Sex education

This story can also educate you for getting maximum pleasure in sex especially for women so read it carefully till end. Hi friends it’s me Ritesh from Bangalore India. This is my story of lady in my life Because of my work. I live in Pune. I recently changed my residence to another apartments in Bangalore. The place was very new to me and very posh colony I live in 3rd floor . I saw a fair lady who stays in a flat which is adjacent to my flat. She was beautiful and gorgeous. One day my door bell rang, when I opened door I saw that lady was standing she was very sexy in her white silky night dress. She smiled little and said “please i want to mail my husband about urgent matter if u don’t mind can u mail this message from your computer? I came to know that u have internet ,if u don’t mind please ..she said slowly then i said it’s ok please come. Then i connected to internet and i e-mailed her message in which she was asking her husband to call her immediately by phone .in between she asked about me and my work. She said thanks n said she knew very less about computers, I said now a day’s little kids are also doing computers then she laughed. She looked more beautiful and all of her body shake, when she laughed loud her boobs exposed from her night dress which made me hot. Then she asked do u cook yourself or go to any hotel? I said I cook myself mostly when I am tired I go to any restaurant she smiled and asked me to have dinner with her I said no its ok she said she cooks food very tasty. After some time I accepted her invitation. At night around 8,o clock I went to her flat she opened door and said with smile hi come in ,I went inside and sat on sofa, she was watching star movies then she switched off TV. She said I am very hungry lets have dinner. I said yes then I washed my hands and both completed dinner in 30 min intermittently, we kept talking on some or other issues.

She asked about me, what I have studied, where do I live, what kind of friends I have. After knowing her interest in me. we completed our dinner. I asked how she spends time, what her husband does etc. She seemed quite dissatisfied type as her husband was always busy with work. She said, “he keeps travelling a lot and mostly comes quite late to the house”. It appeared that she was not having good sexual relations with him. When she started talking freely with me, I tried to ask more about her, she said, “my husband loves me a lot. But, somehow, he does not spend more time with me. Because of his hectic job and tension he even does not satisfy my sexual urge. In fact, when I am alone, I keep fantasizing about having nice time with good looking men.” since, her words were exciting I thought of knowing more about her likes and dislikes. So, I expressed my astonishment and said, “oh is it ? What actually you fantasize?”. She said with a smile,” I fantasize, a young guy like you taking me in his arms and love me till I am fully satisfied.” “wow, thats fantastic. Is it only a fantasy or have you experienced it?” I asked with a smile. She smiled at me, and said with a wink, “so far I have not experienced it, but if you wish I can experience it today.” though, I was flabbergasted after hearing her words but with a smile I said, “w..o..w. You are so lovely and gorgeous it would be my pleasure to be part of your fantasy. I feel, I will be fortunate to have sex with you.” she felt happy with my words. She said, “then lets get inside” and guided me to her bedroom. The bedroom was neatly done. I could see some erotic paintings and posters being hung on the walls. Looking at the pictures I said, “madam, it appears that your husband is very erotic type?” “no…no..actually I have only put those paintings and pictures, just to excite him. But, most of the times he is so busy or full of tension that these pictures have no effect on him at all.” she said. Then I asked, “if he does not spend time with you, then how do you satisfy your sexual urge?” “as I told you, mostly I fantasize. While doing so, I also use the vibrator or artificial penis to satisfy myself” she said. “artificial penis ! What is that ?” I asked. “oh, it is a ‘toy penis which resembles the erect penis. Do you want to see it?” she asked. “yeah, very much.” I said.

She got up and opened her cup-board and brought a box. She opened the box and showed the toy. My god! The toy exactly resembled an erect cock. It was made up of soft rubber with outer layer matching the human skin with veins. I was amazed to see the tool. “do you get satisfaction with this toy ?” I asked her. “not fully. But, I get some pleasure at least” she replied. “who gave you this?” I asked her. “my husband. When he went to Bangkok recently he bought this for me. He knows that he cant spend enough time with me and at least I can have some pleasure with this. And as he cares me a lot he says I may go in for some ‘boy friend to satisfy my sexual urge.” by this time, it was clear that she was very keen to have a ‘boy friend to have sex. Feeling the fear of contacting a std or aids, I thought it is better to get confirmed that she doesnt have such diseases. So, I asked her, “madam, dont you fear of contacting any disease?” she said, ” at least, so far I have not gone for sex with anyone else except my husband. And I know that my husband cannot go to any other female. But if you have any doubt and want to be on a safer side you may use the condom.” as I also have not had sex with anyone else. However, I also fantasize like you having sex with someone lovely looking girl. Many a times, I masturbate fantasizing erotic ideas” I said. “oh, thats nice. Since, you have not experienced the sex, it will be a very exciting moment for you. By the way, what do you fantasize?” she asked. I said, “mostly, I fantasize that the lady I like is dressed in see-through type sari in sexy style. And while I am watching her from my room through the window, she tries to seduce me with some erotic acts. And then she calls me to her flat and we have a good time.” “wow, that is lovely. You are also very erotic. Do you like me to be your ‘that fantasy girl for today?” she asked. “madam, really I love to” I said. “okay, then you wait outside. I will dress as per your liking. When I am fully ready I will open the bedroom door and then you can watch me.” she said. I said that I will wait outside and went out and sat on the sofa. After about half an hour she opened the bed room door. I could not see her fully. But, she had dressed in a sari and was looking fantastic.

I went near the bed room. The door was partly opened. When I peeped through the door I could see that she was standing near the mirror. She saw me, yet she pretended that she has not seen me. She was dressed in light green colored sari with a sleeveless blouse. She had used make up. Since she had tied the sari below her navel she was looking quite sexy. I could see her voluptuous figure through the sari she was wearing. She had let her hair loose. She was wearing bangles on her both hands. And with the light colored lipstick she was looking really stunning. She looked at me through the mirror and smiled. As though not seeing me she started making erotic moves. She stood before the mirror, and put her hands in her hair and made erotic and sexy moves. I loved to see her tall and well maintained figure. She had good bust. Suddenly, I could see, her sari ‘pallu slip and fall off. She then slowly removed her sari and stood only on the ‘petticoat and blouse. She looked very sexy. Slowly she started moving her hands on her waist, navel, breasts and on her hair. She looked quite sexy in the pose. She slowly unbuttoned her sleeveless blouse. I could see she was wearing a black nylon bra. Turning her back to the mirror she removed the blouse and threw it on the chair. She continued moving her hands on her body and on her hair and continued making erotic moves. Slowly, she turned her back to me and looked at me through the mirror and with a smile she winked at me. I also returned her smile. I was getting excited by her sexy and erotic moves. My cock was hardening inside my pant. She slowly put her fingers to her back and unhooked the bra. After that, she made the straps of the bra to slide to the sides and suddenly when the bra slipped she held her both the breasts with cupped hands and kept caressing them. After couple of minutes, she removed the bra and held her uncovered boobs with both the palms. She kept on caressing her boobs.

I could see, she had shapely and firm breasts. Sometimes, she tweezed her nipples with the fingers and made sexy moaning sounds. I could realize that she was a ‘hot lady. After few minutes, she untied her ‘petticoat and dropped it to the floor. Peeping through the door I could see her standing with the black colored nylon panty. She had a fair and smooth skin texture. She had a well maintained figure worth becoming a model. She kept on moving her hands on her body and kept caressing her boobs. After a while, she looked at me and called inside the room. By this time, I was also fully excited. I went inside the room and took her in my arms. She started kissing me. I also returned her kisses. Soon both of us were fully excited. She dragged me to the bed and fell on it making me to lie on her. She also kept on kissing and exciting me. She moved her hand on my crotch and made the penis get harder. When she felt that I was sufficiently aroused, she removed my shirt, trousers and my brief slowly. Suddenly, my erect cock fell out of the brief. She could not believe her eyes seeing its size, as I had fairly thick penis with cherry like tip on end. I took her in my arms and gave long and passionate kisses on her lips. She was so excited that she was sucking my lips. Hungrily then I hugged her tightly crushing her boobs she moaned lightly and sucking my lip hardly she squeezed my ass cheek then I placed my hand on her tits and squeezed them pressing her boobs I pulled her tongue into my mouth tasting her tongue ,her mouth was watering with saliva flow I swallowed her saliva then moved down kissed her boobs. She also started responding to my acts. She also kissed my chest, neck and lips. I kept on caressing her body. I moved my hands on her big boobs which had bulged and the nipples had become erect. Squeezing her boobs in passionate voice I said, “madam, you have lovely boobs. I just like squeezing them”. She smiled and said, “you may squeeze them but softly…” “okay….okay…” I said and kept on kneading her boobs and continued kissing her passionately. I started kneading her boobs and teasing her nipples.

She softly moaned showing her liking for the act. Soon both of us kept on caressing each others bodies. Then after a while, I slowly removed her panty. I was delighted to see her small and pretty looking pussy. She had shaved her pubic which looked great, the sight made me crazy. I said, “madam, you have beautiful pussy.” “is it ? Do you like it.” she asked. I said “yes darling. I love it.” “you like to suck it ?” she asked. I said, “yeah…with pleasure!” and I slowly bent my mouth on her pussy and started moving my quivering tongue on her pussy. When I started moving my tip of the tongue on her clitoris, she became mad with excitement and making noise like ummmm aaaaahhh then I took her boobs in my hands and started squeezing them sucking her pussy . Now as u know that I learnt so many things in sex research so I want to use those rare techniques of g-spot licking to make women hot erotic for making several orgasms to feel & enjoy full sex which she can’t express that feeling(enjoyment) as I was kissing and licking her lips she became aroused & moaning her pussy started flowing juices , gently peeling her small lips sucking pussy inner lips & licking pussy juices then she moaned like ummmmm ussssss I pushed my finger in her wet pussy walls with the tip of my wet finger sided it upward until I saw her little pink bud of flesh in the front called clitoris (clit), where all the whorls and folds of skin come together at the top of her vagina. Clit is the most erotically sensitive spot in a womans body. Its sole purpose is receiving pleasure. I want to tease her to bring orgasm so I was licking her inner part of thigh most tender part and making designs of my tip on it making her anticipate , licking the crease where her leg joins her pussy. And I nuzzled my face into her bush. Brushing my lips over her slit without pressing and she got very excited . And she started bucking up and straining to get more closer to her, putting lips right on top of her slit. Kissing her gently, then harder. Using my tongue to separate her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. Gently, spread her legs more with your hands. And I started tongue fucking her. by now she started moaning loudly shouting oh don’t stop please this feels divine ,quickly pushing my tongue in and out of her wet pussy between quick and slow thrusts. Fucking with tongue up the full length of her pussy lips just nipping at her clitoral bud. I can feel the tiny bud aroused , licking it hard and pressing into her skin. Gently I pull her pussy lips away and flicked my tongue quickly against her clit, her legs were shuddering .

Made big orgasm exploding her juices in my mouth by now I am sucking her clit harder she is making big sounds like aaaahhhh eeeeehhhh ummmmmmm ,I am moving with her as she lifts her pelvis into the air with the tension of her exploding orgasm. And she is shouting “dont stop. Dont ever stop!”aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh her pussy is flowing like volcano I sucked all her juice she became calm, and laid down still closing her eyes after a minute she said “oh my it was amazing aaahhh “ by now i didn’t say anything because i want to lick the most sensitive area which is woman has another extremely sensitive area at the roof of her vagina. This is what you rub up against when youre fucking her. The infamous g-spot. She said slowly that she it again but this she enjoy with more pleasure because I am going to lick her g-spot. First i started finger fucking her with two fingers sliding them inside, slowly at first, then a little faster. Fucking her with rhythm .i saw her breathing heavy and i started sucking her clit and finger-fucking her at the same time, giving her more stimulation than i would with my cock alone. By the shes getting high on this, press my tongue along the underside of the clit, leaving my lips covering the top. Moving my tongue in and out of her cunt. My fingers are inside, moving them little, gently though, b.coz i know things are extremely sensitive by now I am licking g-spot and sucking her inner clit lips she is moaning loudly again with my two fingers rubbing against the bottom of the vaginal opening, press upward with the tips of my fingers and pressing & licking her g-spot. Moving my fingers from back and side to side. Giving her great pleasure by licking her clitoris and stimulating her g-spot at the same time. Her pussy was flowing full of her juices she is shouting loudly and lifting her pussy in air pressing my head to her pussy i am busy in licking her clit and sucking her juices with a big moans and noises she again exploded another orgasm this time it is big one by which her pussy was flowing full of juices and i was unable to swallow her all juice some of juice flowing from my chin which is like gel type .

Now i turned reverse i mean my dick came up on her face and i covered all her pussy which is covered with full of her orgasms i can see her face she is still closed her eyes crushing her teeth tightly spreading lips wide still she is moaning slowly like ummmm aaaaaaam and she is very excited of this moment after 15min i saw her eyes were open wide with full of excitement we were in 69 position and i again lowered my face and came near to her pussy orgasm which smells musky i love this smell i quickly kissed her pussy and started licking ,and suddenly i felt soft thing on my dick it is her hand which aroused me and i moaned little like uuuuhhhhh my dick end tip(prick) is shining red fleshy with precum on it. I can see my dick is shaking to my heartbeat pulse which is running very heavy by the touch of her smooth hands on my and i kissed her pussy hardly she made little noise and suddenly she kissed my prick by which i became more aroused and she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like sucking an ice-candy. I could see, the cock could hardly fit in her mouth. Aaaah i was feeling like in air , she kept on moving her tongue over it and kept on biting it softly. I liked the act and made moaning sounds like ‘o..o..h., a..a..h. when she bit my prick. I continued moving my tongue in her love pot and was digging it deep inside and relishing every drop of juice that oozed out. I liked the taste of her ‘love juice. Feeling the pleasing pain she ‘moaned and said to me to be ‘soft. I was satisfied with sucking her cunt, by her sucking my tool was ready to explode another time so i kissed her pussy once hardly by which she made a big moan then i turned to her and came on top of her and pushed my cock . In her pussy which was little tight but smooth and hot, i found it slightly difficult to take the cock inside. Slowly i pushed my cock inside it was feeling really great her pussy walls are very hot and wet i can feel pussy wall tightening around my dick i burried my dick full in her pussy and slowly started moving up and down it was feeling high and great and she shouted please darling now fuck me hard torn my pussy ,my dick started ejaculation so i was increasing my speed and started fucking her we both were moaning with full of pleasure and in few seconds i am exploding in her pussy i am pumping my dick with force we both are moaning with sweet pain and now I am fucking her hardly sounds are coming like lap her boobs are jumping in air mix of our juices are flowing on bed after 5min of fucking we both exploded big orgasms with a big moan i laid on her after my ejaculation .

I laid on top of her for10 min then slowly lifted my dick from her pussy which is flowing of our juices and laid beside her for 10min we laid beside each other ,then she turned her face to me i can see excitement in her eyes . She said in gasping voice, “oh, great. It was nice fuck. I never enjoyed such fuck earlier. You are a fantastic fucker. She smiled and kissing on my lips she said “oh swayam u r really very great “ where u went these days i am waiting for this moment if u want my life i can give for this sex i will leave everything to get these enjoyment from you i know that u only can give this pleasure, enjoyment to me and nobody in the world can satisfy women like the way u do it so only you can make women to bring multiple orgasms ,i said hmmm ,she said yes u r the special of all ,i said please don’t say like that if u want to have another round i am ready but don’t beat drum then we both laughed and she said really the sex with u was so much erotic that i cant say it or express it if i remind that moment i am getting strange arousing i am getting hot again . I just laughed and kissed her passionately. She licked my tongue which had seen the depths of her love pot. I then pulled her on me while i lay back on the bed. I started kissing her lips, neck and her tits. She moaned with pleasure. Slowly she sat on my pelvis., i could feel she was fully aroused and was eager to take my cock inside her. She held my piller like hard cock in her hand and slowly guided it inside her wet pussy. Even though her pussy was fully wet, she put the cock slowly and gradually inside and applied pressure. When it got inside she found it occupying her cunt fully. She said to me “w..o..w, your cock is really big. I love to have it.” she was feeling great pleasure when she started moving her pelvis back and forth. I also felt that her cunt was fairly tight. I also moaned, ‘oh….darling ….you..have..very tight and wonderful pussy…i like it very much. she kept on fucking me for nearly ten minutes. While she was taking my cock by sitting on top of me i kept on squeezing her tits and caressed her nipples. She loved the act. Soon, she seemed enjoying fucking me. Come on fuck me” and laid back on the bed. Then i climbed over her and shoved my shaft inside her pussy.

I kept on fucking her for about ten minutes. Soon, she started having orgasms and she kept me telling ‘fuck…me…hard… her words made me mad with excitement and once again i continued fucking her till she ejaculated her ‘juices again. As my cock was still hard so i continued thrusting her till she reached her climax. As soon as she spilled her ‘honey again i also reached climax and oozed by cum inside her ‘honey pot. I gave few solid bangs and lay on her” “ummmm aaaahhhh. Then i said with gasping voice you are also great. I loved fucking you. It was fantastic experience.” i said and kissed her lips and neck. She enjoyed my kisses and returned the same. We lay in same position till my tool became soft and came out. Then she asked me whether i would like to have shower. I said “yes.” “should we have shower together?” she asked. “okay, i dont mind” i said. Then both of us went to the bathroom and had a superb shower together. While having shower, when my cock got harder, i fucked her again in the bath in the standing and kneeling positions. She enjoyed the moment very much. After the shower we dressed and relaxed. She prepared nice coffee and served me. The hot and tasty coffee rejuvenated my body. I thanked her very much for giving such a pleasurable moment. She also thanked me for giving her satisfying sex and asked me to keep visiting her regularly. I consented to her wishes and bid “good bye” and then we continued this for a month after a month she moved to Dubai with her hubby sometimes she call me in phone and cries a lot that she is missing me very much .i am missing sex very much i didn’t had sex after her because she was 2nd lady of my life i don’t want to contact any sex by now because diseases fear but when my friend doctor said there will be no harm if u have sex with healthy ladies or any family ladies until they don’t have any diseases. But i had little fear of 2nd lady so given my blood to tests my friend said u r completely healthy your tests reports or normal I am very happy hearing that , from 6 months i didn’t had sex so i changed my decision now i want to have sex but i am searching for healthy ladies only who should not have any disease if any ladies who r unsatisfied and who fantasize of sex . The above story is just my narration. / /