Meeting Raj At The Cinema

Hey hi. As already was told, I am only going to narrate real incidents. This also is a real happening.

Before I get into writing the incident, I want to express my gratitude to all those who took the effort to write to me on [email protected] after reading my earlier narrative.

I know I am not perfect for all, so I couldnt keep up with them in touch with all in all circumstances. But thank you for the emails and messages.

Ohk. Now let me get back to the story. As with almost everyone into gay sex, I also have my accounts in most the gay dating sites. Last month I started speaking to one guy. He was a 26-year-old guy. His profile said he was a bisexual top.

In our conversion on the site, I came to know that he is from Vijayawada basically. He is working in Hyderabad and stays in a hostel in Ameerpet area. I said that is not far from me and he said then we must not be bad to meet.

We spoke about our likes. He is a top who loves to fuck ass. I made it clear to him that I dont have much experience in getting fucked so I can primarily promise a good blowjob. He said OK. He made it very clear that he wouldnt suck my cock or do anything to me.

I agreed to it saying, “I dont need that anyone touches my dick.” So we planned to meet up at a cinema the next weekend. On Saturday, I went to the cinema. I was waiting for him without taking tickets. Since we had not exchanged mobile numbers till then, I could only wait.

I kept messaging him on the dating app. Finally, he replied that he is nearby and would be reaching the cinema hall in 5 minutes. We exchanged details as to how to identify each other.

Within 10 minutes I received a message from him asking me to come to the ticket booking. I went there. There I saw few guys but I noticed that only one among them was alone and he was a lean handsome brownish boy. He was about 26-27 years old and he identified me.

I smiled at him and went closer. He asked me, “So youre the one?” I said, “Are you the one?” and we both smiled. We booked two tickets and went inside. Our seats were not in a very private corner. So all through the movie all I could do was hold his thighs, sometimes reaching to his groin and cock area.

He was touching my hands and sometimes he was putting his hands on my chest and feeling my tits. In the interval, we had some snacks and a cool drink each. Soon after the movie was over we came out and were walking down the street discussing random things.

He said he was looking for a good decent guy and that he found me decent enough. I smiled and said, “But you havent given me anything.”  He was smiling as well and said, “You would have done in it in the cinema if you wanted it so bad.”

I looked back at him, telling him, “I can do it in any clean and private place,” to which he replied, “I dont have a place.” We were walking when he suddenly said, “Theres a terrace in our hostel. If we can try in the dark evening/early nights I think we can do.”

I reminded him that it is 7.30 pm and its dark now. He looked at me and asked, “Desperate?” I reassured, “Hungry,” and we both laughed. Then he called up his roommates asking what their plan was for the dinner. On disconnecting the call he informed me that his roommates would stay at his room only.

So the chance of taking me to his room was zero. I said, “Lets try the terrace.” He reconfirmed and since I agreed, he said ok. But he also informed that if things dont look safe, he will not take me in and I would have to return. I agreed.

He picked me on his bike and we started towards his hostel. Being a 15-20 minute ride, we had a lot of time casually talking. He almost was sounding cool and stressed on the decent behavior more. I told him, “Decency is not static. Its as dynamic as the number of people we all are.”

Though he did not agree to me, I did not give up and he said, “Ok when you are with me dont talk like a girl or speak too much to anyone.” I said, “If I do, you can hint me to stop.” He said, “OK.”

Once we were about to reach his hostel, he dropped me off his bike a few yards away from the hostel. He went into the hostel and signaled me to wait until he instructed me further. I just nodded my head and was strolling on the road. After 15-20 minutes, I receive a message from him asking me if I was waiting.

I confirmed. He said he is coming down and asked me to wait. In a few minutes, he was down. He said, “The room is not vacant. The way to the terrace is risky. Do you want to try?”  I said, “As you feel.” He said, “Ok, come, and we started to get onto the stairs.

It was a 6 storied building.  The terrace was on the seventh floor. By the time we reached there, we both were panting. He asked me to relax. I said, “Of course.” After sometime I asked him, “Can I suck you?”

After checking the place well, he said, “Ok, but be careful. No noise.” I just knelt down and kissed him from over his pants, he put his hand on my head and fondled me. I was kissing his groin when he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out.

It was of a decent size. I kissed it and then started licking it. He started making sounds while I was licking his dick. I put my hand on his mouth and reminded him to stop making sounds. He understood and stopped. He then asked me to wait for a moment.

He looked around for safety and then he unbuckled his pants and pulled them a bit lower to his thighs level. I was even gladder. I started taking it in my mouth. “Slowly and romantically, like in porn,” he instructed me. I looked in his eyes and said ‘hmm with his growing dick in my mouth.

The best thing about this was that his dick was a good sized one when it grew. Not something that thrust the back of your throat when it is swallowed. Nor was it very small that it didnt fit in the mouth. Just a good nice man meat for the hungry. So I kept sucking him, kissing his dick and licking it.

He bent to me and asked me, “Do you have a condom? I want to fuck you.” I said, “No.” He said, “You suck well.”  I smiled and thanked him, “Men like you made me what I am.”  He smiled and said, “Yes. Good.” I was sucking his dick good.

I usually do deep throat cocks then I suck. I was trying to do the same to his dick as well but he would tell me, “Go slow. I want to enjoy your sucking,” and I was forced to reduce the pace. He again pulled my face up by holding my chin and was telling me, “I really want to fuck your ass.”

I kissed him on his cheeks and head said, “Thank you for feeling so but the condoms arent there. Maybe next time.” He was holding my face and looking at me he said, “Ok. Do you want me to cum now?”

I said, “Are you about to cum?” He said, “I am holding it.” I told, “Do it when you want to. But before doing it tell me.” He pushed my head into his groin area and I got back to business. I was sucking him giving him nice show deep massages with me an oral cavity.

He was holding my ears and was enjoying it. I felt him move a bit more relaxed position. By extending his legs more wider and further. Then he said, “I am about to cum.” I starting sucking him faster. But he said, “No, I prefer it slow and wet.”

I reduced my speed and was stuffing his dick in my throat deeper but was massaging it inside with my tongue. He then held my neck and head with one hand each and I could sense a taste on my tongue. It happened. He had ejaculated.

I let him do it all in my mouth. Then I moved aside and spit it out aside. Meanwhile, he readjusted his position. I again took his now relaxing dick in my mouth and sucked it good to clean it. I then kissed it and got up. He commented, “You are good at it.”  I said, “Everyone says so.”

Then he said, lets wait for sometime and go. We started talking casually. I was asking him if he enjoyed it. He said, “Yes of course. Was a good head.” I smiled. Then after some time while he was looking for us to go downstairs, I asked him his mobile number.

He said, “After I fuck your ass only. I dont want an unnecessary mess.” I requested him but he denied me. I finally had to agree to him. He then took me downstairs. As we were walking towards my bus stop, be asked me to walk from a little distance away.

I was just following whatever he said. Once we got to the bus stop, he was relaxed. We sat together. He asked me to talk slowly and less. I started to do so. Then in some time, my bus was coming. We got up.

As I was getting on the bus I smiled at him. He waved his hands and started walking towards his hostel. Once in the bus, I messaged him on the app. “Thank you. Yours was a good mouthful.”

I only got a reply two days later, “Thanks. Next time I want to fuck you.” I replied immediately, “But we both dont have a place.” After a few hours, “We shall see,” was his response

I still havent gotten his number. Nor do we speak much on the app anymore. He made it clear always that he wants to fuck but we both have no place. Gotta see where this will go.

Dear readers, I have received a few emails after my earlier narrative was published. But I want to make it clear, I dont always do sex chats. I need real sex. So, please write to me knowing my choices. For emails of appreciation and encouragement and suggestions, always feel free to write to me [email protected]