Filled Up My Bottom

Hi readers, this is a true story when I was living India. I am now in Lagos, Nigeria for the past 3years. Any Indian gays or adventurous Indian aunties in Lagos who wish to have anonymous relation are free to contact me on / / Confidentiality is expected and will be provided. It so happened that I decided one night to search the Internet and find a site where I could find males in my living area who were either bi or gay.

I am a bi male in my late 30’s who was looking to hook up for some fun with another guy to help live out each other’s fantasies. I am a bottom. Low and behold would I be surprised by what would happen when I did find someone. I found a site where I joined a group and searched through the members listed to find someone who lived within the area I did. I emailed a couple of them and invited them to chat if they wanted to.

For about a week I heard from no one. I was beginning to think I would not be able to live my “hard dream”. Good things come to those who wait. I finally received an email from a guy who lived within my locality. He said he was interested in chatting. I set up a time where the two of us could chat and exchange pics. The night came for the chat. We started by describing ourselves to each other. Along with the description came photos attached. He was a nice looking, average guy; kind of like myself.

What I liked best was the pic of his cock he sent next. I got hard. He said he liked the pic of me and said he would like to meet very soon. This got my blood flowing and heart pumping as I thought ‘It will finally happen’. We picked a night where I could leave work a few hours early and meet at a local hotel. Both being married and bi, we wanted to play alone first. As the time approached for me to leave work, my heart began to race and my breathing seemed to quicken. I hadn’t felt like this in years.

Just thinking about what was going to happen nearly made me cum in my pants. I left work and headed for the hotel. My partner would already be there waiting for me. I arrived at the hotel room. I knocked on the door and he answered, wearing only a bathrobe and who knows if he had anything on underneath. I entered the room and closed the door behind me. We both spoke and checked each other out. We knew neither of us wanted to leave now; now that we were so close to making things happen.

I left the room and went to clean up and get ready. I walked into the room in a pair of boxers. My partner had taken off his robe and was naked—his soft cock nearly 5” already and not even hard yet. I began to stiffen. He noticed this and began to approach me slowly. He took me in his arms and began to kiss me slowly. I was a little nervous but his kiss was so soft and warm that I began to relax and kiss him back. At this, he began to run his tongue across my lips and I took his lead and opened my mouth.

Our tongues met and we both began to feel that wonderful, warm sensation as our hardening cocks met at our waists. As we kissed deeply, I did not notice his fingers pulling the waistband of my boxers away from me. When he released the kiss, he knelt and took them down the rest of the way. This put his face and mouth directly in front of my hard 7” cock. I looked down as he began to lick the underside, running his tongue up and down the shaft.

He noticed the pre cum at the head of my cock and this must have been what excited him as the next thing I knew, he had taken my cock in his mouth and run his mouth all the way to my pubes. My knees nearly went out from under me. His first move was to deep throat me. My cock really got stiff. He moved back and began to lick around the head. I took his head in my hands and began to fuck his mouth.

All I could hear and feel were the moans emanating from his throat and my cock slid in and out of his lips. He took my cock from his mouth and began to lick and suck on my balls. I let my head tilt back as I told him that was a great blowjob. As I did, I felt his finger run around my asshole. I knew he was testing the waters of checking out my ass. I wasn’t too sure about having anal sex since his cock was 8-9” long erect but not as thick as a normal cock. Maybe!!! We would have to wait and see.

I told my lusting partner that it was his turn and had him sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt down and slowly stroked his cock. I began to slowly lick around the head of his cock as he began to moan. This only made me want to swallow his cock-which I did. I ran my mouth up and down until I could get all of it in my mouth. As I did, I began to slowly knead his balls as his sack tightened up.

I then moved my hand to his ass I continued to give him one hell of a blowjob, savoring every tasty inch I could suck. I moved my finger to his ass and began to move it around his opening; teasing him and tickling his ass at the same time. This made him pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I began to get more excited and thinking how wonderful it would be to lay him on his back and ride his cock until he came up my ass.

I moved my fingers back and slowly began to release his cock from my mouth. I did not really want to stop this but what I had in mind was even better. I know he would agree and I was ready to make my request. I suggested my partner lay back and relax. I climbed over the top of him and stood his cock straight up. I put on a condom on him and lubed him up and spread some around my ass and then eased myself down onto his rock hard cock.

At first there was a little pain but as I began to ride him, my moans and his moans superseded anything that was painful. I began to feel his cock poke at my prostate and I was in sheer ecstasy as I rode his cock like there was no tomorrow. I placed my hands on his chest and pinched his nipples as he kept begging me to ride him longer. With each motion down onto his cock, I felt his balls press against my hole and his cock press against the underside of my balls sac. I was in heaven. His moans began to deepen and get louder—

I knew what was about to happen. I slowly raised myself a little but continued to ride his cock. Next thing I knew, his juice was filling the condom and I felt the spurts hit high into the condom. I slowed down my movements and began to feel his cock slowly slide out my ass. I was nearly spent as my ass had not had this good of a reaming in a long time.

But it was definitely worth the effort as he began to slip more out of my ass. I could tell from the soft grin on his face that he enjoyed unloading into my ass. We looked at each other and exchange a long, deep kiss before laying exhausted into each other’s arms. Kindly revert back with your comments to / / to encourage me posting me more stories.