Hot And Sensuous Massage

I went for a massage in Hyderabad, it was a M2M, and since I needed a good massage, I opted for M2M, with hopes that at the end I might get a happy ending.

I was shown to the massage room and Sam, the masseur asked me to take a shower, and lie down on the massage table.
I went to the massage room and undressed. I showered making sure I avoided touching my genitals too much as I would have been so embarrassed to have a hard-on before he even started the message. When I came out, I was surprised to see that he had switched off the lights and just a few aromatic candles lighted the room. There was some soft soothing music playing.

I was wrapped in a towel around me; I kept that on and leaned against the table waiting for Sam. He returned soon, “Sir,” he said. ” Had a Nice shower?”Yes, thanks.”Turning towards the table, I removed the towel. “On your stomach, Sir,” he told me as he walked around the table towards the dressing table. As he did, he looked at me and must have seen that I was half-erect. I did not feel particularly embarrassed as I climbed onto the table and lay on my stomach. I nested my face in the hole at the head of the table.

I felt the warm oil being poured onto my back and then the nice feeling of his hands smoothing it in and then started to massage me. It was quite firm and business-like and felt very much like the straight massages I had experienced in the past. There were similar feelings when he did my legs. He pulled them apart a little way giving me encouragement that it was to enable him to get to my dick more easily, but it was not for that reason. It was so that he could massage both my calf and upper leg muscles easier and, as it turned out, deeper and firmer. That took probably ten more minutes so he had now been massaging me for around twenty and with the undressing and shower I had been there for about thirty minutes I had booked for an hour.

Without warning, his hands left me and I felt rather than saw him move to the foot of the table. I felt him place his hands on each of my ankles. Then, with far less pressure than previously, he moved them upwards very slowly. They went over my calf muscles, across the back of my knees, up the larger muscles and onto both cheeks of my bum. He squeezed that before retracing the route downwards. He repeated that several times each time seemingly using less pressure until it was almost a caress. In addition, each time as his hands slid up my thighs they went nearer to my balls and as they ran over my cheeks.

I was now convinced it was the sort of ‘happy ending massage I had hoped for and I was willing him to go further. My cock hardened very rapidly and I had to bend and raise my left knee up the table to provide more room for the swelling. As his hands completed yet another sweep upwards, his left one ran onto my waist and stayed there a moment or two. He slowly moved that sideways down to the front of my leg, by my hip, which had risen from the bed. His fingers slid inside the gap and touched my stomach so very near to my cock. I was so hoping that he would grip it that a low grunt escaped from my mouth. However, he did not and they slid back down my legs, rested on my ankles and then started their journey back up them again.

This time, though, one did not veer to the side to slide up the cheeks of my bum, but wonderfully kept going straight right onto my balls. He stroked them briefly before sending shivers through me by running the tips of his fingers across my perineum and into and along the crease. They slipped across my ass almost to the base of my spine, before slipping back into that sensitive crevice and onto my hole. He pressed on it rather tentatively as if asking my permission to proceed.

I simply sighed and loved his reaction, for he pressed harder and it went up to me a little way. It did not go far, probably not even to the first knuckle, but the sensation was immense. Holding his finger like that, he ran his other hand over my cheek, into the hollow between the table and my hip and right onto my cock. I gasped, moaned and groaned it felt so wonderful. He rubbed my dick sending spasm after spasm of such sensationally sexy surges of pleasure through me. I squirmed on the table and lifted my hip further away from it to give him more room. I wanted him to masturbate me, jack me off and wank me. However, of course, he did not do that. He was the pro and knew that if he continued the ending would not only be happy but also would be sudden and probably final. Therefore, he moved it away and said.”Please turn over Sir?”

I rolled onto my back. He ran his gaze up and down my body focusing on my erection that felt so hard; it was as if it was pulsating. All my inhibitions had now gone. I loved laying there bare and rampant, I loved flaunting both my nudity and my cock at him, I loved his gaze on me and I loved it, even more, when he placed his fingers on my dick and said. “Mmmmm very nice.””Thanks,” I smiled back feeling pleased with his compliment. He went to the dressing table and got another bottle of oil. “Warm almond oil, I buy it especially for this,” he said pouring some of it onto my cock. It felt nice.

He spread that oil out over my stomach and then poured some onto my thighs that he caressed making me jerk with pleasure. “Is it ok?””Oh yes,” I groaned as he started to rub my cock with one hand and cup and stroke my balls with the other. It really was bloody fantastic and I was continually squirming my body and arching my back trying to gain every bit of pleasure and excitement from what he was doing.

But I wanted more, I needed more and I had to have more. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was staring at his hands and my cock. He had a small smile on his face. I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea whether it was allowed. It was allowed in massage places where there are women masseuses so I guessed it would be here. But I was not sure so slowly I lifted my hand and placed on the bulge in his track pants.

“Is this ok Sam?” I asked rubbing it.”Yes, its ok,” he replied “just a moment.” He then amazed me by moving backward and almost in one movement removing his pants. He stood there in just his underwear. Coming back alongside me he said, “Is this okay with you, Sir?”It looks lovely,” I replied taking hold of the elastic waistband and pulling it down. Although rather disappointingly only half hard he had a lovely thick cock. Probably not much longer than mine it was much, much thicker and looked truly awesome.

He started rubbing me again and I knew that we were on the last lap.

I was also rubbing him and sending flashes of arousal through myself as my hand enjoyed the warm, throbbing hardness of his cock that I thought was starting to grow.

“Are you enjoying it?” “Yes,” I replied rubbing him harder as I saw that it really was growing. That made me feel great. “I am going to make you come so hard, you are going to explode. Lift your knees up.” “What?” He put his arm under my knees. Pull your feet up and open these.” I did as he asked and lay there with my legs bent at the knee and wide open as I rubbed his gorgeous dick. He was slowly wanking me with one hand whilst he was caressing all over my stomach and thighs with the other.

Slowly, though, that other one focused on my perineum and then on the crease between my cheeks. He was rubbing the aromatic warm oil into my skin as his finger came closer and closer to my hole. Looking down at me and staring right into my eyes, he pressed right on it. He saw that obviously, I did not mind and then holding my gaze, he slowly pushed his finger up me. “Nice Sir?” He asked holding it rigid deep inside me. “Wonderful,” I groaned desperately. I was getting fantastic sensations from where he was wanking me and, of course from his finger being up into my ass. My entire body seemed to be alive with sexual pleasure and I knew that I would not last much longer.

He never rubbed me hard or fast, but with a steady rhythm, he somewhat almost shook my cock; it was a bit like a vibrator and was certainly hugely effective. “Oh Oh Yes,” oh yes I groaned as I felt it all building up. He obviously felt it as well for he pushed his finger even further up my ass and presumably touched my prostate for the sensation was amazing and I immediately started to ejaculate. Stream after stream of thick cum shot out of my dick into his hand and over my stomach with a couple of spurts shooting up to my chest.

After I regained my breath, he led me to the showers and left me to wash up, but not before giving a good scrub to my back. I showered, dressed and he was waiting outside.

How was the massage Sir, He asked me. I replied that it was more than what I had expected and was completely relieved. I tipped him and left.

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