The Birthday Gift Part 1 (Thats Me)

Hello readers. A few hours back, I had just received a mail from the site that my first writing was published. And I  want to convey my very heartfelt thanks to all those who have taken the effort to write to my mail [email protected].

After reading that, Harry, Manoj, Syed, Sumit and Hunter, I have read the emails you guys have sent to me. I also responded. I absolutely have not expected any reaction of that sort. It just makes me feel confident, I am not being unheard, even if it might not mean that I am understood.

Nevertheless, now, I have come online to write the second time I met that guy, VJ, about whom I wrote the first story. This may be vulgar to those who prefer sex like vanilla sex. Thanking each one of you who wrote to me after reading the first one, I am starting the second one.

So, that night after he pressed my left boob and left, I was feeling ok that something fine turned out of my effort that evening. Few days passed. I would msg him sometimes but he wouldnt respond. Wasnt long that we met.

All this happened in a span of fewer than 40 days or so. So maybe like a fortnight after the first meeting in my home, I was outside, walking with a friend of mine. That time, all of a sudden I get a call from VJ.

I was pleasantly wondering if this really happened as a response to my messages. I answered the call and however havent spoken anything much. Just informed him that I was with a friend at the time and would call him once I get away from my friend.

I and my friend were talking for quite some good time like an hour or so. After I and my friend parted ways, I called VJ. He did answer my call this time.

He asked, “You were messaging me, so I thought of calling and talking to you.”

Me: “Oh. Thats sweet of you. Thank you for being courteous. Where are you?”

VJ: “At the saloon.”

Me: “For a haircut?”

VJ: “Head massage.”

Me: “I thought you called for something else.”

I giggled and he was just simple in his conversation. He said, “I will call you later,” and disconnected the call.

I walked back home. This call happened sometime at 7 PM or so. I was sweating from the walk, I took a nice bath and got fresh, had dinner and spent some time in the evening. I got into my bed and was checking my mobile.

When it was about 11 PM that night, my phone started to ring. It was VJ calling me again. I very cautiously answered the call.

Me: “Hey hi.”

VJ: “Hi, where are you?”

Me: “I am at my home. Where are you?”

VJ: “I need a help. Will you do it?”

Me: “What kind of help!”

VJ: “I am with two of my friends”

Me: “OK. So?”

VJ: “Today is one of the guys birthday. And we are coming to you now.”

Me: “What? Wait. You mean you want me to suck all three of you?”

VJ: “I am unable to hear you.”

Me: “So, dont bring them to my house. Its risky for me. Please. I cant trust everyone. I trusted you. Dont do this.”

VJ: “Hey no. Your house is only safe. They will be totally quiet. You can suck us one after the other.”

Me: “Nooo. Please, not that.”

VJ: “No. Your house is the safest place that I think of.”

Me: “No, please. Not at my home. Please find some other place where you can take me.”

VJ: “Why?

Me: “Its not safe. Just not at my home. You meet me at the same place that we met the first night. I will come there. You take me to someplace where I can suck you guys.”

VJ: “OK. We are coming. Come soon.”

Me: “In how much time will you be able to come here?”

VJ: “We are already around the corner. In 4-5 mins I will see you at the spot. Come soon.”

Me: “OK”

We disconnected the call. Then I checked at my house. I needed to be sure that parents were kind of asleep. Just when I was doing that, VJ calls me again. I wish back into my room and receive the call.

Me: “Where are you?”

VJ: “We are already there. Come.”

Me: “I need to check. Gimme 5 minutes to come here.”

VJ: “OK. Come soon.”

And I disconnected the call. I rechecked if my parents were asleep. I had to be sure that they were asleep. After confirming myself that my parents were asleep I slowly opened the door and sneaked or if the house.

I cautiously went to the place where I asked VJ to wait. As I was walking towards him, I saw him smile. He was a nice guy. I liked the way he treated me with a warm smile.

I was smiling and asked him, “Enti? Ila cheppakunda evarinaina teskosthava?”(Whats this? How come you call me all of a sudden and turn up with two other guys?)

He replied, “Eh kaadu. Vaallu naaku friends.” (Hey no. They are my friends)

Me: “Whose birthday is it?”

VJ directs his finger towards one of the two other guys and tells me that is his birthday. I wished him a happy birthday. I have already described how VJs body is. Let me describe this birthday boy.

He was a young boy, barely in his 20s. Thin. Fair. Boyish charm in the eyes n smile. Cute. He was tall as much as I am. This guy had a shy feeling. He won’t even look me in my eyes.

But it was the third guy that caught my eye. That bright smile of his was like flashy and I couldnt skip feeling that he was cute and that I want to be near him.

Thank you for reading. I guess I need to continue this in my next writing. Will definitely do that. I request you to write to me if you feel anything while reading me.