Male Randi part 1

Dear ISS readers. I am Rajesh from Surat. This is a real story that happened to me in Rajkot. I was there on a business trip. After finishing my work, I went to my hotel room. I was very Horney that evening. I did not want to have women in my room, because I was worried of getting caught. So I decided to have a male partner that night. I feel that safe because I can say he is my friend. I went to the Internet café that is near my hotel. I looked for the cruising places in Rajkot and found some places like Ram Krishna urinal and stuff. It did not attract me. I looked further and there was a number for some guy interested in gay sex. So I got the number and called him. He told me, he cannot come to see me tonight, but can send his friend to me. He had a large network of friends that are in gay sex. So I told him okay and gave him the name of hotel and room number. In few minutes his friend name Jitu called me. I told him, I am bottom and like to be dominated and used. Jitu liked the Idea. He was top himself. He came to my room after an hour. I was ready before he came. I applied some ladies perfume and Lipstick on me and was only wearing half pants without underwear.

He came inside the room. He was a dark but good looking guy. We talked for few minutes. I told him that he can use me any way he likes and if I do not respond the way he wants, then he can punish me also. He also liked the Idea. He told me that’s exactly what he was looking for. After that we were talking about his likes and dislikes. Then while talking he kept moving his hands on my body all over the places. Suddenly he grabs me in his arms and started kissing me all over my face. I was feeling like a heaven. He tried to kiss my lips, but I pressed my lips firm and did not let his tongue enter my mouth. I like to resist a little, but also liked his try very much. Jitu was kissing and licking my face like a wild dog and I was enjoying every bit of it. He pulled my half pant down while kissing and now I was in his arms all naked. He then pushed me on the bed and took his T-shirt and pants out. He then jumped on me and started kissing me again. He licked my face, my chest nipples and went down to my rock hard cock. I have a small cock, but Jitu said he liked it. He licked my cock for few minutes to turn me on more. He said he liked the taste, but now it’s my turn to give him pleasure.

Saying that he took his underwear out and came on top of me and I was lying on the bed. He sat on my chest and showed me his 9” of cock I was getting a nice smell of his virginal hairs and his dick. He started biting his cock on my mouth. His dick smelled very good and I was dying to taste it. So I opened my mouth and he bit me again with his dick. He said not yet bitch and started rubbing his dick all over my face. I loved that feeling too. He was transferring his cocks smell all over my face. After few minutes he suddenly pushed his dick in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for 15 minutes and then took his dick out and he turned around on top of me. Now he was facing my dick. He asked me to lick his balls. So I took his balls in my mouth. His balls were more smelling then his dick and I loved that smell very much. While I was sucking his balls, he was playing with my hard dick and ass. He took his saliva in his hands and applied it to my dick and ass area.

I loved the experience of being exploited. He then moved his bottom and brought his ass near my mouth. I stopped licking, so he told me to suck his ass hole. I resisted a little, so he slapped me on my bums. He told me either you lick that ass hole or I will make you do more dirty work than this. He said, he have lots of friends and will call them and we will all rape me. His ass was also smelling good. But I never did it before, so I was resisting it. But after he said about rape, I started sucking it and he was playing with my nicely shaved ass. He had his finger inside my ass. He then took some oil and inserted his two fingers in my hole. I had some Idea about what he was doing. While he was stretching my ass, He kept changing between his ass, balls and dick in my mouth. After about 20 minutes of sucking like that, I felt his dick giving me shocks in my mouth and he unloaded his cum in my mouth. I loved the feeling of his hot cum in my mouth and also liked the taste of it very much. I licked his dick clean and drank all his cum.

He then got of me and slept next to me. He took a dip breath and started kissing my face again and rolled over on me. His whole body was on me. I was feeling his still hard dick on my body. He then tried again to kiss my mouth. This time also I resisted, but he kept doing it and finally I gave my mouth in his mouth. After all I wanted that kiss also and did not wanted to miss it any more. He kissed my mouth for about 5 minutes straight and in those 5 minutes he explored my mouth with his tongue and was pushing his saliva in my mouth. I drank all the saliva that he spited in my mouth. He was enjoying a lot using my body. He then went down pull my legs in air and inserted his figures in my ass. Then he took his fingers out and put his dick in my ass. I cried out of pain. So he quickly put his hand on my mouth and stayed in that position for few seconds. He then grabbed my mouth tightly and gave one hard push.

His entire dick was in my ass. I was in lots of pain so he did not release my mouth and stayed like that for a minute. After the pain was gone, I took his hands off my mouth and asked him to fuck me slowly. He was happy to hear that. He then started fucking me slowly and was kissing me occasionally. By seeing his face, I know that he was enjoying every push in my hole and by seeing him enjoy my body, I was feeling more enjoyment then him. His dick in my hole was giving me more hard on. I was feeling like a heaven. He kept fucking sometimes slow and sometimes fast. He was also playing with my dick at the same time. He was spitting his saliva on it and rubbed it with his hands while fucking me. After about 20 minutes of fucking like this. I could not hold and came in his hands. He cleaned his hands on my body and started giving me harder strokes and finally came in my hole.

I loved the warm and slippery feeling of his cum in my ass. We were both tired. He brought some tissue papers and asked me to clean all the cum on my body. I asked him of taking if I can take shower, but he refused and ask me to clean with tissue. He said there is a reason behind it. So I did what he said after all he was my husband that night and Pati is like a dev for me, so I did exactly the way he told me. He then hugged me tight and we both slept. Dear friends, I will tell you the reason why he did not let me take shower, in the next story. Also how his group of friends is using me like a male rand in the next story. Till then have a safe sex and enjoy yourself. If you want to send me any comments, then you are always well come to e-mail me on / /