Fucked Stranger In A Cab

I was travelling from Mumbai to Pune on one Sunday evening after celebrating the weekend with my friend. I smoke too much during the course of two days that I was still high when I was taking the cab from Dadar Mumbai to Pune. I was in a mood to pass out during this 3-hour long journey and sat at the back seat of Mahindra Xylo. The cab was fairly stuffed but the last seat which can occupy 2 fully grown adults as passengers contained just me. I was convinced that there is no one going to join me in the back seat.

We started at around 8 and planning to arrive by 11 and the remaining passengers in the front seats were an old couple and few other middle-aged men. The cab was signaled to stop by a guy with a big backpack desperately looking for a ride to Pune. I initially regretted looking at his bag but then with no luck made some space for him in the last seat.

There was a dim light in the car and I could not see this guys face. All I could figure out was that he got nice smartly trimmed beard and hair long enough to tie a knot. He was wearing a loose t-shirt with black tight lower. As he was adjusting himself in the seat with me I quickly got a glimpse of his underwear which I noticed was Jockey bikini brief.

So the journey starts here with me who was already high on Mumbai marijuana and there was another guy who was in some hurry. I remembered I started the conversation with this guy and learned that hes Dhruv, a resident of Mumbai but was travelling to Kolkata for some wedding and could only manage to get a flight from Pune at this last hour. I told him about me as well and showed him some pics that I clicked on sea link, the gateway of India and other places.

I dont remember when I fell asleep in that back seat and when I woke up it was just 5 minutes past our departure. I check with Dhruv and he was also asleep but his hand holding his crotch from outside his pajamas. I adjusted myself and went back to sleep. I think Dhruv was not asleep because as soon as I went back to sleep I felt something on my thigh. I was wearing very loose shorts and a sexy van Heusen underwear. I opened my eyes and realized that this was Dhruvs water bottle on my lap. I adjusted a little and then Dhruv grabbed his bottle with was already on my crotch. He made an attempt to touch my dick.

He picked the bottle and kept in the bag and turned towards me and went back to sleep again. Now his hands are free to pick any part of my body to play with but without me giving any encouragement to him, he limited himself to my thighs. For a while, he did not do anything but then I, pretending to sleep but waiting for some action, took his hand and kept it on the top of my rock hard cock.

I could feel small finger movement trying to figure the girth and length of my cock. I, with no pause, went to explore his assets and grabbed his dick from the outside. He had his dick really hard and very compactly packed in his underwear. I tried to play with his dick from the outside and he started doing same.

From the outside, anyone would see both of us in deep sleep but no one was aware what was doing inside the car at last seat. I checked and everyone was fast asleep in the cab and the driver was busy driving. I got the confidence to continue the fun and lifted my body a little and pulled down my shorts and brief. Now I was naked downstairs and picked Dhruvs hand and placed it nicely on my dick… He started playing with my dick again but now with a smile. I tried to pull down his lower and take his dick out but his pants were too tight and left with no option but to play with it from outside…

Dhruv seemed less confident about having fun in this was as anyone might get up and can catch us red-handed. I removed my underwear and put on just my shorts. My shorts were pretty loose so it is now very easy for Dhruv to play with my assets. We continued doing the exploration for another 10 minutes when the cab driver stopped at a resting place in Lonavala. There were snacks and fast food counters along with toilets.

Everyone from the cab started getting down for refreshment and since we were on the last seats we were the last ones to get down. After getting down I rushed to the toilets to pee and saw that Dhruv is also following me. I then for the first time took a complete look at Dhruv. He must be 510 and 70 Kgs with nice sharp features and nice hairstyle. He stood in the urinal next to me and smiled. I smiled back and checked around to see if there is anyone else. It was completely empty so I moved closer to him to see his cock.

His cock was still hard and had shaved his pubes. He was trying hard to pee with the hard-on. I asked him if he can remove his underwear then we can have nice fun in the car. He looked around and said that he has to go to toilet cabins to remove his underwear. He without zipping his pant went to one of the cabins. I looked around and followed him there.

He was shocked to see me there and before he could speak anything I placed my lips on his and dropped his pajamas. I lifted his t-shirt and check his tool and then his ass. It was a nice hairy bubbly ass and his dick was also huge.

We were late for the cab and was afraid that the driver might come and catch us so I left the toilet first and then he followed me to the car. Weve already had so much fun that now we both were confident to insert our hands in each others pants. We both started stroking each others dick and I felt the stickiness on his dick and later realized that it was his precum.

I was super horny and asked him to lick my dick but he was so afraid of this adventure that then we settled on jerking each other. We both ejaculated huge load minutes before my stopping location. I invited him to my place to continue this fun but he told me that he got a flight to catch and cant afford to miss the flight.

We even forgot to exchange our contact details but I am sure we both left this sweet memory with each other.

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