One day, when I was 15 years old, I played hooky from school. I

screwed around town until the movie opened and then went in. It was

a while before I could sneak up to the balcony but finally I was

seated in a seat way up in the back in the darkest corner.

It took about an hour or so before the people really started

arriving and within an hour and a half some guy sat down next to

me. As soon as he was settled his knee touched mine and pressed

against me.

I must have felt daring that day cause normally I would have gotten

up and changed seats. Now, I had thoughts of other guys, I had made

it a point to check things out in the locker room at school but I

had never made it with a guy.

Soon the guys hand was squeezing my thigh and before I knew it he

had it closed around my, by then, hard young cock. I heard a soft

aaaaaah and he started to stroke my prick as best he could with it

still constrained by my pants and underware. I spread my legs and

he started to open my pants, then his hand was inside my BVDs and

he was bringing my throbbing young pecker out into the air. I think

I groaned then, he whispered “feels good doesnt it?”, I replied

“yes, it feels great”.

He stroked, jerked and squeezed it real hard and then his head shot

down to my crotch and I felt his wet lips circle my aching

cockhead. His lips slid to the base while his tongue sent shivers

of pleasure through my body. I told him I was about to cum but he

continued to suck until he had all my hot, boy jism. While this was

happening he was also jerking off his own tool. He sat up and began

to clean up his cum. I did not have to as he had sucked every drop

from my quivering body.

He asked how I liked it and I told him that it was fantastic and

that it was the first time anyone had sucked my dick. He asked if

I wanted to suck his and I told him no, but that he could suck me

again in a couple of minutes. He did it again and it was just as

fantastic. I told him I had to go to the john, he said he did also,

plus that he would like to see a cock that tasted so good.

In the john he was quite surprised, he asked how old I was and I

told him 15. He said “Holy shit, I got me a chicken!” then he said

lets go to a booth. We went into a booth and he sat down on the

toilet. He told me to take off my pants and underware, that he

wanted to see what he was eating. I stripped to from the waist down

and then so it would look like only one person in the booth, I

stood facing him, my legs on the outside of his thighs. I sat on

his lap, more on his legs/knees, he held me as I leaned back

against the door and raised my legs so they were over his shoulders

and my feet were against the wall behind him.

He caressed my thighs and buns, a hand ran up under my shirt to my

nipples and gently pinched then. Every once in a while one of his

hands would grap my hard, hot, throbbing young cock and he would

jerk it a few times. When the pre-cum started to seep out of my

piss-hole he rubbed his finger all over my cockhead and then his

mouth took over.I felt a pressure against my asshole but thought

nothing of it as his tongue caressed my bursting cock. Then I

realized that his finger was inside me asshole and was wiggling

around inside me. About this time I had the most mind-blowing

climax, it felt like I pumped a gallon of hot joy juice into his

mouth. He continued to suck until my cock was limp.

He expressed profound pleasure in all the cum I had given him that

day and asked if I had the time to go home with him so we could do

it some more, in bed where we would be more comfortable and he

could really see my beautiful young body and show how much pleasure

he could give me. I told him I had to get home on time, just as if

I had gone to school.

About two weeks later I played hooky from school again. Unknown

to me I was to become a hooky addict. I went to the same theater

and sat in the same seat. I was re-living the thrills of the

last time when a guy sat next to me. The first guy was about 25,

this guy was older. I did not have a name for him at the time

but now I know that he was a ‘flaming queen. Because of my

thoughts, my cock was hot and hard. It started the usual way, but

this guy was a bit quicker, there was not as much of a delay

between the time his knee touched my thigh and his hand grabbed my


As I said, my prick was already hard with anticipation and when he

grabbed it he whispered, “Aaaah, all ready for Antie”. My

cock was out in the open in just a matter of seconds, then my pants

and BVDs were completely off and his hands and lips were all

over my thighs, stomach, cock and balls.

Next my shirt was removed, I was stark naked, in the movies.

The thrill of this just made my young tool swell and throb even

more. The head of it felt as if it would burst, my balls were

drawn up so close that if they wanted to get any closer they would

have to be inside me.

He was all over me, like stink on shit. He ooohd and aaaahd as

he stroked my stiff throbbing joy-stick. He asked how long it was,

I told him it was an even 9 inches (ok, 7 inches, a guy can dream

cant he?) and he asked how old I was and when I said 15 he

shot his wad. How did I know he shot his wad, I had a strong grip

on it with my hand and could feel the pulsations of it.

He got down on the floor between my legs, pulled my buns to the

edge of the seat and his lips and tongue worked on my

cock, balls and asshole for 15 minutes before he really started to

concentrate on my cock. His lips went up and down about 2 times

and then I shot the biggest load of boyjuice in my life.

He kept it in his mouth til the last drop of cum, and he kept it

in his mouth while it went soft, and he kept it in his mouth til

it was hard again. I told him I had to go to the john, he made

me promise that I would cum back cause he wanted more of my juice.

I got dressed and went to the john and came back. He was as

happy as a pig eating shit. He removed all my clothes again and

went right to work on my hot body.

He asked if I did anything else besides get sucked. I told him he

was only the second one to suck me and that I had never done

anything else. I asked him what he had in mind, he said that he

wanted me to fuck him. Without being too obvious he removed

his pants and slid down and laid on the floor between our seats and

the seats in front. He reached up and stroked my hot 15 year

old cock for several minutes and then I slid down on top of him.

He spit on his hand, rubbed it on my prick and then guided me into

him. We humped on the floor like there was no tomorrow, I came

twice and he came once.

He said he had to get to work, that his name was Bill and asked

if I would be there in the theater next week same time. I told him

I could not play hooky that often but that I might be there on

Sat. He handed me a piece of paper and said, “maybe this will help

you decide”, when I looked at it as I left the theater I was

surprised to find it was a $20 dollar bill.

I was there on Sat, and so was Bill. He said lets go to the john

and see what I paid for. I guess he liked what he saw cause he

headed right for a stall, dropped his pants, knelt on the

toilet with his ass sticking up right towards me. I threw the meat

to him, hard, fast and deep and worked it all around in-side him.

We came, he said to leave it in him, I was soon hard again and

we came a second time. We cleaned up and then went up to the

balcony where he sucked two more loads of cum from me.

He gave me another $20, we left and stopped to get something to

eat, he paid the check. His apartment was about half way on my way

home, and on the bus line so we drove to his apartment. We

undressed and got into the shower, he washed my body, boy did he

wash it. After stepping from the shower he dried my hot eager body

with his tongue, every inch. Took him about half an hour before

he was satisfied that my cock was dry. He had me bend over and

spent another half hour drying my buns and licking out my asshole.

We went to the bedroom, got on the bed, he threw my legs in the

air and start-ed in on my cock and ass. He had his finger deep

inside me (I learned about the prostrate gland this day) and

was doing things that had the pre-cum flow-ing out of my piss slit

like water. His lips closed around my bursting cock and I

came and came and came. It was like I was pissing cum, he drank

it as fast as he could but it was still flowing out between my cock

and his lips.

Suddenly he released my cock and just as suddenly he was sitting

on it and bouncing up and down. The cum just kept on flowing.

When I left he gave me another $20. Im thinking, $40 for shooting

your wad 6 or 7 times aint bad. Bill and I got together quite

a few times over the next couple of months. When he stopped

paying, I stopped cumming.

Just after my 16th birthday my parents got divorced. I spent a hell

of a long time trying to decide which one to live with. It was a

decision I could not make, I went to Texas to live with my Uncle,

Aunt and cousin. Randy was a year older than me and we always got

along good together. They had a small ‘spread of about 200 acres,

not real ranchers or anything, a couple of head of cattle was all.

Uncle Bill had a 9 to 5 job, Aunt Joan was always busy with charity

work and such. Real good folks.

Randy and I would ‘camp out once in a while beside a small stream

that ran through the ‘ranch. One night while out in the woods I

awoke about 3am cause I had to piss. I turned on the flashlight and

caught Randy in the act of pounding his puddin. We were both

surprised but that did not stop him from enjoying himself. When I

returned to the tent from pissing Randy was just laying there, with

a limp dick, I asked if he was all done, when he said yes, I

expressed regret in not being able to see him shoot his load. Randy

said I should wait a couple of minutes and he would be ready to

shoot another.

While waiting we got to talking. I told him about my visits to the

movies and the blowjobs and fucking that guy. Randy said he had

often thought about things like that but that living in a small

Texas town did not afford the oppertunities of enjoying such

things. He admitted to fooling around with other kids in school but

that was just circle jerks and seeing who could shoot the furthest.

Then I realized that Randy was playing with himself with one hand

and that his other hand was on my thigh. Soon I started to get

aroused, then we both had roaring hard ons. Randy grasped my

throbbing cock and started to stroke it and squeeze it. He took my

hand and placed it on his 8 inch tool. This was the first time I

had really held another guys prick, skin to skin. It felt warm and

I could feel it throbbing and growing bigger.

Randy took my hot member into his mouth and began a hard sucking

action on it. Chills ran up my spine, I squeezed his pulsating

manhood even harder, I licked my lips and placed them around his

gorgous cock and began to suck. By repeating the actions of those

who sucked me in the movies, I soon had Randy almost to the peak

of pleasure. He was moaning, thrusting his hips, working harder and

faster on my pounding meat. Our bodies began to quiver and shake,

our balls drew up close to our thighs, we poured hot tasty cum

juice into each others sucking mouths.

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