Surprising Gay Hookup And Sex At My Place

Hello Friends,

This is Sachin Kale from Mumbai. I am a fair guy with an athletic body (being a sportsman and a swimmer). I have a really huge cock (without any extravagant measurements). And I never had any girlfriend in school (since I studied in a boys school and later in a Boys Junior College). Well, I believe I am bisexual, especially with the lovely incident that took place the other day with me.

This is the first time I am writing at ISS. I must admit at the outset that this is my favorite sex stories site and I am a regular reader of the same. So, without wasting any further time, let us move to my fantastic day.

I am basically an introvert and avoid interacting to anyone in my housing society except for my childhood friend Rihan. Rihan is a studious and good looking guy. Two years back, he has worked out a lot on himself and I must say that he has earned a lovely physique with curvy muscles.

One day it so happened that there was no one at Rihans home. Thus, he called me up to play some computer games (vacations were going on). I immediately went to his place and saw him wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and gym shorts.

Well, we played for a while and thereafter he asked me whether I was fond of “Porn”. I replied affirmatively. Without even waiting for another minute, he jumped into sites with high definition porn videos, which were just amazing!

After some time, we happened to notice each others bulges growing gradually. Rihan questioned me as to whether I masturbate or not. I said, “Yes!”

However, he pretended that he did not (though I was aware that he was lying, I chose not to confront him). He asked me to show him my cock. I was feeling shy to unzip my pants and expose my private parts (the moment in his bedroom has actually turned hot). He said that he shall do that. I did not oppose him.

He unzipped my pants and noticed my white underwear little bit wet with my pre-cum. He went down and started smelling my thighs.

Slowly, he grabbed my scrotum and started sucking my testicles (that was sooo amazing! AF). Thereafter he pulled my undy down and started sucking my cock like hell. I couldnt control it and fell like I was to cum in his mouth. So I hurriedly pulled his head out of that towards me which led to ultimate kissing between us.

He started sucking my nipples and ears (which was a great feeling). In that AC bedroom, we started to sweat (however we loved that hot sweat too).

I couldnt control thereafter. So I pulled his t-shirt off and shocked to see his AMAZING ATHLETE BODY. I just put myself into his arms and started kissing his arms and muscles and also his six packs like a slut. I dont know how but I was enjoying these hot gay sex moments like hell. We kept on interchanging our positions of dominance.

Later Rihan urged me to have me inside him. So he slept one-sided and opened his legs in a right angle. I slept facing his back. Since it was my first time, it went difficult for me to penetrate my cock into his ass. However, with considerable efforts, it managed to give a huge moaning pleasure to him and me both.

After 2 hours of intimacy, we decided to shoot out rockets and hence laid down on the bed and started cuddling each others cocks. Suddenly, Rihan grabbed my cock and started shaking it ferociously. I resisted with a blend of pain and pleasure. He refused to pay any heed. He went and thereafter there was a blast of white thick mayonnaise. We stopped at that point.

Thereafter, till today we invite each other at our respective places in case of a vacant home.

A few days later, it was decided by a few of our friends to visit a Water Resort at Karjat. Rihan and I were friends since school and hence we had a lot of common friends too. We visited the resort and it was beautifully designed to render maximum enjoyment in the rainy season.

We had our breakfast and got ready to drench ourselves in the water. So we immediately undressed ourselves and put up our swimming shorts. We jumped into the water.

After one hour or so, when all our friends go engaged in water rides and games, Rihan approached me while we were in the water.

He went behind me and started rubbing his cock against my ass. I was enjoying it. After some time, I pulled him out of the swimming pool. He was confused as to what I was doing. I approached the reception and questioned as to where the washroom was.

We entered the washroom; however, to our misfortune, it was full with many men. We waited inside for a few minutes. I immediately went into a toilet and waited in.

After the ground was considerably clear, Rihan also emerged inside. We were staring at each other. I held his head and pulled it towards me. We kissed for almost 10 minutes at a stretch. He, thereafter, went down and pulled off my shorts.

Then he kissed my wet cock and gave me a wonderful blowjob. He then pulled off his pants and showed me his ass my bending down his upper portion and leaning towards the commode. I put my middle finger in his mouth and at the same time penetrated his ass with great force.

We both were enjoying it; but couldnt continue it for so long in a public washroom with everyone wondering outside about our whereabouts.

Since time has passed we have developed a unique lascivious attraction towards each other. We know certainly that it is not love, but a mere attraction for the satisfaction of physical desires. I dont know whether what we do is correct or incorrect, but we enjoy it a LOT!

Thank you for reading my story. I hope that my subsequent encounters with Rihan would be more fantasizing! Love you.