In Love With Neighbor

It brings me back to the time when I was 19 then and stayed in the hostel. I used to come home every weekend to spend time with my family. one weekend when I came home I saw one lorry unloading goods in our neighborhood empty house. When I asked my dad about those people, he told me that they were our new neighbors. I went inside their house quickly to meet them. as soon as i opened the front door of the drawing room I saw a real sexy man of about 20 years age moving the sofa. ”

Hi, I am Arpit.your neighbor” I said.”Sameer” was his reply. man, I was amazed, 6 feet handsome well built guy..I just fell in love with him over the next few hours we kept on talking and got to know more about each other. He was 20, one year elder than me and studied in local college nearby at the same time his cute dimpled face, sweet smile, beautiful manly smell and even sweet nature made me his fan. Whenever I came home I found reasons to be close to him and we became best friends very soon.

It was once in the mid of June when I came home I quickly went to meet him. he was doing work out on the terrace and was just wearing a vest and shorts. His beautiful curly dense chest hair and well shaped body and that too with a nicely shaped big bulge…o my god..My cock got rock hard to see that then i managed myself and suggested him to take a bath and go for a walk. he went inside the bathroom, took a shower and came outside. This time just in his underwear.

I was just amazed now to see his bulge clearly and his beautiful shaped body and hairy of his body was smooth except his chest.. he was just damn awesome… he suddenly caught me seeing his body and said.”pata h mast dikhta hu main, itni exercise aise hi nhi kari”. i just smiled and we went for a walk. That night I could not sleep and kept on thinking how would it feel to take his cock in hand! over a period of time..we became quite frank and used to talk about sex too.. he was quite open about it..

One weekend he sent me an SMS that he had got amazing porn videos and suggested me to watch together. his parents were going out on a marriage that Saturday and he had an exam on Monday, so he was alone. When I came home, he had already taken the permission from my father that I can stay with him that night as he was alone. i got very excited to even think of spending time with him when i reached his home, he was just in shorts wearing nothing over top looking sexy as usual. as i sat near his computer, he asked me to go through his dvd collection until he came back with chips n juice.

I put one dvd in his computer but i was just surprised to see that. That was a gay porn. as i was watching that he quickly came in his room. i looked at him, he smiled and said,”yahi to dikhana tha tujhe yaar,ki mai gay hu, aur tujhse tab se pyaar karta hu jabse tujhe pehli baar dekha tha aur mujhe ye bhi pata hai k tu mujhse kitna pyaar karta hai”. I just could not believe myself.this has to be a dream,but this was reality. Sameer switched off the light and switched on the night lamp. he slowly came near me and hugged me.

That was the first time i hugged him and i cant express how i felt. he then kissed my fore head,my earlobes and came to my lips, my lips opened themselves to receive his, and we kissed passionately for a few mins. i went on to kiss his chest and sucked his nipples as he groaned with excitement. he reacted back by lifting my head up. removed my vest and started kissing my whole upper body, he sucked my nipples. he went on to remove my shorts and briefs and there i was, standing nude with my 6 inch cock rock hard in front of my love.

He sat on the floor played with my cock kissed it and again moved to my nipples. i wanted to touch his cock. and i removed his shorts. and waha tha ek 7 inch lamba mota kadak lund. as i started touching his cock, he quickly moved me away. i was surprised.he then went on to lay on the bed on his back and said,” ab aa meri jaan, is lund ko apne hatho mei le kab se tere liye tadap raha hai ye” i went on to put his cock in my mouth and he groaned sayin.”o

Arpit i love you” it was for the first time we both were having sex and the feeling was great. i kept on sucking his cock for about 10 mins. when he signaled me he would cum. i stopped and lay beside him and he started kissing my every body part, he kissed me on my back, on my chest , navel aur pata ni kahan kahan until he reached my cock. very skillfully, he started kissing it, playing with the balls. I said oh sameer kyu tadpa rahe ho, he smiled and took my cock in his mouth. the touch of his lips over my cock sent a chill across my spine.

He kept on sucking and stopped after a few mins and asked me,”arpit mera lund kab se teri gaand ke liye tadap raha hai,aa na” i understood, and sat in doggy position. he put some oil over my ass and over his cock and started pushing it inside. slowly he pushed his whole dick inside me. i did feel a bit pain but he kept on saying i love you, meri jaan, i love you aur mujhe pata hi ni chala kab uska lamba mota lund meri gaand mei ghus gaya.

He started moving his cock slowly and within few mins we both were enjoying our first fuck. After about 10 mins he released his lava from his cock and I felt real hot inside my ass.that feeling was just amazing..And that too with are constant groans of I love you I love you made me even more excited. Now it was my turn. he started sucking my cock again and within a few mins i burst in his mouth that was it guys. We then washed and lay in each other’s arms for the whole night.