Girlfriend Sonali Gets Fucked Hard On The Car Backseat

Hello friends, my name is Sonali and I am from Bangalore. This story is about me and my boyfriend Kiran. A few days back, Kiran had some work in Chennai and so he wanted to go to Chennai. He also wanted me to go with him.

Once Kiran asked me to go along with his, then the question of me refusing was not there as he used to get angry on small issues. Well, I was madly in love with him and in order to avoid fights, I used to say yes to most of the things he used to ask from me.

I made an excuse in my house and went with him. We left to Chennai on a Friday evening around 7 pm. Kiran had borrowed his friends car. We had plans for staying in Chennai for 2 days. As soon as Kiran sat in the car, he pressed on my boobs harshly. Even though I felt a little pain, I gave a smile and a kiss in return to him. Kiran started the car, kept the AC in full mode, and closed all the windows.

After about an hours drive, we were out of the city and were enjoying the music. The sensual song ‘Roop Tera Mastana was playing on the radio FM.

After hearing it for a few minutes, Kiran started rubbing his cock. I guess his cock was getting hard because of the song and he was finding it difficult to keep it inside the pants. He tried for a few minutes and then he opened the zip of his pants and pulled out his cock. He started rubbing his cock slowly. I was shocked and was just staring at him. I told him to concentrate on the driving.

He grabbed my hand and put in on his dick and said, “Why dont you massage it? And then I can use my both hands for driving.”

I obeyed him and was giving him a hand job inside the car. He was enjoying my stroking.

After some time, he asked me to unbuckle my seat belt. I asked him, “Why?” He said, “Just do as I say.” I unbuckled my seat belt and asked him, “What now?”

He brought his hand behind my head and dragged my face towards his cock and said, “Why dont you use your mouth now?”

So I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking in the moving car. Kiran was enjoying the blowjob and driving the car on the highway comfortably. I was giving my best in sucking his cock, to give him that pleasure.

He was playing with my hairs and in between, he was pushing my head further down to make me take his cock deep in my throat. He even held it there for a few seconds, making me gag. Sometimes, I was finding it difficult also to breathe with his big cock deep in my throat. But still, I was doing my best.

Kiran got super excited and he suddenly took the car off the highway and drove into a small dark service road. Then he stopped the car and turned off the light of the car. He held my face and started kissing me passionately. He was biting and licking my neck.

Then he asked me to go to the back seat. I was scared of the place and asked, “What if someone comes, Kiran? Its risky, we better reach Chennai, then you can have your way with me in the room and no one will stop you there from fucking me.”

But he was already very aroused and was in no mood to listen. He moved to the back seat and asked me to come there. I just obeyed him as he was not listening.

He took off his pants fully immediately after I got to the back seat. Then he removed my t-shirt and shorts. I sat between his legs started sucking his cock again. After a couple of minutes, he directed me to suck his balls and lick his ass hole. I did as instructed. But I was getting tired and whenever I stopped, he would push my head again toward his cock.

Kiran enjoyed me licking his ass and he liked treating me like his bitch. It made him feel dominant and happy. I also enjoy pleasing him and so I liked licking his ass too. After licking it for a long time, he pulled me up and again started kissing me violently. Kiran put me on his lap and in between his legs with my face facing him.

Kiran was now getting wild. He had ripped open my bra and was licking my breasts and biting them. Then he took my nipple in his mouth and started playing it with his tongue. I was also pressing his head with my hands on my breasts and was putting my nipple in his mouth. Now I was enjoying like anything, “Aahhhhhhh Ohhh Kirannnn Kirannnnn.. Aaahh… Kiran… Ohhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh.”

Suddenly, Kiran started biting my nipples violently and it was paining. I was like, “Kirann, slowly baby. Slowly, baby, its hurting. Baby, its paining, aaaahhhhh.”

But he was not ready to stop. Finally, I had to push him away and gave him an angry look. He had a witty smile on his face and said, “Sorry, baby. I lost control.” I said, “Its ok.”

Then Kiran asked me to lie down on the seat. I knew what he was going to do, so I checked around if anyone was there. Then I lay down on the seat and lifted my legs in the air.

Kiran placed his cock on my pussy and started pushing it inside. I started enjoying him inside me, “Ahhhhhhh oh honey, aaahhhh Kirannnn. Faster faster. Fuck me, Kiran.”

Kiran continued slamming and increasing his speed. He was playing with my boobs simultaneously with his fingers. My pussy had become completely wet. Kiran put his fingers in my pussy, took some precum with his fingers and then put his fingers in my mouth.

I sucked his fingers clean. Again, he placed his dick inside my pussy and started fucking me. His speed increased and finally, after fucking me for 10 minutes, he was about to cum. I asked him to take out dick and cum outside. But he was in no mood to listen to me and kept fucking me deep and hard. After a minute or so, he spilled all his cum inside my pussy. I was angry, “Kiran, what if I get pregnant? You cant listen to even a single thing I say.”

“Dont worry, I will buy an I-pill on the way. Take it and everything will be fine. No need to worry so much”.

After resting over me for 2 minutes, Kiran pulled out his cock. He brought his cock near my face and I licked his cock clean. Then I started wearing my clothes but Kiran stopped me and asked me to sit next to him naked. He sat without his pants and only in his underwear and he started driving the car.

On the way, he played with my boobs many times. I kept pressing them and whenever he got excited after playing with my boobs, he would me make give him a blowjob to make him cum. Till we reached Chennai, I had made him cum 4 times! But we had a lot of fun.

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