Sex With Unsatisfied Married Sister In Law

Hello, friends, I am Raj, Back with another real story which happened to me a few days back with my sister in law. Her name is Ruby and she recently got married. She is 23 in age with wheatish complexion and figure of 38 36 38.

So this happened when Ruby came to our house after six months of marriage with her husband. Her husband stayed at our place for two days and left due to work purpose. Ruby had planned to stay with us for a few weeks. My wife took leave from work for 3 4 days to spend time with Ruby and so did I.

We used to go for shopping, dinner, lunch, movie and the 3- 4 days just passed by. Then we had to resume work. Due to work, my wife had to travel out of town for 3 days and so she asked me to take leaves as Ruby would be alone. I agreed and took leave for another 3 days.

We dropped my wife at the airport and headed back home. I asked Ruby if she wants to go out somewhere. She said that she wants to shop some personal stuff so while heading home we went to a mall near our house. I asked what she wants to buy. But she ignored my question.

We reached the mall and she went into a lingerie shop. I was waiting outside the shop for her and thats when she called me. I followed her in the shop and she has chosen some of the lingerie. I could only notice the colors one pink, red, black, fluorescent color. She asked me to pay and so I did and we left.

While coming out Ruby just gave me a smile. We reached home and she went into her room to change. I asked her as to why she didnt answer when I asked what she wanted to buy. She said that she was shy to tell me. I went near to her and took her hand in mine.

I told her in consoling voice that I know all these requirements and she can be open to me for anything. She was happy to know this. It was almost 9.30 pm and we were hungry. She offered to cook but I stopped her and asked her to get ready to go out for dinner.

She asked me as to what should she wear. I asked her to wear whatever she liked. After an hour she came back wearing Punjabi suit with no sleeves and thin shoulder strap with chunari. She was looking gorgeous and her newly married look was making her sexier.

I compliment her and we left for dinner. We soon reached the hotel and the hotel person thought that we are husband and wife and so offered us the most beautiful place in the hotel with candles all over. We accepted it casually and I told Ruby that she is my wife for today. She laughed out naughtily.

We finished our dinner and headed back home. On the way, we halted for ice cream. We finished it and reached home. We were sitting on the sofa watching tv when Ruby broke the silence

Ruby: Can I ask you something, Jiju?

Me: Yes, of course, go ahead.

Ruby: Hows your life with my sister (my wife)?

Me: All good as you can see as well.

Ruby: Hows your sex life?

Me: (shocked but replied) It is all good. Though we dont get to have sex much due to workload. We enjoy whenever we get to. What about you Ruby?

Ruby: To be honest not that great. Due to my husbands work, we dont get time to.

She had sex only 5-6 times in the last six months. I went near to her kept my hand on her shoulder and made her understand that work pressure leads to all this. Asked her to give some time and all should be normal. She said hmmm and there was silence again in the room. This time I broke the silence and asked if I can help her with anything

Ruby: (without any hesitation) Can you satisfy my sexual desire?

I was shocked but I asked did she really want me to do that with her?

Ruby: Yes because I trust you more than anybody else and would be secret between me and you

I was happy and agreed to make her happy. I told her that like this for the time we will have sex I want to make it special. I asked her to get dressed as a bride. She agreed and said that she is carrying her marriage dress as we had to attain a family wedding here. I was happy to know that.

I asked her to get ready fast. After a long 45 minutes, I got a message on my phone from Ruby that I can come in and she is ready. I went in and locked the door. She already had turned on dim lights and spread fragrance in the room which made me more excited.

I went and sat on the bed where Ruby was sitting wearing choli and ghaghra and pallu. She was looking so beautiful. I took her hand in my hand and gave a kiss and she turned her face around. I took her face in my hand and gave a kiss on her cheeks. Then without wasting time I started kissing her passionately on her lip and she was responding back.

I took off her pallu and there she was with deep cleavage and low waist ghaghra exposing most of her navel. I started kissing all her exposed body. After 15-20 minutes of kissing, she took the chance and removed my shirt and started kissing my bare body. She was on top of me and my hands on her back and we were kissing vigorously.

While exploring her back I unhooked her blouse and pulled it down from shoulder. And started kissing her and playing with her bra strap. She was enjoying and moaning. I made her lay on the bed and released the knot of her ghaghra and pulled it down and throw it on the floor. She was in her red lacy bra and panty.

I got completely naked and went on top of her. I kissed her all over and she took the turn now. In no time she took my tool in her hand and started stroking it and took it in her mouth. She was pro in blowjob and continued for 15-20 minutes I then made her stand and punched her on the wall.

I was kissing her all over and took off her bra and went down and took the wet panties off as well. She was standing there naked with big boobs. Erect nipples and shaved pussy. I bend down to spread her legs and started licking her pussy. She was moaning out loud and was enjoying.

She forced my head more on her pussy and there she had her first orgasms and left a sigh of relief. Without wasting time I pushed her on the bed and went in between and placed my penis on her vaginal opening and gave a gentle push. She screamed as her pussy was still tight due to less sex. I asked if she is ok for me to go ahead.

She gave me an agreement and I gave another push. A bit hard this time and my full penis went inside her. She was holding bedsheet tight and tears rolled out of her eyes. I paused and kissed her and started stroking her slowly. She was moaning softly. I increased my pace and her moans increased with my speed and she was enjoying every bit of it.

After stroking her for 15-20 minutes I told her that I am about to cum. She asked me to fill her pussy as she wanted to feel that. I obeyed and loaded all of my sperms in her pussy and she came at the same time. I kept lying on her for some time with my penis still inside her

We broke apart and she then went to clean herself. She took shower and came back wearing bra and panty and wore one piece nightie in front of me. I then went and got fresh and came back. I wore my boxers and she asked me to sleep with her in her bedroom.

Ruby: Thank you to make it special for me.

Me: You are most welcome and this is just the starting.

Ruby: That was one of my new lingerie set which I wore for you.

Me: I like it and you look sexy in that

Ruby: There are a few more. Would you want to see me in that?

Me: Of course if you would want to.

We had two weeks and we explore every corner of our house for sex. Even balcony in the night which I will narrate in my next stories Sorry for the lengthy story. But I hope you people jerk off and finger yourself after reading this.

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