hritik my dream boy

This is my fantasy with Hrithik.

i luv to drink hrithiks hot creamy sperms. i luv to

get fucked by hrithik whole night. and luv to get

filled my thirsty ass by his hot creamy sperms. i wud

luv to roll on him hug him. and luv to feel his bulky

weight on me and get pressed by his hardness of sexy

manhood and i luv to make him sweat in sex with me.

and kuv to get wet with it., and lick that dew drop

sweat formed in his armpits and asspits.

and i wud luv to feel him from top i.e from his sexy

hair on his head to his hunky sexy looking face,

smooch it aLL over. and smell the sexy sweat flowing

in his neck and caress i all over his chest which

stands erect with 2 sexy niips hard, and then sliding

to his six pack stomach which is a perfect place to

feel the 6 steps of sexy feels, then move to his curly

hair round tyhe cock which is wet by the sweat and

bury my face in those curly hairs round his cock. and

smeeling and luv to get lost in that dark thik forest.

and i finally get lost in that thick curly forest of

hrithiks and get a sexy faint. and im woke up by the

sexy sweat smell getting more sexier and turn to see

his long hard cock standing tall with a king siize . i

surrender to him by moving my mouth to his dripping

precum which has sticked my tongue to his dick head.

then he suddenly turns back. now i coudnt resist his v

shaped back .i run to hug him tight. and pressed my

whole desires into his back . then my hands caressing

very fast his front portion body.

then i move his foreskin of his penis up and down and

we both moving our body up and down. and caressing

each other and producing an erotic heat , burning our


then we both face each other and at top our face

sliding each otehr , and lips locked inside each

other, and tongue twisting each other;s witha his sexy

saliva. and our chest dashing each others and stomach

of each other tickling each other and down our cocks

making love to each other they themselve standing

erect and ecah one trying to feel each others precuma

and smoothe thicnkness of top cock .

and our cock trying tio get into each others gap

inbetween the legs. finally hrithiks got inbetween my

legs and started movng front and back

then he pushes me on top of bed and falls on me. i

felt like hot sex getting into me. something like was

into me. he was almost like insidee me. then we both

got t o 69 position.

then my gosh he was burying his face into my forest

and kissing and smooching it. and i was just making

rain in his forest by licking his forest all over

round . Now both holded each others balls and started

to cruch and carress it. and now started fucking our

mouth into each other s cock fully up and down.

then he started pumping his hips to into my mouth .

and me too. now it make double fuck like he moving his

hips inside and me taking his cock frfom my mouth

inside. we both were going mad. i was totally feeling

Hrithiks sexy manhood in me.

Then we both at the same time made it . hE gushed out

sexy loads and loads of hot thick creamy sperms into

my hungry mouth. i cud feel the grains in his sperms

too. it was a sexy feel. Then me did the same thing

and he moaned loudly which made me suck more cum out

of his cock. . i totally sucked out dry his cock. but

hew was still able to pour load and load of sperms

into me. he was so powerful . his sperms wud never

end. and mine too he was sucking with gr8 luv . his

warmness of mouth made me produce loads for him too.

he was mooaning was so sexy .

then he tuned me back and fucked hard and very fast ,

that vry soon again he shoot load s of sperms into my

ass and overfilled my back desires. he had buried his

cock in my tight ass. he was moaning all the way

while fucking . and his sound of moaning was the

sexiest sound to hear and get horny.

and we both hugged each other kissing whole night ,

covered a blanket on us and we were careessing and

smooching whole night. whenever we got heated up we

used shag each others cock and slept hugging and

kissing and making the eternal LOVE.