Lived my Fantasy

I dont know. If what i did today was right or wrong but i did it. After all it was a long due fantasy, and how can one expect me not to fall for it. When my fantasy which helped me jerk off for so many nights was there in front of me in real.

Yes! today i gave blow job to my BARBER… I can understand that may be YUCK for some.. but for me… it was a fantasy ALIVE….

I went today, again to this saloon, I reached there at 8.00 pm. My barber, Irshad was cutting someone elses hairs. The owner asked me if I want someone else to cut my hairs but I refused and waited for irshad. I waited for around 15 minutes when my turn came. I got a nice haircut within 30 minutes.

Then as usual Irshad asked me to avail some other services. I told him that I would like to have a body massage today. The massage room was not vacant.

Somebody else was in the room getting either the massage or something else done. I waited for approximately five minutes before a very straight looking customer with a 6 feet height came out of that room. I think, he was getting peddicure done.

I went in, and the first thing I asked irshad was that I want my pubic hairs to be removed. He told me that there would be extra charges for the same, 250 bucks. I agreed to it, so he went out and got the machine. He trimeed all the hairs, not only on my balls but also cleared my butthole. It was nice feeling to have his hand freely touching me down below. But I was not at all excited at that time and as my sack was not tight, he had some difficulty in removing the hairs on it. But finally i got a clean shaven look down below.

Then he switched off the light of the room as per last time. It is a 8 feet 4 feet 10 feet kind of a room, and it has a light vent near the roof, from where the outside saloon light gets in, so there is not pitch dark inside.

First he gave me a dry massage as usual and then he poured oil on my body. Today i was a little more bold. I touched his dick within five minutes and saw in his eyes. He didnt say anything and just smiled. I asked, is it ok. He said yeah.. very shyly.. I knew he was game for it… :)

He came near me, and I pulled down his ziper, he was not wearing any undies, and his dick was not hard. But he was clean shaved…down below.

I started stroking his dick, and then I asked him to remove his trousers, which he did pretty quickly. I whispered and asked him, if anybody else ever got massage done by him in nude. He said no.. generally people keep their undies on. There was just once before, he had massaged a guy in nude.

I started stroking his dick and he keeps giving me a massage. I didnt know how he was cocncentrating on giving me a massage. But he was not at all sloppy in giving me a good massage. Then i asked him to remove his t shirt and baniyan. Which he removed after the initial hhesitation. Now he was butt naked in front of me, and i was holding him from all sides. He had damn cute ass, which I squeezed, but when I tried finguring his hole, he refused. I was pretty busy stoking his dick, which was now hard enough.

Though his dick was neither too long nor too thick but it was pretty ok. It was cut one of course as he is a muslim. he had a very flat tummy and very huggable body. I really hugged him with my one hand, when he was massaging my legs. Then he asked me to turn over, and started with my back.

Suddenly, I grabbed his dick and put my mouth on it. DIdnt took it inside, but touched my lips on his cut dick. He cried…AHHHHH…. I knew he liked it. I kissed his navel and then kissed him again on the head of his dick before gulping him in my mouth. He was damn hot, and asked me to lie down sideways, slowly he himself started moving and pushing his dick down in my mouth. He asked me in my ears if i would like him to come. I said YES. he asked me in my mouth or outside, I replied outside, which we both forgot later…

Though initially he told me that my teeth were hurting his dick.. But then it was in rythem. It must have been five minutes, or seven… when he offloaded in my mouth itself. I didnt say anything. I liked it.. but I didnt swallow it. He pulled a bin, in which I spit all the cum, and then I wiped my mouth, even from inside, with my handkershief.

All the while I was giving him the blow job, he was caressing my body. He also stroked my body hard… with his nails in passion. But I liked it. And I came on the massage table without even getting touched…

I asked him, if he has ever done with a boy and he told me, once before.

After the blowjob, he wore his clothes and then gave me massage with the vibrator. As i was already spent, i didnt asked him to put vibrator on my dick, but for sure he massaged my now smoothened asshole with the same.

Today i gave him a tip of Rs. 100/- and asked him whats his age. He told me that he is a 19 yo guy.