My Gay life 1

Hello readers, it’s a true story of my gay life so far. First let me tell u about my self. I am asif, 25 year old bottom gay from Islamabad. I am a graduate by education and now working as Professional in a local firm. Sexually i am gay and has long attraction for males of all ages but not teens. I like smooth or little hairy guys with big strong butts, thies and cock. I usually don’t like guys with big belly’s or too much body hairs or pencil cocks. Especially love those guys who are pure gay and not bisexuals or straight curious sort. My early sexual encounters were those from my school days with my cousin & some street guys.

First sex i had was with my street guy, 10 years older to me, and i use to suck his cock on the roof top of his house as both our house roofs were jointed. Another guy of same age like to have his cock sucked by me when he use to be alone in his house. Those days i also had an oral sex with a friend of my age which i had not enjoyed much. Then I also did some oral sex also with complete strangers too. Once in a hot summer after noon i was wandering in nearby lonely football stadium when a complete stranger mature guy, probably in his forties, asked me to hold his big fat cock over his trouser and then inside it. What I enjoyed most was the warmness of it and gently played with it. However no body had did anal sex with me till once i had visited my native village. There in the fields my cousin who was almost of my age penetrated me for the first time at the age of 15 and incidentally we get caught by an elderly man. He scolded my cousin for seducing me as an innocent city boy which made my cousin to run off. After that, the same man asked me if i like sex with guys and pretended otherwise & refused. The guy then pulled down his shalwar and asked me to suck his big thick cock otherwise he threatened to tell everybody of me having sex with cousin. So i did what he wanted and had a lot of fun there.

Back in the city during my last school going days, when my family moved to another place, i had strong crush on 02 guys of my new locality. One younger to me and one of same age. I had to try hard to seduce them & eventually succeeded to have sex with the younger guy. This happened when once we held & jerked each other cocks in an isolated corner of park and then some days later we had sex at my garage. We both sucked each other cocks and i licked his tender body. I had fun but the other guy didn’t enjoyed much so we never met again. I also tried to engage the 2nd guy by telling him my adventure with the first guy but that also didn’t get me much. I also had an amazing sex in the school with a class fellow right in the middle of class. I had long time friend in school but i never let him know about my sexuality nor had any sexual attraction towards him. But once while sitting at back benches of class and talking about some usual stuff, he placed his hand on my thies under the desk and gently started to play and rub it. It though looked like a non sexual play from him but here n there his hand touched my crotch and i started to get sensation in my cock. As i was not wearing any underwear my erection got prominent over my trouser and my cock got extended toward my thies. Strangely he didnt mind it and continued his play with more focus on cock. Now that was very exciting situation, we were talking over the desk while under it his hand was playing around and over my cock. No body in the class has the faintest idea of what was going on under the desk. I got so excited that i opened my zip and pulled my cock out. First this made my friend bit scared but after a while he held my cock and starting playing it with bare hand. Further to that i also put my hand in his pants pocket and hold his cock through it. The game continued until the end of class. We both enjoyed it but nothing happened further to it ever. Though we stayed friends for longtime after school too but that was the only sex i had with him.

In college I didn’t use to get much luck to my gay desires. But let me tell you one of a few sexual incidents that took place in my college time. In those days I use to travel regularly through public transport for some study business. Once while traveling in a local bus, it was so crowded that I have to stand in the middle of closely packed passengers. Standing there for a while, I felt some body touching my back side. Initially I didn’t take much notice of it due to the crowd situation and moved myself bit further to give some space to the back person. But after a short while, the person on my back again pushed himself further toward me and now I can feel his crotch over my hips. I still felt to ignore it as I thought it can be due to lack of space that the other person has been pushed toward me. There wasn’t much space left for me to move ahead further and now I got stuck between the holding post of the bus and the person over my back. I was still feeling a crotch bulge over my back but I have no option but to ignore it. Few minutes later i sensed the other guy’s cock getting erect and touching my butts. I was now getting surprised to feel a thick hard cock between my hips and his chest over my back. Few moments passed and I started to enjoy the situation and decided to have fun. In order to express my willingness to the other guy, I gently pushed myself backward and now his cock was fully pushed between my hips and touching my asshole & inner thies. Further I started to gently shake myself with the movement of bus and this suddenly made the other guy’s already erect cock rock hard. This continued for a while until the guy extended his arm from the back to hold the post in front of me and now I was practically caged inside his arm, his body on the back and post in front of me. I was feeling his chest over my back, his cock between my hips and thies pressing against mine. Further to my amazement, he started to move slowly back n forth like fucking me gently. It looked no body was noticing his movement in the jerks and shakes of bus motion.

It continued for few minutes until I heard him whispering in my ears that if I want to enjoy properly I should leave the bus at next station with him. I was so carried away due to the excitement that I looked into the watch and decided to listen & act on his proposal. Soon the bus stopped at a station and as I felt myself relieved from the back, I also left the bus. To this point I haven’t had seen the guy so as I was looking for the suspected person, a mature well built guy, probably in his forties, come to me and said hello to me. I realized he was quite charming guy wearing T-shirt and loose trousers. He offered me a drink so that we should sit there let each other know. I accompanied him to a near by hotel and there we sit and had chat. He said he found me charming and, if I don’t mind, like have fun with me. I said I never did that before but want to try. So he asked me to come to the hotel men’s toilet room. He left first and I followed him there. There in the toilet first we had kissing and then he licked my chest and nipples. Then he lowered his trousers and now I can see his big thick cock. He was a kind of guy which now I use to have appeal for. There i sucked his thick warm cock for a while and then he asked me lowered my jeans. He then licked my ass and butt hole with his tongue. Then he asked if he can penetrate me for anal sex. I was feeling awkward to have anal sex in that place but he insisted and said he is well experienced and he will be gentle to me. Since I myself was very much horney at that moment so I convinced myself to have a go at it. He made my ass hole warm and wet with his saliva and then gently inserted his dick in my ass. Initially, it was pain full but soon it got easy. This is how a complete stranger fucked in my late teen age in public toilet and I had quite a fun there.

In those days once I also had fun with my same cousin who first fucked me in my early teens back in the village. This time it happened at my home in the city while he visited me in winters with another cousin who was fairly to elder to both of us. While sleeping in the same room, sharing the single bed and blanket, we both got horney and after checking upon the other cousin sleeping in the same room, we had a wonderful sex. We sucked each other cocks under the blanket and then he fucked me in the ass from behind. It was exciting to have hardcore sex in that situation with the risk of getting caught.

So dear friends this is the stuff i manage to remember from school & college days. I shall let u know of my later sexual adventures of during my university and professional life in my next story. So please stay in touch for more. Hope u liked it so far.

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