Sex in bangalore park

Hi this is rajesh, i am 28years old from bangalore. I have read so many stories on indian sex stories, which has forced me to send my true story. I am 5feet 10 inches tall, wheatish colour, average built and good-looking guy. I am a bi-sexual guy. Cutting things short i will come straight to incident, which changed my sex life.

I was 20years old when the incident took place. I was in college and was enjoying college life to core. Girls where fascinating, bikes, college bunking, friends and sex desire, these things were my life. I use to be out till late in evening with friends and use to get scolded by my father for that. My college use to get over by 1.30 in afternoon but i use to come home by 6 or 6.30 only. Once when i reached home by 6pm, my father opened the door and started to scold me on the door. People in building were looking at me and i was feeling very bad. In anger i left that place and knowing no place to go just wandered around in anger. I reach krishna rao park, which is a famous gay park in ban galore (which i never knew till that day). I entered the park and sat on far deep bench in the park. As i was talking to myself in anger i saw few people moving around me, as it was dusk (a time when day and night meets) the park was almost dark. I noticed that few men passing by looked at me and slowed down and turned around several times. Just then one man who was just passing by must be in his early 30’s saw me on the bench and stopped and sat along side of me. I gave him a look and did not bother to start a conversation. After 2 or 3 minutes he asked ‘whats the time’? I replied 6.30. Then he said i am sridhar and reluctantly i introduced myself as rajesh and we shook hands. As we shook hands, he made a strange gesture on my hand, something fishy, but i dint bother. Then he came little close to me and a little more. When i looked at him he smiled very naughtily. Then there was silence for a minute. Then came the surprise, he unzipped hi pants and brought his 8inch tool out in open. I saw his dick for 5seconds in shock and also admired it for its size and thickness. Mine is 6inch and not as thick as his. Then in shock i saw his face and turned on other direction. Then he reached for my upper leg from his right hand and started to massage my leg. A shiver ran down my body as he touched me but i did not react might be wanting to know what may happen to me today. Then slowly he reached for my dick over the pants and tried to squeeze it. I jumped in shook and a shiver ran all over my body. Here i was in situation where i was sitting with a stranger who was playing with my cock in the open park and i was not enjoying it. I turned towards him but did not show any reaction or disagree with him. As people where passing by and looking at us, i was a little worried as well. I kept quiet and he unzipped my pant and went under my pant and took a firm grip on my dick. Oh i was enjoying it but was also worried as people where around us. But then he told ‘all the people here are gay’s and are looking for chance as you are new’, this amazed me, as i never knew that this was a gay park. Then he took my left hand and rested it over his dick. I tried to feel it unwontedly, but it felt good and was little wet on top. He caressed his hand over my dick and especially on top where it was already very wet. He then bent forward towards my dick and to my surprise he took my dick in his mouth.

An electrical shiver ran through my body and i was also shocked as a strange guy was sucking my dick and iam not resisting. I love the way he was sucking my dick up and down. He ran his tongue all over my cock right from bottom to top of the dick. I was in seven heavens as now his movement became fast. With his one hand he was trying to reach for my ass hole. All this was too much for me as people where around me and i wanted more pleasure. I told him that this place is not safe and then got up and zipped my and his pants and asked me to follow him. I was so blind by this lust that i followed him blindly like a puppet. We got out of the park and then to car parking, he led me to an omni van and we both got into the back seat of the van. In hurry he pulley my pants down and pulley his pants and underwear down too leaving himself half nude. He then took my dick again in his mouth and sucked hard and i was enjoying it mean while i holded his dick. Hmm aahhh ooohhh. By now he knew i wanted to explode and he stopped and he asked me to suck his dick. I had never done it nor wanted to do it thinking it’s dirty. I said i couldn’t as i feel it’s dirty. He said if you don’t like, then you can leave it but at least try once. On his force very reluctantly i moved forward to his dick, which smelled horrible, and then i first put it in my mouth i felt terrible. But i could not just take out in a second so i sucked twice and suddenly after initial sourness i felt it nice and it was ok for me to go on. I sucked and sucked and we both decided to go 69. He sucked mine and i sucked his cock at same time but i asked him can i blow in his mouth and he said yes and i also instructed him not to sperm out in my mouth and pull out when he is about to sperm out, to which he agreed. He was sucking so well that i was going crazy and started to moan aaahhhhhh oooohhhhhh, after couple of minutes i leaked in his mouth and to my surprise he swallowed all the sperms, mean while as i was leaking he also was about to leak and try to pull out his cock from my mouth but i was sucking very hard and he leaked in my mouth. I was very angry at that but then i realized how deeply i was involved in sucking, may that’s the reason he could not pull out. We both had a real sexy sex and then he gave me his number and till today we have regular meetings. Please do write to me at