The Rainy Night

This is the first time im narrating a story here in this website I have gone through many stories and I found them very exiting and sexy I really do feel horny and this make me to write a true incident which took place couple of years back and which is the most memorialbe. First of all I would like to give up a short discripsion of myself I am Ali Imran 28 male from Hyderabad I am 58″ with atheletic body I am doing as an H.R executive for a reputed M.N.C I have good looks. Now coming to the story rather the incident… Well it was a rainy nite and i was on my speedy bike I was on the high way rushing to my native which is near to Hyd as i took a long cut suddenly my bike slid and I found my rear tire was punchred. I was really woried as It was a thunder out there and I was middle of no where I looked around and I saw a house near by I thank to my luck and went near to it. I rang the door bell and after a while the door opend up I was really astonished when I saw a very beutifull girl at the door. She was very fair..with long silky hairs beutifull and glories eyes was looking like a lake and I was afraid that I could fall in them Lolz even I cant swim.. She was wearing glasses she might be a student..very sexy slim nose her figure was gorgiouse great boobs sexy weist and lovly ass.. She was in her late teens ..

She was wearing a pink night gown I was amazed with her beuty and was looking to her then she asked me yes my I help you then i realised .. And I told her my prob and asked her wether I could stay there for a while till this rain stops… She thinked for a while and let me in.. We sat in the living room which was a decent one and nicely decorated I found no one there I was looking around she asked my name to start our conversation I told her u can call me Immy and she told me that she is sonali…she said her family had gone to attend a marrieg ceromany and she was alone at home as he had to appear for her final exams next morning.. I was really wet (hey dont take any other meanings I was wet due to rain) she gave me a towel to dry myself up, then she said she will make a cup of tea so I could feel better… She went to the kichen and I was watching her lovly ass it was looking like two watermellons are fighting with each other I get really arosed when I watch lovly asses..I went to the kichen too she was bussy making the tea and I was standing near the door just watching that beuty the window was open there and rain was stoped a it was moonlight all across and was coming in the kichen too which was making the atmosphere more erotic the moonlight was on that beutifull girl and I could see her magnificent figure which was partly exposed due to the moonlight which was reflecting her she was looking like a beutifull sculpture of Ajanta & Ellora…she was looking like a Greek Godess of love beuty and lust.. I was just looking at her enormouse beuty ..sudenly my heart beat was becoming faster and faster I wanted to go near to her I wanted to touch her I wanted to feel I started moving towards her she was still bussy in making tea.. Slowly I went near to her slowly the distence between the beuty and her admirer were becoming shorter and shorter.. Step by step I was coming nearer to her and my heart was beting like ne thing I stood just back to her, sudenly a blow of wind came into the kichen through window and it felw her silky long hairs and they landen on my face hmmmm I could smell the beutifull fragnence which came from her lovly hairs mine was fully erected.. And I was watching her from behind.. I could see her lusty figure as the gown was very thin.. I raise my hand and put it on her back ohhh it was so smooth as I have touched cotton slowly I rubed she was silent pretending to be bussy with tea..then i started to rub gently on her back..I placed my arm a bit upwards I was on her sexy weist..and I gently smooched her….

I put her hairs aside and I saw her shiny neck it was very fair and was looking like ice by moonlight.. I bent my head and I put my lips on it ohhh what a touch was that…then i kissed her deeper.. She shutt her eyess my arm was rubing her weist and smooching her..I moved my arm a bit up and it was on her lovly tits.. The other arm was on her ass..which i was pressing hardly I put my erected cock on her back and pressed she could feel the touch of my mighty bazzooka.. Then i proceeded further and I started unbottoning her 1 after another I inserted my arm in her gown and i reached to her ripening breast I took it in my hand and pressed… Then I started taken her gown off I was still standing behind her and was taking her gown …. As I was taking it out I saw her naked shoulder wow it was like ne thing… I kissed on her shoulder then her neck i lickd benith her ears and shee was moaning now…I took off her gown she was in her bra and panties.. It was pink I undid her bra and took it off and i take her panty off too she was totally nude…I sat and started to kiss her round ass and i lickd in her ass my arm was palying with her lovly pussy..I inserted my finger in it and gently stroked it was alrady wettttt..then she turend towards me her eyes were very sexy she took my hairs and raised me up we look each other for some time we both were silent then she took off her glases caught my neck and kissed me like ne thing her rosy lips her kissing mine.. I inserted my toungue into her cute mouth and our toungues were palying with each other my arm was on her ass pressing it deeper and deeper then I put my finger in her wet pussy we were still palying with our toungues.. She took my cock and pressed then she unzipped me put her arm in my jeans and took my mighty cock out it was in his full standing tall 8″ she cought it tight and pressed.. Hmm I loved that..then she sat and unbttend my jeans and took it off she took my cok and licked it with her lovly toungue she was liking it as it was ice-cream..then she licked my pubic balls she took my balls in her mouth and sucked. Mmmm then she took my hard cok her in mouth and started sucking she started with gently and was taking her pace..

I was feeling like Im on seventh sky.. Then i caught her from her hairs and raised her and again we kissed each other i cought her lovly breasts i pressed her pink erected nipples they were looking like switches.. And i licked them I licked across her nipps and i sucked her breast they were rock solid and i sucked and sucked I took that beautifull girl in my arms and took her to the bedroom I put her on the bed and jumped on her.. I kissed her forehead then i kissed her eyes.. Then kissed her nose and i took her rosy lip into my mouth and sucked my arms were playing with her breast I pressed them harder and harder she was moaning like ne thing aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…then I lcked on her ears and my toung was palying with her ears i lickd benieth her ears she was so exited..then i went to her boobs and licked her nipps they were so tasty i put her breast in my mouth and sucked them harder and harder i was sucking her nipps like a baby eager to have his milk.. I likced her naval and belly she spread her legs and put my head on her pussy indicating me to do the same work there i took my toungue out spread her pussy I could see her pink vagina and i put my toungue there and started licking… She said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I likcd her with double speed my tounge went deeper and deeper in her pussy..

Then i put my mouth on her weist and i sucked mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uffffffffffffff she said then i turned her and kissed all across her back i put my tounge in her ass and liked i rolled her back and i sucked her thighs i kissed her feet and lickd her fingers i rasised her legs i was sitting between her legs i took my hard dick and placed it on her pussy i rubed her pussy by my cock she said plz do it plzzz I beg u plzz put ur thing into it……….. For God sake plzzzz wow even I was deing to go into her then I put my cock in her hole and started to put it into her..she was very tight might b a virging i dont know…but seems like to be ne ways I was just focusing on a great plesure so i started to dig my damn thing in her which i slolwy did it was 1 inch into her and she shutt her eyes very tight it was paining to her but she was trieng hard to controle her she caught the bed cover by her both arms and alow me to enter her i pressed my cock and it was half way in my cock has visited lots of pussys till now but i was feeling really good this time… Then I put some more presure and streight away it was deep in her lovly vally of lust and love…my mouth was on her mouth we started kissing and playing with tougues again…and slowly i started to make the storkes..she was saying oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm babay ur my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love u do it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh faster sweet heart………. So i made my strokes faster and faster……………

Wow she was so hottttttttttt and we were enjoying like ne thing then i took my cock out she was amazed why have it taken it out i stood near the bed I asked her to come on the ede she was laying on the edge I put my cock into her pussy as i was standing and she was laying still on the edge of the bed… She rosed her legs and make way for me to come into her pussy then i started fucking her harder and harder.. I fucked her for 20 mins then i again took out my cock I asked her to roll down and sitt on the bed like a bitch I want to make the doggie style I was still standing and she was siting like a bitch on the bed I took her ass pressed them I put near to mine then I took my cock and placed it on her pussy I find the hole and i inserted with a stroke oooooooooooooooooooooh she said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me love fuckkkkkkk… Then i started to make storkes faster i took her breast in my arms as they were haning and pressed them while i was fuking there was a dressing table on the other side of the bed and we could see each other in the mirror as it was looking that we are watching our own live blue film… Then i fucked her for about half an hour… I was about to cum… So i took my cock out and put it in her mouth her mouth was filed up with my cum she drank it then we huged agian and layed on the bed kissing each other…. She said it was the most memoriable time which she had just spent she never realised that sex is this much enjoyble she thanked me for it and we exchanged our numbers i dressed up and I left as the rain was stoped………….while returning back I was amaginig wow seems like it was raining just for me…. So how was the story… I hope you would fine it nice as this is my first story for this site… I need ur responce and sugestions I have more true incident of my life which I will narrate if i get a good responce I am waiting for ur respnces do write to me on my mail id which is / / if any lady wants to have this in reall she is also welcome specially from hyd as this is hydspesial..