Meeting Rajender Uncle

My name is Amrish and in my mid twenties. Have been an avid reader of stories in this site and must say have had a good time too;) have been thinking of contributing to it and this is my first attempt at doing so. Your comments in whatever form it is would be encouraging. My id is / /

This happened a few months back in mid April. It was a very warm Tuesday morning and was on my way to office in lower parel. I boarded a slow local from Borivli at around 9 am in the morning. A bit late by my usual standards, but it was mostly because I hadn’t slept well the night before. I was uneasy with all these thoughts in my head about how I was being in the company of an old mature guy and he was making love to me. The fairly graphic thoughts were probably transitional for my age but had me all worked up and uneasy. Had at that few days come to a point where I wanted to act on it.

I boarded a very crowded train with these thoughts in my head and if anyone who has travelled in a Mumbai local would know. I could barely reach inside the train amidst the touch and feel of so many men in a second class compartment. My entire body had become very conscious of these touches, but somehow I reached a bit in just about managing to stand with my hand holding the bar above and men closing in on me all around. Their pushes and the smell most likely from their armpits aroused me quite a bit and had my mind back to my graphic thoughts of last night. The train started and as it did I felt a strange touch on my rear. Didn’t know what to make of it but it definitely felt different than the ones I was feeling all around.

As the train moved on slowly towards kandivli, that touch too became prominent and closer to me. I now realized it was someone’s manhood. Didn’t know whose it was as the guy was standing behind me, nor did I know if it was intentional or accidental but honestly I was kind of liking it. It made me think of whether I could really have a fantasy come true that day, will some guy make love to me? I guess I wanted it so much that I thought of seeking his intentions. I pushed myself a bit back and had his tool tight over my butt. I don’t know how or was it just my over excited body but it did feel like some warm rod.

As I stood in that position, I could feel his tool growing and him rubbing it against my butt. I was now almost certain of his intentions  though didn’t know how to proceed. I wanted toJand excited to oblige  see him but didn’t want to disturb the pleasure he was providing me. So keeping my stance almost the same I tried to turn my upper body a bit in his direction so that I could get a glimpse of his face.

It took a bit of effort and finally I saw him with the corner of my eye. He was a middle aged guy, a bit dark, about the same height as me or a bit taller I couldn’t say, bald with a bit of white hair on the sides, U faced with a thick moustache and slim. As our eyes met he gave me a broad smile to which I gave a similar response. I guess this made him a bit bolder and he had his one hand probing and caressing the lower part of my body especially by behind with some touches on the front. His touch was unimaginable.

I could feel his face come closer over my shoulders while he was doing this and had me the first smell of him, his body had a strong odour or maybe I was being too sensitive. I probably was in that zone where the rest of the crowd didn’t matter, all that mattered was him. As he came closer, he whispered in my ears “Maza a raha hai??” I heard it so clearly and nodded in agreement as I was so very horny at that moment.

I guess, by now he knew he had me. He held his arm over my hip and wishpered in my ears again “Chalo, Khar par utro mere saath”. I was motionless, completely under his spell. Sexually I was so charged that I guess I wanted whatever he was to do with me. He slowly pushed me through the crowd. I couldn’t feel anyone but him. Somehow I managed to get down with him and then I saw him in full. He was definitely a bit taller than me but just a bit, slimmer and quite darker than me.

He continued to have that broad smile on his face and now I could see the stains of paan on his lips hidden beneath his moustache and his yellow teeth. He was wearing a darkish pink shirt and a brownish pant with chappals. The bulge in his pants was quite evident. He adjusted it, held my right hand and said “Chalo”. Strangely I didn’t say anything but just followed. Not who he was, where we are going, what he has in mind for me. Nothing. He led me and I followed like an obedient boy – excited but also a bit fearful. Fearful, I guess of loosing out on what was about to happen if I did or say something which he didn’t want of me.

We walked through that platform not very crowded by Mumbai standards. It was warm and I was sweating and I noticed so was he maybe more than me. We reached the end of the platform and walked down it, he still holding my hand and glancing once in a while to smile at me. It was like a guy walking his newlywed virgin wife to bed and knowing all along what he was going to get and do to her. I just followed in my shyness and excitement of a fantasy coming true.

We crossed the tracks and walked a bit along the side walls that made the one end of the tracks. It was quite lonely and sunny with the sun beating down hard. I didn’t know what time it was but I did feel a lot warmer than usual. We walked about a few minutes and reached this broad silver box along the tracks and the side walls. The tracks were a bit far and the walls were a bit tall. I could hear the locals on the one side and a bit of traffic on the other side of the wall. I couldn’t see many buildings in close proximity nor anyone around.

But am sure there were people who would spot us. I mean it was out in the open, in about broad daylight. But as I had said before, I didn’t want to say anything that was to take away anything that was to happen to me. He took me to the place between the box and the wall where he presumed some privacy for what he had in mind.  He then asked me “Tumhara naam kya hai beta?” I looked at him in shyness and replied “Amrish”. “Pyara naam hai, beta, aaj se pehle kisi ka muh mein liya hai”. I finally understood what I was about to do and although excited about it, just shook my head indicating that I hadn’t.

He asked a bit shocked “Sach main, aaj tak kisi ke lund ka swad nahi chaka tumne?” I again shook my head in the negative, but this time said a soft no looking down to my heels. He held his fingers against my chin and raised it towards him. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t bear to see him face to face. He understood my shyness and caressed my face with his hard rough palm. His touch made me open my eyes and see him standing there smiling with a lot of sweat over his bald forehead and dripping down his face finally saying “Koi baat nahi beta, aaj ke baad tum is lollypop ke dewane ho jaoge”

“Chalo ab ghutno ke bal bait jao” he commanded. I obeyed. The ground was a bit grassy so it wasn’t difficult. But the open place did have me a bit in fear. I guess he read it on my face and mentioned “ Daro nahi, yaha humain koi disturb nahi karega, bus tum muhje khus karne par dhyan do. Baki main sambal lunga” I just kneeled there looking upto him and was motionless after I heard this. He looked down upon me and asked me take his pants down. I moved in slowly towards his pants by then he had already pulled his inserted shirt off his pants. He now a bit irritated by my lack of initiative said “

Beta, zaraa jaldi mera lund kafi dino se kisi ke muh ki garmi pane ke liye tadap raha hai”. I looked at him emotionless, he had unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his baniyan up over is little very hairy paunch. I proceeded a bit faster, unbelted and unzipped him all the while aware of the bulge beneath it. As I unzipped him, his pants fell to the ground and I was in full view of his bulge just about being held on by his blue VIP underwear. The underwear was a bit soggy I thought maybe because of his pre-cum on it due to what he had done with me in the train. The odour from it aroused me even more – it was a mix of stale shit, urine, sweat and cum. I could see his rod and pack of balls from there. It seemed big. It seemed dirty. But somehow I wanted it.

He held his one hand out and over my head and the other on his hip. I raised my face to look to him. He stood smiling in anticipation. His fingers moved through my hair. “Chummi lo apni lollypop ki beta” and he held his hand behind my head and moved it gently to his crotch. For the first time I came in direct touch with a man’s groin. My lips touched his underwear, his cock underneath seemed throbbing. It felt all I thought it was – soggy and smelly. It tasted a bit salty maybe because of the sweat.

I kissed it and felt his warm bulge against my face as his hands behind my head led me to caress his cock and balls over the undergarment. A few seconds of this and he eased his hold. He asked “Beta, khud hi mauj karoge ya muje bhi rahat doge?” I moved a bit back and looked upto him with a bit of smile for the first time since the train and nodded. He seemed pleased. I knew what I had to do next. He didn’t have to mention it. I pulled his undies down and there, his bulge hit me as I released it from captivity. I just recovered from it when I heard a few shouts, I guess from men in the locals who had probably spotted us.

I didn’t hear exactly what they had said, but it did take my and his attention off that hot moment. I pushed my body down on my knees a bit as if to hide from them. He glanced around and understood that it was from a passing train. Looked down towards me and tried to soothe me by say “Unki fikar math karo beta, bas apne kaam par dhyan do. Aisi cheese tracks par hoti rahte hai, yaha hume koi disturb nahi karega.

Chalo ab sehla do ise” saying this he held his half erect cock towards me. His palms held his balls while his two fingers held the cock. It was my first sight of that naked meat and his balls. His cock seemed long and not very thick, it was circumcised, very dark with a bit of pre-cum over the top of his pee-hole. His sack was big, not that I had seen many in real but in videos and definitely bigger than mine. And that entire portion was hairy, very hairy. As if he had never shaved it down there.

His words calmed me and his cock excited me. I moved back to my normal position and voluntarily moved forward towards his cock. And the first touch of his cock on my lips was like..ahhh..i kissed it, still not opening my mouth for it. He pushed forward a bit as if telling me to take it in and pleasure him. I did open finally and it slide in slowly. I could hear him moan as it went it. “Ahh..yess. Beta, araam se” I had now the first taste of a man’s cock – it was salty, creamy and stinking but I loved it.

The thought of being where I was and doing what I was, excited me and made me move my head in to and fro motion over it like I had seen in porn movies. My hands held his knees and thighs for balance. He too was moving his hips, but I didn’t seem to be doing it right. He again held my head, my hair and pulled it upwards to say “Chuso beta ise, mujhe apni muh ki garmi mehsus karwao” I didn’t completely understand but I started to suck it really like a lollypop using my mouth, my tongue and sometimes my lips.

I was beginning to do something right as I could hear him moan, say “Ha beta, aur chuso, bahut garam hai tera muh, maza aa raha hai”. As his cock was long I couldn’t still get it in entirely, but was trying my best. He wasn’t gagging me but I could sense he wanted more in, as he continued saying “ Aur beta, aur lo hmmm..” I tried, a moment even trying to use my hand to push more of it in, but feeling my hand he stopped his motions. Looked down on me with his cock still firmly in my mouth and told me “nahi beta haath nahi, bus muh chalao”. And again started . I obeyed.

This went on for a while. I was hot with what I was doing and with the heat of the sun. then suddenly, he stopped pulled himself back, his cock moved out of my mouth probably for the first time since I had started sucking it. I saw it in its full glory with all my saliva on it. My mouth was a bit tired of the sucking and the taste now felt nice and sweet. He pulled my chin up towards him with his fingers. The saliva was leaking my mouth just like his cock. I looked upto him with a smile.

He said “Wah beta, tum toh lund chusna ache se seek gaye ho. Ab ise bhi chato”. He held his cock up and pointed beneath towards his hairy balls. I didn’t know what to do. But he moved forward again and held my head pushing my mouth into it. I had no choice but to lick it. It was gross, smelly and the hair always came in between. The only thing I guess I was enjoying about it was the cock that was moving over my face as I licked his hairy sack of balls.

His cock left a trail of saliva over my face till the time he asked me to stop. I did and he moved back a bit. He was stroking his cock slowly as he looked down on me. I guess he enjoyed the site of me down there with sweat and saliva over my face. “Tum bahut khubsurat lag rahe ho beta. Mera lund chatoge??” he asked. i felt strange but nodded with a smile. He let his cock off his hand and I was about to take it in when he said. “Chato beta, kutte ki tarah, chuso nahi”. I understood. I let my tongue out and started to lick it.

I again heard a bunch of shouts from some men, but now I chose to ignore it and enjoy what I was doing. I was licking his cock like a dog or should I say more like a bitch. I reached areas where I couldn’t with my mouth as it was long. Right down his shaft. I drenched his cock with my saliva. After a while of this, he held me back. His cock long and hard dripping with my saliva. He smiled at me. I too felt good about pleasing him. He then did something I didn’t think he would.

He looked down on his cock and spit over it. His spit landed on his shaft and just as that without stroking he put it forward to me. I didn’t know what to do. Was I about to take that in. I so didn’t want to for the first time. But by then he had his hand behind my head and pushed my face forward on it. I as a reaction to that motion opened my mouth and took that spit laden cock in. I now again started to suck on it. Its taste was now of salt, cream and paan. In a while though I started to enjoy it. I could hear him moan, he further took both his hand and placed it behind my head and started to mouth fuck me at times even gagging me. I had tears in my eyes because of this gagging.

I didn’t know how long did all this last but I could feel he was reaching climax. He suddenly stopped the fucking, took his cock out and stroked it a bit and pushed it back in my mouth again. I then felt his body shiver and a warm spurt of cum in my mouth. He left a louder moan which am sure was loud enough for someone around especially across the wall to hear. He held my head tightly over his cock. I don’t know how many spurts did come out of his cock that day but it did fill my mouth and had some dripping out too.

He stood staring at me after pulling his cock out of my mouth. Am sure I didn’t spit it out not because I didn’t want to but because I thought he wouldn’t like it. I just swallowed while looking upto him. He appreciated it, patted on my head and said “Good boy”. He continued “Chalo beta ab ise zara saaf kar do” he pushed his almost lame cock before me. I, by now, knew what I had to do and accepted it in my mouth and licked it clean including his pee-hole. He felt elated as he told me “Mazaa aagaya beta, tum ekdum rand ki tarah chusne seek gaye ho”. Strangely I felt good to be compared with a hooker for my first deed.

Chalo ab, chalte hain. Office pahuchna hai”. He pulled himself together and so did i. he asked me to wipe my face which I did with my hanky. It got soaked with my sweat, saliva and his cum and smelled as his underwear smelt. I liked it and decided to keep it as a souvenir of what had happened. On our way back, I started talking for the first time and said “Uncle, aapka naam kya hai?”. He paused, looked at me a bit surprised and answered with a smile “Tum muhje Rajender uncle keh sakte ho” “Kya uncle main aapka number leh sakta hu”.

He smiled and replied “Kyun, chuskar man nahi bhara”. “Nahi aisi koi baat nahi, bus yuhi” I said. “Koi baat nahi tumhara number do, main tumhe miss call deta hu” he said and I gave him my number. As I received his missed call I noticed that it was almost 11.30 am. Surely I was to be late for work and so decided to skip work that day. He though carried on bidding me goodbye by a pat on my cheeks and hoping to meet again soon. All day that day and ahead I thought of what I had done especially when I use to cross that area in a local. It tempted me a lot to hook up with him again.  Please stay tuned to know what happened next. Did I or did I not? Write in your comments to / / regards