Sex With Two Strangers In The Bus

Hi guys. This is a gay story about how I sucked and got fucked by two strangers in the bus. I always loved to have sex with strangers than with my friends. I started liking men groping and molesting me on the bus after this incident.

I am 22 years old, 5 ft 8 in tall and I weigh around 60 kg. I am slim but I have an athletic body. Even though I am 22, I look like an 18-year-old with no beard and moustache. My lips are rose in colour and I guess that is why men are attracted to me.

That day, I had to go to friends home for his sisters marriage. It was a 3-hour journey by bus to his home. I decided to go there on the previous day evening and stay at his home. So I packed a shirt and a dhoti for the marriage and wore a track pant and a t-shirt for the journey.

I got on the bus stop at around 6 pm. The bus came at around 6:30 pm. It was very congested as expected. I stood on the stairs of the bus.

After some time, some people got down and I had to get down for them to go. I again got on the bus and this time I went to the back seat side and stood facing front.

There were men on my sides, front, and back. I was in between them. The crowd got even worse. As the journey continued, some more people got in.

There was only one man standing at my back. He hit me every time the bus applied brakes or when the bus was on a hump or gutter. As I was wearing track pants, I could feel his every single touch directly on my ass. I felt his semi-erect cock inside his pant on my ass. I ignored that.

But after some time, he was now touching my back continuously. He rested his cock area on my ass and I could feel his cock at my ass crack. That made me get a hard-on.

If I got a hard-on, the man on my front will know that. So I moved my ass back to avoid contact. But that was a positive signal for the man on my back! He slowly grabbed my waist with his both hands and moved his cock on my ass crack up and down.

My cock was really hard now. After some time, he slowly moved his left hand from my waist to my cock.

He rubbed the tip of my cock which got wet with precum. It felt wonderful but also, I had a fear of somebody seeing us. It was dark and too congested. Men on my sides were facing the windows and some of the men on the seats were asleep.

He then slowly unzipped his pant and took out his cock. He started to rub his cock on my ass and between the ass crack.

The next thing that he did made me panic. After rubbing his cock for some time, his hands came back to my waist and grabbed my pant. He slowly lowered the pant as well as my underwear. If somebody sees us, I dont know what will happen.

Now he inserted his cock in between my legs and started to move back and forth. My mind made me forget about the fear of someone watching me. I was in an intense mood.

He slowly lubricated his cock and pushed it into my asshole. It was maybe 5 or 6 inches long with good thickness. Slowly, he inserted his cock fully after some pushing and pulling and again pushing. I didnt moan as I was surrounded by men.

He fucked me slowly. It started to feel good and even better as he increased his speed. My p-spot was responding to each of his strokes. He stopped every time the bus stopped and when people got in and out. He stayed for a while with his cock still inside me and waited for the bus to move again.

After some fucking for like 10-15 minutes, he turned me and made me go to the back end of the bus where he stood. I was now facing towards the front with him facing me. He made me turn around and now I was facing the back of the bus.

The back window of the bus was very tall and nobody could see from behind. I placed my hand on the back wall. He pushed his cock again into my asshole and started fucking. I was in deep and intense pleasure.

After some good fucking, he cummed inside me. He shot a load of cum inside my ass and stayed there with his cock still inside me. I could feel the hot cum. Then he pulled his cock out and put my underwear back on. He wasnt finished yet.

He turned me and took my cock in his hand and jerked it slowly. Then he kissed my lips one by one. He placed his both hands on my two nipples while kissing.

After some time, he went down and took my cock into his mouth. It was loaded with precum on the tip. He licked the entire tip from inside the mouth and sucked me. My semi-erect cock became hard again.

He sucked for some time and started jerking me fast. He jerked and sucked and then jerked simultaneously. I felt pleasure at its peak. Just when he put my cock in his mouth after the last jerking, I cummed. The cum went inside his mouth.

He took out my cock from his mouth and let the remaining cum flow out of my cock to the floor. He made me cum in just a few minutes! He got down on the next stop. I quickly put my underwear and pant back on.

Meanwhile, the man on my side who was sitting on the back seat was watching all this, I guess. He slowly grabbed my ass cheeks and massaged me.

The last row had three seats on the right and two seats on the left. The guys on the right side of this guy were asleep. He turned to my side while sitting and opened his zip. He took out his 6-inch uncut cock out and jerked it slowly.

I was happy that I got two men today! He made me grab his cock. It was already filled with precum. And I bet he watched the whole scene.

I slowly went down and put his cock into my mouth and enjoyed his precum. I love to suck guys with uncut cock more and his cock was nice to suck. I sucked him deep and played with the foreskin. He enjoyed it.

I sucked the foreskin and licked the cock hole. I inserted my tongue through the foreskin into the sides of his cock.

Then I moved his foreskin down and sucked the pink tip like a lollipop. I may have played with it for more than 10 minutes. I guess he wanted to cum inside me. He stopped me sucking and stood up. Then he lowered my pants and made me stand, facing the back of the bus like I did before.

He pushed his cock in my asshole. It was already lubricated with cum. After five minutes of fucking, he cummed inside me. He shot a load inside me and it started to overflow. He pulled his cock out and made me put my underwear and pant back on. I felt very nice.

When his stop arrived, he left and I got his seat. I was so relaxed. I reached by around 10 as the bus was late due to traffic. For comments and suggestions, mail me at [email protected]