Sex With My Cousin Brother

Hi I m Rajeev now I m 32 yrs this incident happened when i was 22 yrs around 10 yrs back

my cousin his name is Abhishekh he was 32 yrs straight married n with a kid but I was crazy after him n i just loved him he is gym toned fair smooth n very good looking n he does not know that I m gay. One day my parents had gone out for a weekend n did not go out with them as i was having my exams n he had come to my place for a stay over as his wife had gone out to her mother’s place for delivery.

As we were alone in the house he asked me whether I m interested in

sex I blushed as I did not know wht to say then after a second he told me that he knew a very beautiful girl n that we can call her here n we both can fuck her but I was least interested in fucking the girl i was more interested in getting myself fucked by my cousin brother but I did not want him to know that I m gay so I told him yes that I m interested in fucking the girl but on one condition that we both will fuck the girl together actually

I was more interested in looking at my cousins brother naked body rather than fucking the girl he agreed now I was very happy that at least now I can c my cousin naked in front of me then my cousin called that girl n asked her to come to my place I was very tensed as well as very excited I was tensed about fucking the girl as I had no interest in her my cousin went inside the bedroom n started watching xxx movie

I too followed him to the room n started watching the movie we both were rock hard now then the door bell ranged i opened the door the female was standing n I invited her inside my cousin introduced me n told him that it was my 1st time so we both will fuck her together she told it was ok with her n that she does not mind it then we all started removing our cloths we all were naked n for the 1st time i saw my cousin naked he was just too beautiful he had a nice 8″ thick cock I was just staring at his cock then that girl started sucking his cock

I was just looking at him he was so beautiful so smooth i felt like sucking him but alas I did not had courage to tell him n that girl was enjoying his cock then my cousin asked her to bend n turn around n he started fucking her in doggy position then he called me n asked that girl to suck me while he was fucking her she started sucking me even though she was sucking me my full attention was towards my cousin

I was just admiring him n looking at his gorgeous cock fucking that girl he saw me looking at him n gave me a smile i was bit embarrassed when he caught me looking at him then in few min I started shooting my hot cum in that girl mouth n face n after some time my cousin also came even though I had cum my cock was still hard then my cousin asked me to fuck that girl but I told him no that I m not interested now as I had just cum n I m not in mood to fuck her now he was surprised y I m refusing to fuck her as

I m still hard but I told him that i m really not interested .then he asked the girl to leave n we both were still naked lying on the bed then suddenly he asked me whether I m gay I was shocked as to what to say my mouth went dry n i started sweating then he broke the silence n he told me that he is bi n when he told that he is bi then I took a deep breath n told him that I m gay then he told me that he always wanted to have sex with me but was afraid to approach me then I went closer to him n started kissing n smooching him he was so hot we kept on smooching n kissing each

Other i told him how much i loved then i took his cock in my mouth i just went on sucking him rolling my tongue over his cock head he was hard as a rock after 5 minute of sucking he asked me to stop as he was about to cum then he started playing with my cock then i asked him to suck me but he told that he does not like to suck so i did not force him then i asked him to roll over n

I started rimming his sweet hot ass hole he was enjoying every moment now his ass hole was very wet with my saliva n it was shining then I tried to put my finger in his ass but he was too tight then i kissed him on his ears n whispered in his ears to fuck me please he smiled made me lay on my back he slide a pillow under my buttock took some spit applied it on my ass n on his cock n tried to enter me but his cock was too thick n

I cried out in pain he asked me whether he should stop but I told him no then again he took some spit applied it on his cock took my legs over his shoulder n with full pressure he now inserted his cock inside my ass hole I shout in pain he stopped n waited for some time to let my ass get adjusted to his cock then without ne warning he gave a hard push n now he was fully inside me n now the pain has subsided n now I was enjoying it he was fucking me wildly I was loving every moment then he asked me to turn around n he

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Longer n i started shooting my cum in his hand I was totally drained n his hand was full with my cum then he asked me to lick his clean of all the cum which I had cum I licked it clean n he again started fucking me wildly then all of the sudden he pulled his cock out of me n put his gorgeous cock in my mouth n started fucking my mouth I asked him to slow down as he was chocking me but he was least bothered he kept fucking my mouth n I cud feel his cock swell n his speed increased further n he started shooting his cum deep down my throat when he was through he removed his cock from my mouth n collapsed on the bed my mouth was still sticky with the cum n i went n slept beside him we were so tired we went to sleep in each other’s arm