Once bitten twice shy

The winter vacations were starting and there was quite a crowd at the bus depot. I was to take an overnight bus to my uncle’s place where I planned to spend my vacation. Father had overruled mother’s objections and let me travel alone; they were to join me later. He said I had grown up. He never knew how much.

The bus was already full by the time I got in, which meant that I had to travel standing. Father said that one usually got a seat midway through the journey, but I have never minded traveling standing. And more the crowd the better, there was always a chance that you got groped. And at that stage in my life, any attention to my cock was more than welcome.

As a quiet smooth faced schoolboy I got groped and rather regularly on the local buses. On many journeys unseen hands pleasured me till journey’s end, I was dripping by the time I reached school. It was a lesson in self control as one fought to keep oneself from coming. I was expecting some action today and wondered when it would come from and from where. Poor Father, little did he know…

The crowd pushed me through and I found myself standing near a seat edge, now I had a better chance of getting a seat if someone got down en route. An old man occupied the seat closest to me and he was already dozing, his head drooping forward. I wedged myself into a comfortable position. It being the festival season, the crowd increased with each stop.

The lights were switched off, the old man dozed away unaware of my needs and presence. No luck today, I decided to drowse to sleep. I was jerked awake when the bus braked to avoid something on the road; that jerk woke most people up. The old man too woke up, some profanity did escape his mouth and he looked to me for affirmation. I gave him an encouraging smile, he seemed satisfied with that and dozed off again. With nothing better to do, I too dozed off.

I woke up to gentle pleasurable juts on my pant fronts, it was the old man’s head and it was jutting me in tune with the jerks of the bus as it traveled on uneven roads. My little thing was up and standing and I moved purposefully forward so as not to miss contact.

He must have sensed my interest for soon he adjusted himself so that his face was right in front of my pants. His mouth seemed to rest directly on my erection. Through half closed eyes I looked around to see if anyone noticed, everyone seemed fast asleep. My thing was up, hot and standing, but he did not go further.

Having revved me up, the old man seemed to go off to sleep again, his face resting comfortably on my pant fronts. I knew that he must be debating his next move and whether I was ready for it. Or perhaps he wasn’t courageous enough to go further.

It was deeply disappointing and in response my cock shriveled. Then out of the blue I felt a caress on my ass. Then the caress became a faint grip and ever so slowly it began to trace patterns on my ass. My ass began to tingle and within myself I began to wonder if I should turn and offer the new person my front so that he could play with it.

As I squirmed to turn, the old man woke up. I feigned as if I had moved in my sleep and watched him through half closed eyes. He put his arms up and tried to wrap it around my ass. The roving hands that tickled my ass and lower back disappeared in haste. The old man was a little bolder now, his face kissed boldly at my pant fronts and I allowed him to.

While his hand at my back held me firm, his mouth tried to bite my erection through the fabric. Since I did not object, the other arm came up and pressed into my erection, playing with it through the fabric. He looked up into my eyes for any response, but I feigned deep sleep.

Emboldened, one hand ventured to the zip while another held my ass in a warm embrace. The crack of the opening zip made me jump and I looked around anxiously. I tried to wiggle out, but by that time the man had me locked, while his one hand held my rear, his mouth was clamped tight on my cock. The warmth of his mouth seeped through the fabric and made me crazy with desire.

Moving aside my underwear the old man’s hand ventured within. I shivered as a gnarly hand gripped my hard cock and pulled it through the underwear. The old man again looked up to see if I would object. I feigned deeper sleep. The fingers played with the precum on the cock tip, I squirmed.

The mouth came up, blew warm air on my exposed cock head. The tingle shot right up my spine. I thrust my hot cock into that waiting mouth. Just as it began to clamp on me, the bus lights came on. I froze, my cock shriveled rapidly and I quickly moved my bag forward to cover my exposed cock. I shivered with fear. What if I had been caught?

As I wondered as to my next move the bus stopped. It must have been an important stop for a lot of people rushed to get down. The conductors voice hurried them on. As I zipped myself up delicately a hand jerked me from the back. I stumbled and suddenly found myself sitting in a seat.

There was a man sitting nearby and I supposed he was the one who had pulled me. I tried a grateful smile; my heart hadn’t stopped thumping from an earlier shock. Had this man seen me with my cock out?

Shit, the whole thing had been a major disappointment; within myself I cursed the old man, why did the bugger take so long to make a move. Why did he not see that I was hot and willing? The lights were switched off again. I tried to sleep but my entire being was disappointment. So close and yet…

As my mind played with what if scenarios, I found my neighbors hand resting on my thigh. It was warm and some small consolation. I waited for that hand to creep up. Nothing happened.

Then he coughed. I looked up. Could you shift to the window seat; I have a cold he said. Though I was feeling cold myself, I felt that I had to oblige. Even as he had played suckus interruptus, he had gifted me a seat. I agreed and shifted to the window seat.

His warm hand reverted to its place on my thigh. I waited for the next move. As I was beginning to wonder if this would be another case of dashed hopes, the hand moved up and rested directly on my pant fronts. My cock was already up and waiting. He did not waste time; this time the sound of the zip was gentler.

His head bent down, there were no preliminaries, the hand maneuvered the cock out and the mouth gobbled it. My head was a delicious mish mash of sensations. And it was in a daring mood.

I squirmed; he lifted his head up, his eye a mass of questions. I stood up, the look of surprise widened. In the darkness, I pulled my pants down to my thighs, my underwear too. And sat down…

He licked, he teased, he gobbled, he played games, and even my balls got laved. It was all exciting and delightfully sinful. And when I came he held me tight raising my ass off the seat. And drank it all down.

I must have come at least six times by the time I reached my uncle’s hometown. And each time it only got better. And as he left, he whispered in my ear, my cold is gone.