My First Gay Encounter In Public

It was a busy Saturday evening I was heading back to my home from this summer internship I have got. I had to take the bus to my house but it was pretty crowded. I took the bus because if I miss this bus, it will get more late to reach home. It was a 2-hour travel to my home.

I got in and it was pretty dark out and I was surrounded by a lot of people, primarily male. There was this cute looking guy standing in front of me. He was short, had a fair complexion and he looked smart. As the bus went further, it got more crowded. We started getting congested in the bus.

Due to the movements of the bus, I was rubbing against the guys back, as if it wasnt weird enough, I was getting hard too for some reason. About me: I am a 20-year-old guy with a slim body, 511” height and surprisingly an 8-inch cut cock with a huge pink mushroom head.

For the first few times I rubbed against his back, I apologized and then I stopped talking. After a few rubs against the guys back, my cock was almost solid hard. I knew he was feeling it too. I was afraid and excited at the same time.

But all my fear was thrown out into super horniness after what the guy did. He kept one of his and behind him and started to rub and massage my hard cock.

He told me to get down on the next step and for some reason, I listened to his words. We got out at the next stop. He told me that he was 18 years old and that he was a gay and that he wanted my cock so bad. I confessed to him that I have never done or thought about having desi gay sex. He smiled and told me, “Well, there is a first time for everything”. I couldnt agree more.

He told me that there was an old film theater nearby where very few people come, which will be convenient for us. So we headed towards the theater. On the way, he kept talking about the things he wanted to do to my cock, which was making me pretty hard.

We reached the theater and I bought the tickets, which didnt cost much. We found some seats which were pretty decent and had a lot of privacy.

As soon as we sat, he started to massage my cock over my pants. He was waiting for the lights to be turned off. As soon as they switched the lights off, he unzipped my pants and started to jerk off my cock. This was all new to me, but it felt the same and it gave the same sexual pleasure. So I sat back and enjoyed.

He made my cock pretty hard and then started kissing my cock head. Then he started kissing every inch of my cock. He gave me some playful bites and then he started licking my cock head. Then, he started sucking my cock. I must admit, it was wonderful.

I was enjoying as he was sucking my cock like no one ever has done to me before. But I thought I was not acting fair, he should also be satisfied too, right!?

So I reached out to his cock, which was already semi-erect which I could feel on his pants. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started jerking off. I couldnt see any details but it was thick and definitely a 6.5-inch cock.

He stopped sucking me and came near my ears and whispered, “Can we head to the bathroom? I wanna see your face and cock while sucking it!!”. I said, “Yes!”.

We went to the bathroom, entered a cabin and I pulled down my pants and he was happy to see my cock throbbing for him. He got down on knees and held my cock and placed it over his face. It almost covered the whole length of his face.

He started to suck me again. While sucking me, he played with his tongue around my cock head. Gosh!! I was on cloud nine. I mean this guy could suck for real. He was deep throating me just like it was a simple task and I was loving it. I took over and started mouth fucking him while he kept his mouth wide open for me.

After fucking the hell out of his mouth, I was so close to cum. I signed him and he gave me a wink. I started cumming inside his mouth. He drank every drop of my cum.

It was my turn now, I made him sit down and I started jerking him off and I made up my mind and decided to suck a cock for the first time in my life. His cock was pretty hard by this time. It was a brownish cut cock with small pink head and about 6.5 inches in size but it was thick. I slowly started licking his cock along the whole length of it.

It was a bit salty and smelling like cum all over his cock, which made it more interesting. I started to slowly suck his cock head. Clearly, I was not doing a good job but he was enjoying it. I was slowly getting the hang of it and I started sucking his thick cock. I saw his cute ball sack and started fondling with it. That increased the pleasure as I could see him enjoy it and letting out a few soft moans.

I was glad that he was enjoying it, I stroked while sucking his cock. I then tried deep throating his thick cock, which was too much for him to handle. He started cumming in my mouth without even giving me a warning. But guess what!? I loved it.

We cleaned ourselves up, never shared any personal details and promised to keep it a secret and we left in our own ways!

This was my first ever fantasy gay encounter story, hope you guys loved it. Comment your views. If you want to personally contact me; my email id is [email protected]