My Gay Experience On A Bus In Chennai

Hi myself Manoj and I am not a very well build person. But I am tall and lean. As I said in the description this is a real incident happened to me a month back in Chennai.

And also this is not the first gay experience. I have had a lot of gay experience while I am in college I would share them in the sequence of stories later.

Without further delay getting into the story. It was a perfect summer morning and I was getting late to my office because of a personal reason. I was formally dressed. I needed to take two buses to my office.

On the first bus, everything went normal and good. It dropped me in the next bus stand at around 10:30. My second bus was ready to leave the bus stand. I ran and got on the bus through the back door.

Then I headed to the last seat to get a window seat but it was a ladies seat. At any time ladies could ask me to get up. So a person called me from the seat adjacent to the door. He was a bit old, around 45 to 50 years of old. He was in traditional white dhoti and shirt.

I sat beside him because there was no other seat available in men’s side. The conductor came to us. We took our respective tickets. It assured me to know that he is going to get down before me.

He initiated a conversation. He just introduced himself and asked about me. I introduced myself. I always have my bag with me and it was on my lap when we are talking. We talked generally for a while and I felt there is wrong nothing to talk.

So I rested on the back of a seat before me. The bus was not that crowded. The breeze was flowing well due to the door on my left side but not from my right. The man was fat and he just covered the whole window. I tried to sleep but I couldnt.

So I kept my eyes closed and rested on the seat before me. He was looking out of the window for a while. After a few minutes, he just kept his left hand on my knees and started to rub my knees for a while. I didnt feel anything at that time.

But he continued to rub my knees and his hands went bit higher after a few minutes. It was just above my knee and he did that as smoothly as possible. This time I felt that he is trying something. But I acted like I was sleeping and was curious about what he is going to do next.

But my cock was not in a mood to listen to me. It just got erected to his rub just above my knees. I was excited and my excitement was because I have finished my college a year back. And from then I havent had a touch with any other guys or a girl.

So I was eager that he could get courage and have my penis for him. I was lost in my thoughts during my college days. So my cock became rock hard and it was fighting against my inners, my pant and my bag above all. And he was still rubbing my knees.

So I just adjusted my bag for letting him know that I am interested in his touch. But he didnt understand but he just made an adjustment to reach my thighs. Oh my, God, his hands were hard and big. My thigh is a big one. But his hands covered most of my right thigh.

He was enjoying my thigh. He just got bit confident and made sure that rub should make me horny. Oh man, his touch could make any guy become a gay. It was so sweet. I couldnt control and I was thinking of my partners at my college.

Yes, you read that right partner. This mans touch made me feel them. He was still rubbing my thighs and he would get down in 20 to 30 minutes from there. I was a bit worried that he would not reach my cock.

I felt that he could touch my cock at any time. But nothing was happening. Now I felt I should initiate something to make him do something before he gets down. So I adjusted my bag a bit. I got lower so that he could feel my cock which is desperate for his touch.

As I thought this time his hands just witnessed my cock. This time he is fully confident and he came near me and asked me that is he is disturbing me. I instantly said no. Then I just saw my back seat. There was no one.

It made me happy. As the bus was empty the conductor was in front talking to the driver. It made me happier. Same time he just pulled my right leg towards him and placed his hands on my cock over my pant. He started rubbing my cock.

This time his hands ran through both my thighs and my cock a lot. I was enjoying. I made sure that no one who enters the bus would see what we are doing by keeping my bag above his hands. He was hungry to see my cock.

He was trying to remove my zip. I helped him to do it. Once it happened in no time his hands were into my pant. He went below to reach my balls. Oh God, I am on cloud nine. He just rubbed more.

He pulled my inner a bit down. I was comfortable because its not the first time someone took out my cock through my zip in a sitting position. He took out my cock. He saw my cock and said it was hard and asked me to free it from the pant. He started to give me a handjob. He was smooth enough.

He just made me feel hornier. He just bent down two times and took me into his mouth between two stops that both of us know its long distance. He was softly handling my cock after a few minutes. I felt my cum.

I went close to him and said to him. He increased his pace to make me cum. He wiped my cock with his hanky and asked me to put my cock into my pant.

We didnt talk for a while. When his stop arrived he asked me when will you return. But I lied that I would do a night shift. He said bye to me and got down.

Stay tuned for lot more experience of me doing in my classroom and my hostel experiences. If you liked my story mail me at [email protected]