With Uncle First Time

Hai readers I am vinu from kannur.

Its not a real story its one of my fantasy. I wish if it happened in my life. I am bisexual guy 5.5 feet tall and 58kg weight. I am living here with my grandmom. My parents were abroad and I have a sister who married and living with her husband. I was a normal guy till I was 15-16, after that ages I got an attraction towards ladies dresses. But its an attraction for take that and smell or something like that. I like to wear that and like to be a girls. I always used to wear my aunts dresses which I got from my home she uses to wear when she was in my home. She was not living here now. I like to wear her cotton panty, bra, blouse, pavada and her nighty also. When ever I am infront of my pc I like to chat in gay rooms also. But I never get a chance to be fucked.

One day my grandmom go to my aunts home she told me that she will not return that day. I agreed. She went there in the morning so I started chatting in gay room and I was in my aunts panty that time. I like that very much. Then I heard a call. I got angry I made my dresses ready and went out. It was my mums uncle and his wife. I smiled at them and ask them to come in. They asked me about grandmom I said she was not there. They sat there and chatted with me. Then they came to every rooms they came for just a visit. When they came to my room my pc was on and yahoo messenger gay chat room was opened. I suddenly closed the window. But my uncle saw that. He said nothing. He asked me for a glass of water. When I go to take the water he said about this to aunt. I gave the water to him. I was afraid that if he said this to anyone, but at same time I was not sure that is he saw this or not. He gave the glass to me and said they want to go some other relatives home also so they leaving. I said ok. After they went I returned to pc and chatted again. After my lunch I go to bed. I have no other jobs for do so I desided to sleep a little.

But I heard a vehicles sound then I go out and look. It was uncle and aunt they returned. I asked them what happened, then uncle said that nothing they went to see my grandmom and she said that she cant come to home for 3-4days, aunt is not well. So I have to go with them to their house because I dont know to make food. I have interest in that but I have no other ways so I take my dresses and went with them. There was no other members in that house. They give me a room and I change my dresses. Both of them were a little fat. Uncle have an age of 60 or above and aunt have an age of about 50-55. After evening they were watching tv and asked me also to join with them. Uncle sat beside me. His hand was in my thigh, I felt a little difficulty in that. I like gay sex but I am lttle shy. He said me in my ears that he saw gay chat in my pc in the morning. I didnt looked him. He said me dont worry we will not say to anybody. He asked me I did sex ever? I said no. he asked me I am top or bottom. I said I like to be a bottom. He slowly moved his hands over my thighs and it came to my dick. It was half erected. I looked to aunt she was smiling at me and uncle.

I thought they both like me. Then uncle take my hand and placed it to his tool over mundu. It was really hard and strong I thought it were longer than mine. My aunt came near and took off my shirt. Uncle told us to move to bedroom. We went to bed room then uncle removed my pant also. I was a little ashamed to lie in underwear only. But he removed his dresses also and his tool was about 7 inches. He asked me to take that in my hand and shake. I did that. At this time aunt was removing her dresses one by one. She was really a sexy. My tool get hard when I see her. Uncle understand that and he removed my underwear and said aunt about this. She smiled and came to me and take my dick in her hands. I was in heven. She slowly pulled the skin back and take to her mouth. She started to suck it I was in a wonderland just 2-3 minuts I felt I will cum. My dick become more hard she understand that. She take it out and pressed its hole with fingure and hold it tightly. I thought all the cum were went back. She then take a condom and weared to my dick. Uncle made me lie on the bed and he came back. He then placed his dick between my thighs and started to move to and fro. Aunt came to my head side and slowly moved her hands in my head. Her hands were really smooth uncle did this about 10 minuts and suddently he increased his speed and I felt the heat of his cum in my thighs.

He stood and cleaned his tool and my thighs also. He then looked at aunt and smiled she also smiled and came forward. She then take my dick in her mouth again. Uncle said to me that if I cummed early I will not have much interest in play. It was the reason why she dont let me cum early. She moved her ttoungh all over my dick a.d balls. She suck it deeply and playes with balls. After sometime I felt I will cum now, then she removed condom and take it again mouth. I cummed in her mouth fully. She drunk it all and smilled. And she came to my mouth and gave a hard kiss in my lips. But she gave my own cum in my mouth. I tried to go back but she hold my head and didnt allowed me. I have no other ways so drunk a little cum. She said dont worry its good for you. She then went out of the room. Uncle said me we can play more after dinner. He asked me can they make me a girl with aunts dresses? I said ok. He got exited and kissed me. Then we go to eat dinner.

After the dinner they asked me to go to bathroom. There uncle applied a creame all over my body. It was a hair remover cream. After applying cream aunt slowly wiped it with a towel. I was wonderd because each and every hair was removed. He applied it on my pvt parts also and removed hair. Then they asked me take a bath and come out. I did it within 10 minuts and came out. I came to their bed room there uncle sprayed something to my dick it was not hard then. But after that I touched my dick it was like a sponch. And didnt get hard after that. Uncle take a panty and asked my to wear. It was loose for me. So he go to other room take another and asked to wear. It was a small one and tight. Then aunt take a bra, it was a little different. There was a pad in the boobs place. She weared it to me. It was really fit. Then she gave me a mini skirt and blouse. I was really like cute girl in that dress. They both smiled at me. Uncle take me in his hands and went to bed. He kissed me deeply in my lips. He was drunk a little. But I like his kiss I also kissed him. Then he pressed my boobs and ass. I was in a horney mood but of the effect of the spray my dick was not hard. He said me he is going to breake my virginity seal in my ass. I smilled at him. He then went to kitchen for take something. At that time aunt came near and kissed me and pressed to my dick. Its a nice feeling. She played with my boobs I also did the same to her. She slowly removed my skirt and panty with one hand when she kissed me. Uncle came then and he asked me to stand in 4 legs. I came to doggy style. He slowly applied the oil in my anal hole. He slowly insert his 1 fingure into there. Because of oil it came in easily. He moved in and out sometime then he insert his 2nd fingure also. It was a little tight he moved in out. Aunt asked him how is it. He said its tight. She asked him to insert third also. But he moved his 2 fingures more time. Then he slowly tried to insert third fingure too. It was really tight I said it to him. He then applied more oil and insert it. I was little tenced because his tool was about 7 inch. I know it will hurt me. Then uncle asked me to lie down. He take my legs to his shoulder and I saw his tool. It was dipped in oil completely. Aunt came to my ass side and slowly touched my anal hole. She then take uncles dick and touched its end to my hole. Uncle slowly insert it. It was really hard. I was started to moan, aunt came and started to kiss me. She kissed me all over the body.

I will tell u what happened then tomarrow… reply me in my e mail. My email id is “/ /”