Getting Fucked By Girlfriends Dad

The ideas for this story are taken from many others as I am a regular reader to many erotica blogs. A few years ago, I found myself dating a cute girl from my class. She used to live with her father. Her mother had passed when she was younger.

Her dad was not very old, he was in his mid-40s and never remarried after. He had a job which made him travel a lot so she had her place to herself on most of the days.

I met him a few times and even though he knew I was dating his daughter, he was very nice to me. He was a gay equivalent of a milf, a daddy I would like to fuck, or you know, fucked by. Taking full advantage of his passive consent, we fucked a lot at her place and sometimes, I stayed over there for days.

After a few months, I and she got used to the routine. Sometimes, she would leave and I would just stay at her place. Taking advantage of her being gone, I used to entertain the horny crossdressing twink in me by putting on her hot lingerie. I used to wear her bras and panties and even her stocking and pantyhose and finger my ass loose. I loved putting in cock like things in my ass as well.

One day, she left to run some errands for a few hours, and I pulled out her red bra and lacy pantie pair and put them on with some stockings. I got on the bed and started to pinch and play with my nipples and started fingering my ass. I heard some noise outside but then I thought it was not from inside the house. Suddenly, the door of the bedroom swung open. It was her dad, he had suddenly returned from his trip!

We were both in shock. I covered myself up with the bed sheet.

Him: Wow, it took me a while to gather that it wasnt my daughter that was fingering herself. To catch her faggotty boyfriend fingering himself wearing bra and pantie, thats something else!

Me: Sir, please dont tell her about this, I will never do this again.

Him: Why? It seems like you really like doing it, you should not stop. What if we cut a deal?

I could not understand what he indicating to.

Him: I have not had a good fuck in a while. I am sure you fuck my daughter, it would be fun to fuck you back, keep it in the family.

He grinned at me slyly and moved towards me. I knew that I had no other choice and dropped the sheet. He opened his belt and zip and stood in front of the bed I was lying on. Then I pulled his pants down and saw a tent being made by his dick.

I pulled his pants down to find a big dick, much bigger and thicker than my own, even when it was only semi-erect. I gave it a few strokes with my hand. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to his dick.

I stuck my tongue out and started sucking it wet. His dick grew more alive in my mouth and in a few seconds, it was in full strength. It was working my gag reflex when I tried to deep throat it. It was a juicy cock to suck. He groaned as I sucked his dick.

Him: I bet my daughter sucks your dick just like that, but does she let you do this?

He grabbed my hair from behind and started face-fucking me. His cock going deep into my throat and I was making gag noises like a porn star as he kept groaning. The saliva was running out of my mouth, making me look like a dirty whore.

After his cock was properly wet with the blow job, he threw me onto the bed and pulled me to the edge of the bed with my stocking-laden legs. He took a pillow and put it under my waist and raised my legs up. He played and poked my puckered opening.

Him: What cute little asspussy, I bet its nice and tight.

With that comment, he proceeded to give my asspussy a nice wet kiss. He pushed his tongue deep inside, giving me a beautiful rim job. He ate my ass like a pro, making my waist move around and gyrate on its own. Suddenly, he stopped and pulled me further out and aligned his wet dick to my well-fingered and rimmed asspussy.

He gave another sly smile, I felt his big dick head on my dilating sphincter. He shoved all of his into me in one smooth motion. My moans got choked within me from the sudden pressure. He held from the waist and started fucking me with deep strokes. I was moaning like a hentai slut! Our bodies were slapping, the sounds of sex were echoing in the room.

After that, he pulled out and turned around suddenly and pulled me in doggy style. He pushed me ahead slightly, came and stood on the bed on his knees. He realigned his dick on my asspussy and slid his dick back in. Then he took both my hands and pulled them arms back with his hands. He started fucking me doggy style while pulling me back into him. I kept moaning like a slut in heat.

Him: Do you like it, honey, do you like it when I fuck you in my daughters clothes? You like it fag girl?

Me: Yes daddy, fuck my ass, aah aah fuck me harder.

He pulled out and went on to lay on the bed. He gestured that I sit on his dick and I willingly complied. I put my legs around and squatted down on his dick. Then I reached down and put his head back on my well-fucked hole. I sat down on it and felt his tip rub on my prostate. In this position every time I went up and down on his dick, it massaged and nudged on my prostate in a different way.

I bounced on his dick in a full slut mode and then I felt him swell up and breed my ass with his juicy cum. I felt it his hot lava like seed fill up inside of me. My girlfriends dad became my daddy!

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Disclaimer: All characters in the stories are fictional. If your name is used as one the character it is a coincidence.