could go home and I jumped up so that I could find someone for the following night. Since he was heavily drunk, I asked him not to drive. I suggested him to take a cab and go home but he refused to say that it would be awkward to tell it to the family. I humbly asked him if he wanted to share my room and he agreed readily. We walked into the hotel.

He got into the room and laid on the bed. I told him I was gonna take a shower. I went in and took a hot shower and came outside in a bathrobe expecting this fellow to be fast asleep. Well, he wasnt and he got up on seeing me and apologized for his behavior and that he had too many drinks etc. I went near him and asked him to calm down. He was sitting on the bed, I was standing beside him consoling and had my hand placed on his shoulder and his eyes staring at my crotch probably searching for a cut to get a sneak peak. He tilted his face and hugged me. I wasnt very comfortably and therefore I moved away from him. Thats when he put his hand and held my dick.

I was shocked to my core and asked him what was he doing. He looked at me and said not to act. He knew what I wanted and that I shouldnt worry when I was in Bangalore with him. I told him that he had too many drinks for the night and should sleep now. He dint listen to any of that and said that he could be my bitch for the night and that he liked me a lot. I dint feel like taking advantage of him being drunk and asked him to sleep. He protested but agreed and slept. I was still in the bathrobe and went outside in the balcony and lit a cigarette. He came inside after a couple of mins and said that I need not worry, he had seen my phone when I had gone to the washroom and that he really liked me. He got closer to me. I wasnt sure if I should proceed or not.

Somehow, I dropped the cigarette and we got into a kiss. He was smelling of alcohol and I was smelling of cigarettes. That kiss did an instant something on my cock and it was quickly visible through my robe. I asked him to move into the room since it could be risky on the balcony. I grabbed his ass and squished it. We continued with the smooch and I forced him against a wall holding both his hands.

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