She Male

This is Gouri Banerjee, a highly educated executive officer of a foreign bank. I am neither a male nor a female, I am a male with brest, at the same time, a female with a dick. I was born as a boy, but I always wanted to be a girl right from my childhood and so, I had medical intervention to change my sex. Since my parents are rich and supportive, I could well afford for my medical expenses, makeup, clothes, etc. I started my sex change therapy at Bangalore when I was 16 years old, I had breast augmentation surgery, hormone replacement therapy, laser hair removal, voice feminization, liposuction for curvy hips and minor surgeries to make my lips thin and my ass more round and big. Now I am only on female hormone therapy. It took about 3 years to finish my transition. Since I started my sex change therapy through medicine before puberty, my body had no effect of male hormones, and since I am on treatment with female hormones, now I look exactly like just any other slim, curvy, sexy and sizzling teen girl. I am very happy now and I feel proud when I see myself in mirror and I envy even my own beauty.I had all the sex change therapies except modifying my penis. My dick isnt that big, its just a little one, but now I have medium sized boobs. I never wanted to get rid of my penis, because, if I get rid of it, I would be a female only. I stay away from my parents, currently living together with my boyfriend Kishore, just enjoying a married life, but without being married like husband and wife. Because of my normal girly looks and behavior I like to be fucked like a girl, though nobody knows that I am a she male, not even my colleagues in bank.

I was looking at the clock and it was 6:30 in the evening. Kishore promised me that he would return home from work by 6:00. I cursed myself and was angry on him. At the same time I was eager and craving for his touch. It was almost 3 weeks since we had sex the last time, and we both are horny, and I am sure his balls would be tight full of cum and I was craving for it. I stood up and looked myself in the mirror again. Wow… I surely look like a sexy lady in that transparent red sari. First I went for the shower and had a great steamy bath, slowly and carefully washed every part of my body clean. Then I took a razor and shaved clean all the unwanted hair in my body. After drying myself off, I applied moisturizer all over my body and when I felt my skin, it was so soft and shining, with not even a single hair. Then, I filled a syringe without needle full of castor oil and emptied it deep into my anus. I repeated it four times to make sure that my anus and rectum are well lubricated. Then I wiped off the excess oil that leaked through my anus, sprayed some nice pleasant perfume over my ass, thighs, hips, armpits, neck and everywhere. I put on a sanitary napkin to make sure that the oil in my anus doesnt leak and create a mess. For me, sari is the sexiest dress of all, and so I am going to wear it now along with a nice lacy red bra and white panties. I put on a blouse, petticoat and sari and it was perfect match. To make things more sexy and, I wore some jewels like a thin chain around my neck and hips, bangles and anklets. Then, I brushed my long hair straight and fixed a bunch of jasmine flowers on my long hair. High heels slippers, little makeup, lipstick, etc., added more smartness to me, and when I looked into the mirror, I saw a gorgeous, curvy, slim, sexy girl. But I got dam tired to wait and wait and wait for Kishor to come but started recollecting myself the way I got ready for sex, since my childhood. What an interesting and bumpy innings it was.

My parents were staying at Mumbai. My dad died in a car accident before I was born. My mom was a school teacher and as a pregnant lady she hardly managed to carry on with her earnings. Mom received a good amount of compensation from my dad’s office and decided to shift to Kolkata. At Kolkata, after getting job in a school, she purchased a small flat, and after few months gave birth to a boy child. During the whole period of pregnancy mom was dam crazy for a girl baby, and accordingly purchased in advance lot of female dress for her baby. So getting a boy child, she was initially very much upset, but shortly she recovered and regained her strong wishes. She started bringing me up just like a girl. My name Gouri, was selected so cleverly by mom so that nobody could makeout sex from my name. From the age of 2 years, I was taught to behave like a girl and started wearing garments accordingly. After few years I got admitted to a local school as a girl, and everything went on smoothly. Suddenly when I was 8 years old, one of my classmate caught me red handed at the toilet while peeing through my little penis. My mom was called by the school principal, whom she tried to explain under what circumstances I have been grown up like a girl. She even requested him to allow me continuing my studies at the school, as she is planning for my sex transfer at the age of 16. But all her explanation was of no assistance to the principal and mom was instructed to get myself readmitted as a boy. My mom also had strong personality and she refused to agree to the proposal, ultimately as a result I was rusticated from the school.

I got admitted again to a missionary school and now mom started teaching me slowly how to dress and behave like a girl. From then onwards I started developing the habit of consuming brest enlargement and hormone transplantation pills under the supervision of a renowned sexologist. Within few years I was having a pair of attractive boobs and started using bra and panty. Though I was growing young, my penis did not mature accordingly, so wearing panty was no problem to me. But at the same time my penis, though little in size did not develop any sexual sensation like erection or ready for masturbation. In the mean time I started looking so beautiful and sexy that when I visited night club or disco thek with my friends, guys were eager to have sex with me. After graduation, I got a job and had to leave residence for my earning. Few years later, mom was getting older, so for future protection, she married a local college professor and lived happily.

The door bell rang and I regained my senses back to the present and when I looked at the clock, it was 7:00. Like all other days, I could not hear my husbands car approaching and now I moved fast to open the door with all eager and expectation. Immediately after I opened the door, Kishore threw his car keys and office bag, slammed the door to close. He pushed me to the wall and hugged me tight and kissed me on my lips. From his actions, I could sense that he is extremely horny and dying for sex right now, so am I. I like to be handled like this, in a rough way and love to be treated like a slave. We both moved to the bedroom, hugged together and he ripped away my sari and I was standing there with my blouse and petticoat. He pushed me to the wall again, held me in my hips and bit and sucked on my thin juicy lips. In turn, I put my arms around his shoulder and hugged him tight. His tongue was exploring my mouth and our tongues were lashing over each other. He bit my neck and kissed it gently and sucked on it. Wow, it was so lovely and I was moaning in pleasure. Slowly, he moved his hands all over my body and removed my blouse and petticoat. In turn, I removed his T-shirt and jeans trouser. I was standing there in lacy red bra and white panties, moaning in pleasure like a slut. Kishore removed my bra and started fondling my boobs. It was great to be handled by a man roughly. I slowly removed his vests and briefs and I could feel the warmth and strength of his 7 inch long thick shaved cock on my thighs. I thought myself on how was I going to take this big cock inside my sweet tiny pink soft ass hole. Just when I was thinking about this, he lowered my panties and sanitary napkins and threw them away

And suddenly, he slapped on my soft round big smooth butt and I cried in pain. He repeated this several times on both of my ass cheeks and I could feel it becoming warm and red. I would moan and kiss him every time he slaps my butt. Then, he hugged me tight and nudged me close to him; held me firm in his thighs and moved his hands over my thighs and ass. He then started fondling my ass and was kissing and biting and licking my lips, cheeks and neck. In between he used to fondle my breasts also and suck on my nipples. While he was doing all this, I was enjoying whatever he did to me, pinned to the wall, putting my arms around him, and feeling his hard tight muscular body, and moaning in pleasure and enjoying the whole thing. Then, I slowly went down and kneeled on the floor and positioning myself so that his cock was right in front of my face. I wrapped my hands around his thighs and without touching his dick with my hands, I sucked its head softly and gently. I did this for a few seconds and then slowly and steadily sucked his dick inch by inch and finally sucking the whole 7 inches, I was moving my head front and back and sucked his cock like theres no tomorrow. He was moaning in pleasure, especially whenever I licked and sucked his cock head. I could feel his cock swelling and ever increasing in size inside my mouth and it was great. Kishore was holding my head and thrusting his cock inside my mouth, in fact he was mouth fucking me. I spit a lot of saliva over his dick and his cock was shining with all my saliva and it was very wet and sticky. Again I was sucking him for a while and finally he pulled me up and hugged me tight with all his strength and kissed me in my lips.

He then threw me on the bed and I was lying all naked, with curvy hips, medium sized boobs, a small tiny penis, and a sweet soft tiny asshole. He crawled over me and lied on top of me. He held my arms and moved it up and exposed my cleanly shaved armpits. He licked my armpits, kissed on it and bit it. He also smooched on my arms and neck and was smooching all over my face and kissing me. He also rubbed his face on mine and I put my arms around his shoulder and pulled him still more closer and kissed him. My body was thrashed by his tight muscular body and I felt very vulnerable just like a perfect housewife. He slowly moved down on my body, fondled my breasts, kissed my breasts, licked my breasts and sucked my breasts. He sucked on my nipples and bit it. He also rubbed his face on my armpits and kissed it. He moved a little lower and kissed and sucked my navel; he held my hips tight and fondled it. Then, he moved a little down and opened my thighs wide open and smooched my thighs, kissed my thighs, licked my thighs, bit and sucked my inner thighs. I bent my legs close to my chest and exposed my anus to him. He kissed on my anus and was licking my sweet, pink, soft, puckering, vulnerable anus. What he started doing, caused waves of pleasure to me and I was moaning in pleasure and writhing in ecstasy.

He then turned me around and I was lying on my stomach with my beautiful round shapely ass exposed. He rubbed his big dick in between my ass crack and kissed my ass and licked and sucked on it. He then lied on my back and was rubbing his whole body on mine, and at the same time his cock was rubbing in between my ass crack. He then applied lots of castor oil on his cock which was already wet with my thick saliva, and slid his cock slowly and steadily into my tiny puckering asshole, inch by inch. He held me on my hips and was pushing it in. I was crying in pain and my hands were crushing the pillows and bed sheet. I closed my eyes tight, trying to not feel the pain. But the pain was overwhelming and I was moaning and writhing on the bed like a snake. And at last, he gave a final nudge and his cock was fully deep inside my ass. I felt something very big, hot and hard down in my ass and I felt so filled up. He came closer to me, put his arms around my shoulder and pressed my boobs from back.

He kissed me in my shoulder as if consoling me of that pain. When I turned my face, and saw his face, I could sense that he was enjoying all this and I felt great that I am giving him all the pleasure he needed though it gives me some pain. Slowly the pain fade away, and he slowly started rocking front and back, kissing my body and fondling me often. I felt a great mix of pain and pleasure every time he moved his hard cock in and out of my tiny pink anus, and I was moaning and writhing on the bed. I wrapped my legs around him and nudged him still more closely to me. Then he started increasing his pace and we both were moaning and our bodies were sweating. He was fucking so fast, that the anklets and bangles that I was wearing was making sounds synchronized to our fucking and it was great and I felt exactly like a girl being fucked. While he would fondle my breasts often and suck on it; also he used to bite on my neck and suck on it. We did this for some 20 minutes and after that, we both were ready for the climax.

He looked into my eyes signaling me that he is going to cum very soon and he wrapped his legs and arms still more tightly around me and in a few seconds, we both started climaxing. The orgasm was overwhelming and he was fucking me very deep and long and he was hugging me tight with all his strength and rubbed his face on mine. I too was moaning in pleasure and in seconds, I could feel the hot cum spurting deep inside my rectum. He was cumming and cumming for a long time and I am sure that my anus has milked all the cum that was present inside him till the last drop and I could feel a great sound from my anus. Our bodies were sweating and our sweats were mixing and we moved our hands all over each other. Our heart beats were slowly returning to normal and my chest was heaving. At last all was over and he slowly removed his cock out of my oiled ass and not one drop of cum nor oil leaked out and it was great. I felt proud for not allowing a single drop of cum to leak out of my ass.I want his cum deep inside and I dont want to let it out. We then lied side by side and dozed away to sleep in each others arms. And I was satisfied and fulfilled. I felt very proud for giving pleasure to my boyfriend and making him feel happy. Just for fulfilling the desire of my mon I was forced to lead the life of a she male, but I am happy again from my heart.