Fascination Towards Seducer

Thanks guys for liking my previous story so much and sending me whole lot of responses. One response even talked about my different style of writing. Actually, all this has been engraved in my mind since my childhood and now with the help of ISS its coming out. So lets rejoin the path from where we had left. My relationship with Anu was progressing pretty well.

We were having quite a handful of fucking sessions now and then. And all this had been happening while my seducer, Chottu (Its just his name though he had a massive dick), Anus elder brother was away to some southern state for his higher studies. I was always longing to see him back and hold his dick and more…And I think I was lucky in that sense. When he came back, he was around 24 6′ slim and good looking. Finally the day arrived.

All three were playing hide and seek at there place. Once Anu was trying to seek us and we both were hiding in the same room. After about 2 minutes of silence he asked me whether I remembered what game we played when I was small kid. My heart skipped a beat. I said yes.

He asked me whether I wanted to do that again and more of that play. I said yes. He said whether I wanted to see his cock. I again plainly said yes. He unzipped his pants and took out his tool which was semi awake. I touched it. By this time we heard Anus footsteps and he hurriedly put back his manhood where it was placed initially. He told me that next day other family members would be out by afternoon and he would call me. Thats what he did. Once everybody was away, he called me from over the common wall that separated our houses. I was really excited.

When I entered his home, I saw he was already in a great mood. He was watching a sex movie. It was the first sex movie that I saw. After sometime, he lowered his pajamas and underwear. I saw his massive tool. It was around 10″.I kept on looking at it. He asked me to suck it. I started sucking it.

He kept giving me lessons on a good suck. He tried forcing my mouth more onto his cock, but I couldnt get in much. He kept on encouraging me saying “Look at that girl in the movie, how much she is taking in her mouth. You can also do that”. I tried my best.

Then it was time for my first huge fuck. He placed some pillows on the side of the bed. He asked me to lie on my tummy with my ass upwards. I did it. He applied lots and lots of oil on his cock as well as my ass. He said that initially it would be painful but as the dick would be fully in, it will feel like heaven. I also knew it was going to be painful. But I was going to take a shot.

I was hungry for sex. He started entering my hole. I cried. He tried putting his hand on my mouth. He asked me to co-operate if I wanted fun. He inserted little more. I couldnt stand it anymore. I pushed him back. He again said that after his cock gets fully in it was going to be fun the whole way. I didnt know what to say. I wanted it but the pain was enormous for my ass to handle.

So, he again positioned me in the same way. He put his dick head on my ass. He told that this time he would give only one hard push so that pain is only for once and the fun part will overtake. Without saying anything more or waiting for my reply, he gave one huge thrust. I was writhing in pain. His cock was fully inside. He calmed me down.

We remained in that position for quite some time. When it was all quiet, he thought it was time to start the pumping. He started with slow ins and outs. My pain was indeed being overcome by lots of pleasure. While coming out he only came out half way because he knew that if he came out almost fully, he would need to penetrate again, and it would become some sort of problem for both of us. He increased his pace of pumping. I was letting out small oohs and aahs.

And finally he exploded. After cleaning his cock and my ass, he said that now its OK. My ass would become accustomed to it and there wouldnt be much of pain. I just nodded and only hoped that this would be true. After this our relationship grew more intense. Many a times we used to have sex whenever the circumstances permitted. He even used to teach me many other things related to sex like different sex positions, masturbating etc.

I hope that all of you liked this incident also. I will write more about my life in coming days. So stay tuned and dont forget to send in your views and guys from Bangalore with good dick and heart can mail me at / / for fun friendship.