Sex With My Girlfriend Nisha The Gujarati Girl

Hello friends, to be frank this are my first story on iss. I’m reading iss when i was 18. And at present i m Kushagra Singh 24 from Kolkata (W.B). I am not a bong. I am available for cam chats and love to have private meetings too. Till date i have fucked many girls approx. 8 to 10. And it’s true.

Let’s come to the story now. I had a gf name Sonali; Nisha was her friend’s sister. She is at present 21. 34 28 – 32; slim figure with round boobs and brown nipples. I use to love shaved pussy. But after having sex with her my thinking has changed. She has hairy pussy, and it’s full of jungle.

We met for the first time in the market place. I know that being a Gujju girl… All Gujjus are damn horny. And it’s true. Then we started having talk on phone. One day at night i was damn horny and i made her a call and she was in deep sleep. I asked her what r u doing in sleep she said i was sleeping. Then i asked her can v chat openly from now onwards. She told of curse yes y not i m knowing u from since 4 years. Then i told her that i like u a lot and want to be close to u. She forgot about the sleep and sat on bed and said i too wanted to be close to u and wanted to be close to u. And the same moment i proposed her. She accepted the proposal. The next day we planned to meet. She told me that we won’t meet at the market place and instead of meeting outside we will meet at my home. Then i asked her that where are your parents and your brother. She told that my mom is out of station and dad has gone for work and will return in evening and bro has gone to school and will return in evening in evening. Then we hanged up the call. I was getting goose bumps in the night itself. The next day morning i got a call from her asking me that today’s meeting is fixed or not. I said of curse yes. The she told me to come by 11:30 am till then my bro will also go to school.

I reached by 11:30 a.m. and she greeted me with a close hug. I felt her boobs on my chest. And when i hugged her, i felt her back and i was rubbing her back too. I found she was not wearing bra. And when we separated i noticed that her nipples were erect. At the same time i felt that today i m going to have lot of fun. She was in plain white t shirt and pink leggings. Then she offered me a glass of cold drink.. We had it together and then she came close to me and slowly we kissed each other’s lips. And then we both finished our cold drinks and then we lied in bed in each other arm. We started smooching wildly to each other. And the kiss became wilder. The i started fondling her boobs which had become damn hard and nipples could be feel nicely. Then we started undressing each other. She was having hairy armpits … And i am fond of hairy armpits. I licked her armpits and then squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipples like muaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now her nipples were damn erect. Then i pulled down her leggings and kissed her belly. I inserted my tongue in her belly and then started to feel her pussy which was full of hairs. I loved it for the first time. She pushed me down and i inserted my tongue in her pussy…. She started creating sounds like ssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aur zorrrrrrrr sayyyyyyyyyyyyy khaaaaa jaaooooooooo jaanuuuuuuuuuuu yes sssssssss yessssssssss yessssssssssssss… Then she suddenly got up and pushed me on the bed. And opened my jeans and pulled it down and the she shoved off my underwear and took my 8″ long and 2″ thick dick in her hand and started stroking. Then suddenly she pulled my dick skin back and took my dick head in her mouth and started giving strokes. I was in heaven. Then she came upon me and inserted my dick in her warm love hole and started jumping on me. Then we came in doggy style and for near 1 hr. to 1 hr. 15 mins our session continued. In between we tried missionary, doggy, one on one styles. The finally when i was about to come she told me to fill her pussy with my warm liquid. Then i gave the last stroke as hardest as i can and she screamed very loudly and then we were in each other’s arms for 15 min’s. And then we washed ourselves and promised to meet each other whenever we get time. Now till date from past 6 months i had fucked her near about 15 to 20 times. And always i have filled her pussy with my sperms.

And then after some time she started to feel my dick again and started stroking again. And this time she gave me a wonderful blow job and drank my sperms and also liked and cleaned my pussy.

Love u all the readers for reading my story. Girls please feel free to contact me. See u all soon i will present my next story in few days after getting your appreciation mails. Bye all.