Pakistani Style with Rani

Hello everybody, first of all thanks to the kerala erotica team to upload such a site. The stories, which are published in this site, are so good and after reading these fantasy stories I decided to share my sexual experience with you readers. I am Imran, 31 years old and 6 feet tall from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The story is all about a college girl naming “Rani” who was my neighbor. Rani’s family used to stay in next door to my home. She was hardly 19 but her physics looks to be more than her age. I really had a crush on her. Rani is a very beautiful girl having a well shaped body and a long black hair up to her hip. Whenever I am seeing her in tight jeans and T-shirt I am getting too horny but I am controlling myself. In short I became crazy about her but I never tried to touch or never tried to give her any idea about what is going on in my mind about her. Being a student whenever she had any problem she was used to consult the issue with me and usually it happened twice in a month. On many occasion I used to observe her as not only because of a beautiful face but also good healthy boobs, very well shaped buttock, smooth and fair skin. I had no bad intentions for her, I just want to have friendship with her. Due to joint family I could not find any opportunity to express my emotions to her. She always comes with books and notes to discuss her problems. Whenever I get opportunity I used to tease her at the same time I never missed a chance to praise her beauty. She also took it very casually. Almost 10 months passed away but the situation did not permit me to do the needful.

It was fine Sunday, all the family was invited to attend a marriage ceremony. So it was decided that all family would move at 11:30 am. As I was suffering from fever and forced to take rest for two days. I was there in my home alone. I heard some noise. I saw Rani standing over there with notes and books in a tight jeans and T-shirt. She was looking very beautiful. She was not aware of my illness. When she came to know she offered to prepare some food for me as this was the lunch time. Before this I had nothing in my mind but when I see her big boobs it made me think to do something new with her. She was there in kitchen to prepare some food for me and I was looking at her and thinking how I can catch this beauty. Suddenly she called me for a help in kitchen and we were together suddenly my hand hit her boobs. Wow it was so soft and like a balloon filled with water it was bouncing. I said sorry but she didn’t say anything. We were both standing very close to each other. Today I can see her for a long time. Oh she was really a beautiful girl. She stood before me and put her palm on my forehead by asking “let me check whether you have still fever or not?”

Her hand touched me I felt a current passing through my body and I lost my control. I took all my courage and kept my hand on her ass. She pushed me back with her both hands. I looked at her face. She was about to cry. I felt very bad and said “sorry, it was my mistake. I should not have done this. I am so sorry” I said. Now she was looking comfortable and again she started some work in the kitchen.Today I got opportunity over a period of time and I was standing very close to her. During all this time I intentionally touch her hands but she did not mind that. It was a positive indication for me which mad me more hotly. It was difficult to control so I decide to proceed further and to take daring step. I said Rani I just want to have a kiss. She shouted what, what are you mad? She was slightly hesitating but I read her WILLINGNESS from her eyes. There was complete silence. As a result I hugged her so tightly And started kiss on her cheeks, forehead etc so quickly. With the passage of time she also started kissing me on face and suddenly she gave her healthy red lips on my lips I really enjoyed her lips on lips for some time and then I used my tongue to lick her lips and slowly gave my tongue in her mouth she enjoyed it and gave a tongue in my mouth. She slowly bend over and take my face in her hand and gave me a kiss on my forehead, eyes, cheeks and then to my lips. I was stunned back and lost my reacting power as I never expect such a move from her side. By the time my dick was very hard and I could feel her boobs very hard on my chest. She screamed with joyfully with still closed eyes. Ohhhhh Imran please. I take her lips in my lips and started give a French kiss. I felt her hands holding my body. Her hands started to run over my back. I moved my hands over to her waist and then slowly up and up and I reached her right breast. I cupped her right breast with my right hand. It was so soft and marvelous. Suddenly she pushed back my hand. Again I put my hand on her breast. After a long resistant she allowed me to fondle her boobs as she too started feel the immense pleasure of having sex with a man for the first time. My hands were on her big boobs.

I put my one hand slightly on her left boob and start massaging her boob over the shirt and her bra. She shiver and stop the movement of my hand on her boob with her hand and said Imran please.. I was looking at her breasts, those are in swing. There was a hot flame in my body. I unable to control my self, I rounded my hand around her waist and rubbed my face on her boobs. She was shocked. But didn’t refuse. I was pressing her bare waist and rubbing my face on her breast. I pulled her on me in that instance she touched my cock, its very hot. She was supposed to remove her hand. I hold her hand and requested to shake my cock. I removed her shirt top from her breasts. Finally her boobs got released. She got very big boobs. I squeezed the boobs with both hands. I squeezed the nipple. She was moaning. I taken her right boob into my mouth as much as I can. I could not get a easy breath that time. I sucked one of the boob and squeezed and massaged another with the other hand.

I slowly started removing my shirt she said wait I got a shock now she will refuse but to my surprise she said that lets remove each others cloth and she started removing my! Shirt and unbutton my trouser. I was only on my brief. She said now its your turn. I started removing her dress. Now she was in black bra and black panty. She said please remove my bra and panty I just follow her word and removed and she removed my brief and was very happy to see my 6 inch property. She again started kissing me all over again. I asked her if she would love to take my cock in her mouth. I told her that this is a way you can enjoy the sex. She started kissing my cock but she felt little awkward I told her to pick up honey bottle from kitchen which brought very fast I poured some honey on my cock and told her to eat! Like a con ice cream probably she understood and honey worked she started enjoying my ice cream. I was feeling that any moment I will come and i told her to stop I took her on a bed and started playing wit her boobs I pured little honey on her boobs and licked, chewed and my one hand on other boob other hand was fingering her cunt. She was really enjoying with ooohh aaahhha ooooaaa ahhhaaa.

I just stood there, watching her. She lay with her eyes closed and legs parted. My brain started working and I approached her. “I can’t wait”, she gasped and then she said put your cock inside as she was very hot and she was like about to come she said now pleasssssssseeeee put inside. She was out of control. After that she was requested me for the final action. It was like resting on a hot iron, only more pleasurable. Her breasts stood up in two perfect cones and her hard nipples felt like soldering irons. Then I put my hand on her pussy from outside the panty. She arched her body like current passed through her body. I looked at her face, she was biting her lips and was shaking her heads in pleasure. Oh my dear friends, I cannot explain you all what I felt after seeing her fully naked. She was just wonderful. An angel was lying in front of me. Her pussy was covered with small and soft black colour hairs. I put my hand again on her pussy. I massaged her there then slowly put my fingers on her love cave. Her breasts where moving up and down so fast. She was moaning so slowly. I parted her beautiful legs. There it was.. A virgin pussy…. Inviting me. I put my finger on her pussy.

She made a strange voice then. And then I parted her pussy lips with my fingers. I saw her untouched cunt.. … she became mad by my this act… and suddenly she cried loudly.. Her body quaked with a sudden.. She hold my body with her legs so tightly.. And her hands were pressing my body so hardly.. Yes it was her first orgasm.. A huge orgasm… … I looked at her pussy.. Yes there was her sperm coming out slowly from her love hole. I looked at her face.. Her face was so reddish… due to her first orgasm.. There was smile on her face… smile of satisfaction.. I gave her a sweet kiss on her lips.. I.. I was in heaven and she too..Slowly, she was kept her legs on my shoulders and she guided me into her. I was sure that she is going to bleed at first as this was her first sexual encounter in her life. She reached her hand towards my belly and touched my cock. When her soft hand fondled my cock I felt so good. “oh god.. You are going to enter me with this one, this is something iron rod” she ask to me with fear on her eyes.. “Nothing to worry darling, you will feel heaven.. “ by saying this I guided my cock into her pussy. I ask her to kiss me.. She kissed me on my lips.. I locked her lips with lips.. Then I pushed my hip little hard towards her.. Half of my dick went inside her pussy with lot of pressure.. She cried but I never let her voice come out from her mouth as my lips were closed her lips. I waited for two minute and then again I pushed my dick inside her pussy. This time my rock hard cock fully entered into her.

I was holding her boobs and started jerks. My dick was moving in and out. I pushed in, we started jerking slowly even she started responding from down and I plunged my whole sword into her and she just shouted like oooooohhhhhhaa oouch. She was feeling pain, I didn’t move at all for two minutes and in the meanwhile I kissed her so passionately all over her face. I pressed her boobs so firmly.. Then I started move slowly.. Up and down.. After a few moves she too started to act positively.. Moving her hip up and down… we moved in a rhythm.. She was in a heaven and me too.. She bite on my shoulder with pleasure.. After three minutes of play I felt that I am gonna come soon.. I stopped moving to control myself.. “Don’t stop please.. Don’t stop.. “ she shouted at me.. Hearing this I started to fuck her so hardly.. I realized that she is going to come again… yes there she is… she hold me so tightly with her legs and hands.. Her nails make scratches on my back… she bite on my hand so hardly.. It was her second Orgasm… My pumping was going on heavy with kissing her boobs and lips and neck she said I am cuming and in few seconds even I came with thick liquid inside her. I was just resting on her for a minute she just kissed. After fifteen minutes I started kissing her all over again and she did the same thing. I was in seventh heaven.. I laid back on bed… I hugged Rani and kissed her so madly.. And we slept for a while like that.. When I got up she was coming out from the bathroom fully naked… she looked at me and smiled… she bend over me and kissed on my lips.. Then started to wear her dress.. I stepped down from the bed.. And took the blood filled bed sheet and put inside the bathroom… Then I came to her.. I said “Rani I love you so much”.. Saying this I hugged her… “I too love you honey” she replied and move toward her home…. Girls from Rawalpindi/Islamabad or near location can CONFIDENTLY share their views/comments in response to my story to / / SECRECY IS GUARANTEED. Hope my story will get published soon and eagerly waiting.