Old Mans Love with A Boy

Hi i am J 26 years old from Kannur(kerala)i would like to narrate my first gay sex experience when i was 18 (i do not know when i can call this a gay sex)it was a rainy day when i was in my home my neighbor(an old man who is 56 yrs of age) called me on my mobile and asked whether i can stay with him that night b coz his wife, son and rest of family gone for a relatives marriage and will be back only at late night. on that afternoon i went to his home after my lunch he was sitting in the sofa in living room i entered in living room and sit along with him he asked me about my study and other activities and suddenly he changed his subject in to sex after that he took a CD from his wardrobe and put it in to cd player it was a blue film cd and i have wondered still in this age he is enjoying sex .i have asked about this then he told me that his wife lost interest to have sex dewy he is watching these kind of movies. suddenly the movie changed the next one was a gay film in that an old man is enjoying sex with a school boy that is the first time i am seeing a gay sex some i got interest in to that and my dick started to enlarge i was trying to cover my bulge from the old man with my hands when i look at him he is also watching movies very keenly suddenly he kept his hand on my thighs and moved to my dick it is the first time another person touching my dick and i felt some thing interest my body is started to shiver then slowly he removed my (lungi)cloth and put in side of my underwear my dick started to erect and thick old man took it outside ad started to move to up and down then he slowly took my hand and kept it on has dick i felt a thick and strong in between his thighs i also started to caressing his dick we have get up and went to his bedroom he started to remove my clothes one by one i became little bit feared he told me that nobody is not going to know this and he will keep it as secret then i got courage he removed all my dress and asked me to remove his i removed his pajama and lungi i got a shock when i saw his dick it is 8 inch long stronger and thicker. He told me to handle that i obeyed it. we have entered in to his bathroom the old man took oil from the bottle and applied whole over my body especially my dick and he asked me to apply to him also i took oil in to my hand and started to apply his breast was little bit big than other people and it look like ladies i applied oil on his breast and started to fondle after i applied on his dick ass every where. the old man came closer to me and embarrassed me our dick were touching each others belly and i enjoyed it very much. then he switched on the shower and started bathing he applied soap all over the body each other keep on embarrassing he moved his soapy finger in to my ass and started to insert in to my ass hole i told him that uncle i don’t like what we have seen in cd like the old an fucking that boy in his whole’ then he replied he also don’t like any hard core sex with male while he likes mutual masterbating,embrassing,sleping tohethernaked and fucking between thighs etc hearing this i also relaxed i also don’t like anal fucking. after bathing we have moved on bed and lied together i asked him whether his family will come soon he replied that not to worry they will return only at late night the old man took my dick and started to stroke i also moved my hand to him and started to stroke after a few minute he started to leaked his pre-cum and it spread all over my hand i applied it all over his dick and it felt slippery soon after i also started leaking he asked me to lick his dick but i told him i don’t want to do that then he moved between my thighs and put my dick in to his mouth i was trying to stop this action from him but he said i loves to do this he put whole my dick in to has mouth and started to move up and down i leaded to a heavenly pleasure by him and at the end of that i shot all my load in to his mouth he spited all my cum in to the bathroom and climbed up on me he kept my thighs closer and put his dick in between and moved up and down even i also feels good by doing this my dick is predding to his belly and he asked me to lick his breast i obeyed and started to suck his breast like a baby i enjoyed it very much and i kept one hand on the other breast and started to press after a few minute he shot al his load in between my thighs and i felt hot liquid in my thighs we have slept for some time like that and asked me to do the same with him his thighs were so smooth and once it kept close it is look like a lady pussy he took my dick and kept t between his thighs and made it so close and tight so that i felt difficult to move my dick but slowly i enjoyed it and started to fuck very fast in the meanwhile he reached my breast and started to suck he rod me to a pleasure world and i spread my cum in between his thighs. We have done these so many times till the late night and later i went back to the home with a full satisfaction of my first sex experience with that old man. We maintained this relationship longtime till they shifted their home to somewhere else

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