The Kinkiest Experience I Have Ever Had Part 2

Hello readers. I am Vishruta. I have another ID on ISS using which I usually write and submit my experiences for you people to read. But since this experience has a number of deviant and perverted expressions from my end, I have requested Vishnu Vardhan to submit it to ISS on my behalf.

I looked to my left and he said, “I came.” He took his dick with the condom on it out of me and asked me, “You are you chew this.”

Me: Please rethink.
Sai: It was discussed as decided that youre going to swallow the cum from the condom as well.
Me: OK. Wash it with water and then give me.

Sai moved to the water tap and washed the or outer part of the condom with water. Then he picked up a newspaper and pat dried the condom with the sheet of the newspaper. Then he removed the condom from my from over his dick.

He moved towards me saying, “Come on, you dont need to chew the condom to eat the cum as we discussed. I will just pour the contents from the condom into your mouth. Swallow that only.”

I did as he said. Since it was chocolate flavored condoms that he had, the inside of the condom too had a lot of chocolaty Soto l syrup taste. After emptying the condom contents in my mouth, he threw the condom into the cover and relaxed beside me.

Sai: Do you want porn?
Me: Yes. You can play.

He played some straight porn. Then he was commenting on how nicely the man was fucking the female in the video, with specific references to the breasts and pussy. He was holding the mobile on one hand and his other hand started touching my nipples.

Again after some time, he pulled my nipples up, asking me to come closer. Now we were in a position that he was lying in his back flat. I was to his right side, lying on my left side. My upper body raised in my left elbow and my left hand passing from under the back of his neck.

He now started sucking my nipples while watching the video. Sometimes he would bite my nipple and I would request him to not bite but suckle. This happened till the second clip was playing. Then he told me he wanted me to see something and started playing a video.

It was a video in which two men were with a woman and she was heavily lactating. So much that even the small movements of her body resulted in the spilling of milk from her breasts. In the video, she was on her back with upraised thighs and one of the men fucking her.

Her boobs were spurting milk for a few cms height whenever he stroked into her without anyone even touching them. He told me he wanted me to be like that. I was asking him if it is possible.

Sai: Using hormones you can develop breasts but milk, would be harder I think.
Me: What would you do if I lactated like that?
Sai: Would enjoy playing with those and draining them empty daily while they keep dripping milk.

And he was pinching and pulling my right nipple while he was telling this. After saying it, he got back to sucking my nipple and asked if I wanted to watch gay porn.

Me: I prefer watching straight porn
Sai: Me as well. But I thought since you are gay you want gay stuff.
Me: Nothing like that. I like men and I wanna be a girl. So straight porn for me better.

Sai slapped my cheeks and said, “Youre a good bitch.” Now after he was playing two or three videos like this he asked me to get back to sucking. I was sucking him. He wasnt hard. I still tried sucking. He took out his mobile and made a small video of it, recording me doing it to his limp cock, which got hard while I was sucking.

Those of my readers who had written to me for my earlier stories were mailed this same video. You can notice the dick being soft in the video. So after I sucked him for some time and he got but hard, I asked him if he wants me to sit on it or continue sucking. He asked me to sit on it and ride.

Now he was lying on his back with a hard cock, condom covered. I was asked to sit on the cock in squaring position. I did it. Again the pain during the first penetrating. But quickly I could move up and down on his dick. He then asked me to try holding my position a bit higher in the air such that he could push his dick in strokes in me from below.

This was attempted but very soon his dick was out of my ass. Then he asked me to do the same in the reverse position. I did it and was grinding his dick inside my ass. Yes. This was recorded and my mailers have got this as well. A really short clip showing just my ass and his torso.

Due to the improper exposure to the lights, this video didnt show his dick. Few of my readers told me this. I noticed this as well. So he now asked me to spread myself on a table in the room so that he can penetrate into me like in one of the porn clip he was showing me. I tried but his dick got limp soon.

He mildly slapped me on my back and asked me to move away. I then asked him to sit on the table and I knelt before him and started sucking him again. He held me by that back of my head and pushed it on his dick strongly. This happened for a few minutes.

Then he told me to go near the window. He was standing near the window, securely locked from inside and made me kneel before him. He put his left foot on my right thigh and put his dick in my mouth and was fucking my mouth like that for some time.

As I started sucking hard in this position, he hit the side of my head slowly and said, “Bitch dont. Its paining.” I moved aside. He said, “Why am I not getting hard?”

Me: Maybe youre not getting turned on.
Sai: But I am enjoying it good
Me: You are enjoying the sec but youre not attracted to me I guess. Thats why not getting turned on. I know I dont look good.

Sai: Bitch youre so cooperating. Shut up.
Me: Ok. Please watch some more porn and try again.

Sai started playing porn on his mobile. After some time he said, get back to the first position on your back, legs upraised. I want to shag and cum in it. I tried to talk to him against it but he just lifted my legs up and held them to the wall one of his hands, his other hand stroking his semi-hard dick. While doing it, he kept looking at my face from and had a smile on his lips.

Then he suddenly spat on my arse hole and asked me to, “Take it in. I want to see.” I tried doing something with my arse muscles and he looked at me back and said, “It went in.” Let me drop my cum and started stroking his cock. But even after 3-4 minutes, he couldnt get harder.

He stood straight and kicked my bums saying, “It’s not getting hard, bitch.” I couldnt say anything. He came towards me, raised his feet and put on my mouth, “Just lick and suck. Not discussed but I want you to do it.”

I licked his toes as he started looking at me with more intent. After a few minutes, he asked me to open my mouth and put my tongue out. I did. He put his feet on my mouth such that the lower part of his feet was on my mouth. He said, “Lick it all clean.” I did.

After I did this he said, “Theres one last use for you. Lie where you are.” He moved to the footwear stand and came back with shoes in his feet. They were the canvas type. He just said, “Eat, suck or lick. But clean them.”

I was looking at his face, he had a very dominating triumphant look on his face and he put the front of the shoe of his right foot into my closed mouth. As I was tight-lipped, he patted my mouth with his shoes. I still did not open my mouth. He stepped down and kicked my butt asking me to clean his shoes.

I obeyed this time. He asked me to bite the front of his shoe and the sole he made me lick. He said he didnt have the leather shoes at the moment otherwise he would have made me polish his shoes with my tongue. And I was feeling the soil grains and dirt from the lower part of the shoe get into my mouth and my tongue.

After getting his shoes cleaned for 2 minutes, he said, lets wash your mouth, and asked me to kneel. He said, “It is gonna be but stronger but I dont want you to spill it. Dont suck this. Just drink what comes and Clean your mouth of the dirt, bitch,” and put his dick into my mouth and after a few moments, a mild stream was flowing into my mouth.

This was stronger than the one before but we lesser in quantity so I could drink it. After feeding me this, he spat in my mouth and said, “Youre getting late. Go take a bath.” I went into the bathroom and took a bath, cleaned my ass and mouth good.

I came out, dressed up and was putting on my shoes when he said, “Next time could be me and you with 1 or 2 other tops.” I just said, “Sorry I couldnt get you hard enough.” He said, “Bye.”

I rode back all the long distance home, got drenched in the rain on the return journey. Though it was nothing I would feel proud of our complaint of, I am sure that I usually will not want to travel such distances just for hookups.

Back home I took my bath again and started mailing the videos and writing this. Now since I had already shared the clips, I decided I would go ahead, shed the fear and submit this myself instead of Vishnu Vardhan. And so you got to read this where it should be read.

Thank you Vishnu Vardhan for offering to help by submitting this but as I told you, I submitted this myself. Still, I appreciate your warmth.