In The Bus Part 1 (The Beginning Of The Trip)

Hi, friends my name is Rahul. I am 28 years old and presently working at Nainital in an insurance company. I got married to Pooja in December 2016. I am fair, 5.8″ and slim and I have 7″ boner.

Pooja is 22 now and she very fair, 5.2″ and has 34-28-34 killer figure. We fuck a lot. She is a housewife. She belongs to a very conservative family and it took me 6 months to convince her to give me a blowjob. Now she is very good at it.

But she still doesnt let me fuck her ass and makes excuse as she is saving it for future as after kids I  will not be interested in her pussy. Oh forgot to tell she loves pussy licking now so much that she rides my mouth in cowgirl way and thats too very rough, I too love her juices. So we are a normal married couple.

At the time of our wedding, I was posted in Nagpur Maharashtra. As we didnt know many people we fucked a lot there. But this story is not about us. Its about me and its my darkest secret.

I was asked by my boss to visit Solapur and explain a few new changes in our insurance product. He said that it will be one and half day workshop and the tour will be of 4 days and I could take remaining days off. And he said I have to leave tomorrow.

I came home and told it to my wife. We both were feeling sad as it was the first time we are going to separate, and that too for at least 3 nights (though we were married for 10 months now we still are horny). I had never been to Solapur. It is not to tourist place for sure so I was not taking my wife with me

People who are from Maharashtra know that train connectivity is very poor within Maharashtra and bus traveling is better. I checked for an ac sleeper bus but to my bad luck, no single seat was available. I had to book 1 seat in a double sleeper (sleeper for two people), that too on a lower sleeper in the last row.

Next day I came early from office and had a quick fucking session with my wife. Then I packed my things, wore a loose cotton 3/4 (of-course with my jockey under it ) and a t-shirt. I left for the nearest bus stop. I reached there on time. As the bus was a bit late, I got myself a beer from nearby liquor shop and drank it there itself.

I had one smoke too. I was very tired as there was a lot of work in the office and I was thinking about the next 12-14 hour journey. My bus had arrived and I settled on my seat. As there was no one else I thought luck is on my side and I settled towards the window. The seat was clean.

There were two light blankets also. The double seats were like boxes as two people could get in and close the box to isolate themselves from the rest of the bus. I thought I could take my wife and fuck her in this box bed. I made it in my mind to travel with my wife in such a bus. I hadn’t closed my box yet though.

A young couple just came and took upper seats. The bus had almost left the Nagpur and only last stop was left. So I thought I will get my own double seats. I was even thinking to masturbate in one of the blankets. But to my bad luck from last stop one slim dusky guy near 40, 6 feet, came to that second seat.

I was feeling bad but thinking at least I got window side as if you face window you could ignore the rest of the bus. I chatted with my wife on WhatsApp for half an hour and then slept. To be honest, I hadn’t slept and was thinking about how I can fuck my wife here.

There was a little noise from the upper seat. I was thinking what they were doing. I had a boner and I was imagining them. They fuck for good 20 minutes. It had been 1 hour since bus left the Nagpur and there was just darkness outside the window. And probably everyone on the bus had slept.

At this very moment, I felt one hand on my bare waist. The first thought came to my mind was “Was this man a gay?” as section 377 was in news a lot. I thought to tell him to mind his hand but then I thought probably he was sleeping and didn’t even know about his hand.

I thought to get up and take the blanket. That will force him to remove his hand and things will get settled. I had to stay with this dusky man for next 12 hours in the same bed. And what I did?  Nothing. Just after a few seconds, I was feeling good as his hand was so warm.

The touch of his warm hand was feeling good though his hand was rough it was feeling good at my waist. (I dont know why I was thinking like my wife as she once said to me that my warm hand feels so good on her waist. But I was sure I was not gay and if he made any progress I will stop him.)

There was no further action from him so I thought he was sleeping and put his hand in sleep and will move it as soon as he realizes. But dusky had some different plans. After a good 30 minutes, I felt he was feeling my waist and I was not wrong. The bastard now feeling my waist with his hand with slow movement as if his hand was moving with the movement of the bus.

But I knew he is doing it deliberately as I had once done almost the same thing with a girl on a crowded bus when I was in college. But that was a crowded bus and that the maximum I could do to molest her but here its closed box of a moving bus and it’s just the start.

I thought why the hell I was sleeping like this with my ass towards him. But I concluded one couldn’t sleep facing a total stranger. And only God knows whether he had faced me back or turned his ass towards me and felt my dick. Strangely my boner was hard like anything during all this time and I still wonder why?

As I was lost in my thought the dusky make his next move, he brought me back to awkward reality when I felt a boner on my lower butt. As being a man I knew its not his hand or anything else but his hard dick. I could also feel it was still in his pant as touch was not that warm. My mind was confused.

One part wanted all this to stop immediately and another part, I dont know why wanted to see how far it could go. In confusion, I lay almost in straight line to avoid the touch of his boner. But no use, now he came even closure and I could feel his boner in my ass crack.

I was not sure of his boners length but surely it was fat, fatter than mine. Same time his hand moved from my bare waist to my butts. He was feeling my butts. He did for good 5 minutes his hand was moving freely on my butts. And he removed his hand then. Instead of thinking its over my heart was beating fast for next move and my boner was licking its pre-cum.

I didn’t have to wait long and felt his dicks head on my back. Its pre-cum was making my back wet. He had gone too far. No need to tell he dared to take his bone out and started to rub it on a total strangers back. My mind was out of my control. It was thinking, “Tonight my asshole will be torn apart, will I be able to bear the pain, how much cum he will deposit in my ass.”

The wait was not long. I felt he is getting bold he started rubbing his cock on my ass cleavage. To be honest his warm dick was feeling so good in that a box. Soon he inserted his hand in my lower, to be precise in my underwear and started groping my butt. He was feeling every part of my butt.

He was pinching it hard, feeling my ass crack. After playing with my ass he removed his hand and as expected his dick replaced his hand. He was rubbing his dick head in my ass crack and I could feel his pre cum all over my ass crack. He kept doing it for 5 minutes, sometimes he rubbed his dick head on my asshole as well.

Dont know why I was feeling horny and wanted it to continue.