I Was In Gay Thoughts

Hi all, I am long regular reader of Iss but never tried to post my story straight away I want to start my real experience that was happened when I was 20 year old. A little introduction about me then you may imagine my image as well. I’m 59 feet fair complexion rose and brown color, pink lips, natural athlete body soft delicate skin like a girls blessed with a 8.5 inch size cock circumcised.

The events I going to write here is 100% true nothing described here is more than the truth. its was a Saturday morning around 10am and i was in the petty shop where I usually buy sex books. The owner is around 45 year old and in his shop two other boys also working at that time he was alone in his shop. I was looking at the sex books inside of the shop. He stacked some products in the center of the shop so if anyone sit behind this products blocks can’t be seen by outsiders. I was standing and looking at the books by holding it down.

He came behind me and squeeze my bums and tells something that I couldnt remember. That was a different act from him. I visited that shop so many time but he never do that before but I don’t get it from the beginning why he act like that one of the customer standing outside. I thought he may do it casually. They talk something the guy went and he came back to me and this time he clinched my cock and squeezes it harder. It was in already half erect position that gave me the shivering in my whole body that was the moment

I hardly remember where I was standing. he whispered in my ear holding and squeezing my cock..shall we work ( veala pannalama)i slightly nodded my head to say yes…I forget my own language…I forget everything that he is a man i acted like possessed by horny demon he then whispered again sit…thats all I obeying him like in a hypnotized way, I was there motionless while he undress my pant zip then took out my cock…its still in half erect he then whispered again…wow ….your fiancée is very lucky to have this beautiful cock…hmm its so beautiful by saying this he straightly took my cock inside his mouth and sucking it like a lollipop.

I was in heaven I felt a current shock all over my body…I could feel the wave of hot blood running very fast from my cock to my brain he is sucking my cock in a very professional way….then suddenly I heard the people outside calling out him. He stand up and said please wait…I waited there for a minutes but still he was busy doing business. that was the enough time I came back to my sense and I realized what I have done. Bull shit…..what the fucking I’m doing here…

I fast zip my pant and stand up to get out of the shop. he noticed it…and came beside me…and excused me…hi dont you like it…dont say it to anyone….please….he pleased me not to tell anyone. I said ok I wont tell anyone…by only shocking my head in a positive way because I couldnt speak. I walk away from the shop with a thousands of guilt feelings in my mind after I reach home I didnt talk to anyone. I went to my room the scene of what was happened in the shop continuously viewed in my mind eye. I was possessed by a gay thoughts…I heard the voice speaking very loudly in my mind…

I want to feel it again….show it to me…..do it ..do it…there is nothing wrong…go show your nude body to him…he will show u heaven….I cant decide anything I acted like someone put a tantra on me my feet started walking towards his shop again. This time I wear a shirt and lungi only it was a afternoon time he was alone again I knew when he will be alone in the shop his eyes glittering saw me coming towards his shop. I can notice this from the face expression I stood there outside he came close he deliberately clinch my nipples by his two fingers…

Wow……..come inside….i quietly went inside his shop and sat in the small stool. I was there motionless unable to speak or do anything…I dont know what i do is wrong or correct he came near just by standing he unbutton my shirt and clinch again my nipple.( enaku udambu apadiae pullarichu pochu)he said wait here within a while a boy will come and take care of this shop then we can do whatever we want. i was shocked to hear that so he also doing this with his staff boys who care all i want is a pleasure….the pleasure

I never tasted before then the boy came in ten minutes of time meanwhile he undressed me made me nude clinch my nipple kissed my lips, bite my navel, shaking my cock. he wasn’t me to stay nude when his boy came and see my nudity. he is a same age of mine. the owner speaks to him hi his is bigger than you very bigger…I will like it…the boy stared at my body. I cover my cock and my chest like a women the owner take away my hand and show my cock to him. I kept my head down unable to see the boy what I heard is yes its very huge….(amam romba perusa iruku)

The owner instruct the boy to take care of the shop and he have the business to do with me..he show me a small way inside his shop that will lead to a small room full of cotton box. we two went inside and the owner become nude in a matter of seconds his cock is dark 4 inch size uncircumcised…I dont feel anything by seeing his cock….just a little discomfort…he may ask me to suck his cock…that I cant do that then he lick and suck my nipples like a mad man. he bite my navel area slurping with his tongue all over my navel area, chest, my ass, my balls, my cock….

He used me like his toy and I just show whatever area he want to explore my body. hmmmm that was a wonderful feeling I pride myself of my body. Seeing his curiosity in exploring my body make me so proud and at the same time the strong feeling of get fucked by a man behind me like the pictures I have seen in the sex book. I showed him the picture and open my mouth for the first time…please fuck me like this…(please enna indha padathula irukura madhiri seiunga)he then positioned himself behind my back and insert his cock

In between my thighs close to my ass hole and move front and back fast. he load out his sperm in my thighs…he moaned lightly…I understood this man have cum but my lust fire is still burning my body. I told him please do something…I was burning (please edhavadhu seiunnga enaku udambellam eriudhu)he shook my cock fast by standing behind one hand is cupping my chest and one hand is shaking my cock violently.

I moaned lightly he told me don’t make sound people might hear us then I try not to let out any sound. The blood is running so fast all over my body I can feel like I’m started to fly with my physical body with some energy then I let out a large sum of sperm that hit the wall one meter away from me. he was astonished to see me coming like that. wow….how could u shoot your cum like that….that was wonderful…..I was speechless….because my sense are coming back to normal and again the guilty feeling started to take over my thoughts. I dressed and leave the place fast I couldnt speak anything.

But he kept on speaking with me I dont hear anything he said all my answer to him yes nodded my head or hmm.hmmm..thats all. I left the place his cum is still in between my thighs. I went to home and took a long bath….I never visited that shop again for i think one month because of the guilty feeling I had in the period of time again the gay thoughts started to rule my mind…you know what happened…m it leads me to the another dimension of this world…yes the gay world…now..I want to suck big cock and drink his semen but dont have any opportunity to do that. if you like my story comment me or email me. my email id is / /