Enjoyed Journey

Hi All, My Name is Ritesh. I am 21 years old. This incident happened before a month.

I was moving back to my hostel from my home. Its around 70KM away. That evening I got late and I started my journey at around 8:00PM, and waited for bus for a long time. But didnt got any luck, at around 9:00PM a truck passed by me and a person shouts at me, “Kahan Jana hai?” I told him the place and he said Ok, come aboard.

There in the truck there were two persons only, a Driver and a Cleaner. Driver was looking like a Sikh with a big dark body with age around 50. He was heavily built and had a huge mustache and a beard. The Cleaner was around 40 with a normal build. rock started its journey.After sometime they started to talk they both speaking Hindi. They asked me my name, from where I came and what I am doing etc. etc. But I noticed that both the driver and a Cleaner occasionally looking at me and my body. Driver even adjusted the mirror in truck so he can see me.

Let me describe myself. I am a little fat and having a child like fatness all around my body. Especially around my chest and my hips. I look cute and many times boys call me I look and behave like a girl. My chest is a little grown up for a boy and they do look like a small girls breasts, moreover my nipples are not like those of boys but are puffy like those of girls as I have seen in Internet.

However when I touch then they just get tight and then they look like a boys nipples but little bigger. I have a small penis of about 5C.M. as I measured it since I was 17 and i hoped it will grow long but somehow it didnt. I started masturbation since 17 and earlier i was getting good erection and my erect penis was around 8C.M. but since last one year, I was having problem getting erections. I used to look and admire Boys body and girls attract me a little. Thought I was sure I am not a Gay.

Lets get back to the incident. The driver and a Cleaner watching me occasionally while chatting with me. So I checked myself. I was wearing a T-Shirt and a Jeans and My nipples were visible from my T-Shirt and in Trucks Light which was facing from above they were looking a little too big. The driver and Cleaner must have spotted this. As I was sitting next to Driver Seat and Cleaner was sitting right beside me. It was a hot season so Cleaner and Driver both removed their Shirts and they told me to do so.

I quietly said No, i am fine. Then Cleaner Come very close to me to take his towel, which was right behind the driver seat. In the process he saw a chain in my neck. He said Ohh what a nice chain it is. and He touched my Neck. and pick up the Chain and Started to See me. Driver too said it look like a good chain, you too should buy one for yourself. in the pretext of chain the cleaner started to touch my neck, my shoulder and I feel a little awkward. Then he suddently put his hand onto my left nipple and said

“Are ye to bahot bada lagata hai, jara dekhne de to.” and then the very next moment, he sleeped his right hand inside my t-Shirt and grabbed my left Boob. He also called Driver, “Charansing dekh maine kya khoja hai”. Charansing the Driver Stops the Truck on the left side of Road. and come to me and asked Cleaner, “Kya hai Baluram.” baluram the Cleaner said, “iske to ladkiyo ke jaise hai”. I was shocked at his statement. I didn’t know what to say. Driver said “Mujhe Dekhne de Zara” and with that he also sleep his left hand in my t-Shirt and grab my Right Boob.

They both first feel the each boob like measuring it and then they started pressing it lightly. Thought the Drivers hand was rought and Driver slowly pressing my right boob very hard. I started moaning like “Ahh… Ahhh… Ahh… rehne do Please.” I started to protest now and try to get their hands out of me, but in process two of my t-shirts buttons brook off. I started crying.

They both stopped and try to console me. The Cleaner gave me some water I feel good after that. They both explained “dekho beta, hum to zara dekh rahe the, isme rone wali kya baat hai, hum me tumhe mara to nahi. Aur tumhe bhi to maja aa raha tha.” Then I realize I too felt good. Driver asked “Tum ladke hi ho na Beta?” I said, yes. he asked “kabhi kisi ladki ke sath soye ho kya”. I said No. he asked ”

Kabhi kisi ke saath maja kiya hai kya? Kisi ladki ya Ladke ke sath”. I said No. In the meantime I realize that During this conversation, Driver ne apna haath mere left boob pe rakha tha aur dhire se mere nipple ko sehla raha tha. When I noticed this he said “Dekho tumhe bhi accha lag raha hai na, Ab Rona mat.” i nodded my head in acceptance as my body started to like this caressing. Cleaner started to take off my T-Shirt, I hesitated, then Driver said

“Nikalne do beta, tumhe aur accha lagega, aur yahan pe koi dekhne wala nai hai.” And so I become topless there with a girly boobs and a Two man looking at them. They too were looking at my white milky boobs with their big eyes. Then Driver said “Ritesh beta, tumhe kisi ne kiss kiya hai.” I said No. Driver come ahead and Started kissing me on my Cheek and then my Lips. I didnt know what to do so I just sit there. Driver was kissing my lips andd cleaner was pressing my left boob and Drivers One hand was on my Right boob pinching my nipple.

It was too much for me and at the same time I was feeling drivers hairs all around my neck and it was a very ticklish feeling. Then they both started to kiss my neck and then they took control of each of my boob. Driver was Controlling My right Side and Cleaner was Controlling my Left side. They both Started to kiss it. i think they both knew what they were doing. They started to Kissed it sowly first then Hard and then Harder they Pinched my Nipples and even bites on it. I saw my white milky boobs get the marks of their teeth.

Then After 20 minutes of Boobs Sucking driver said “Maja aa raha hai na? Aur majze karega kya?”. I didnt know what to said, I told him do whatever you like, but I need to reach to my hostel too. He said dont worry about it. They told me to wear my t-Shirt, and The truck Started its journey. Still they were smiling and look at the White Cleavage like part which was showing from my t-shirt as its two buttons where brook off earlier.

The truck stopped at Some “Dhaba” kind of Place where Music was played at loud volume. Cleaner get off the truck, had some talk with the Dhaba owner and then he signaled back to Driver. Driver Said “Chalo Ritesh Beta”, there we three have some lunch together. I thought while eating that these two are nice persons actually as they didnt hurt me and I liked what they did so far.

After finished eating they direct me to a room right behind the Dhaba. Me and Driver Entered the room. it was a simple room with a bed and a Mirror. I saw in the mirror, My face was looking pale. Driver Said “Chinta mat Karo, Tumhe Maja Aayega.” Soon after Cleaner entered the room and he close it from inside. Then Driver Said Come here and he game me a tight hug and then started kissing me. This time I too response him and kissing him back.

We were doing French kissing. feeling of his hair on my body was ticklish. Then the brock the kiss and remove his Shirt and Pent. Cleaner also remove his Shirt and pent. Driver said “beta, apne kapde bhi nikal do, sharmao mat, yaha pe aur koi nai aane wala.” But I was little too aback, seeing the two male standing right next to me without their clothes. Of course they were having underwear’s. This time driver took the initiative and slowly removed my t-Shirt. I co-operated by adjusting my hand so it can be easily removed.

Meanwhile Cleaner Started to remove my Jeans and within a minute I was too in Underwear. Then they Both Started kissing me all over my body, My Cheek, My Lips, My Neck, My Shoulder, My Breasts, My nipples, My Stomach, My thighs every inch of my body. Then Driver Removed my Underwear too. He was shocked to see my penis. He show my penis to the Cleaner, “Dekh iska kitna choota hai.” Cleaner was also shocked to see such a tiny penis. Cleaner Asked “Tune aur ladko ke Lund dekhe hai?”

I said yes, and I told them that I know they all were bigger then mine, and I know mine is Small but I cannot do anything about it. I even told him I am having problem getting erection nowadays. They both look at each other and then Driver said “Koi baat nai beta, aaj hum tumjhe asli lund dikhayenge, aur tera problem bhi solve karne ko koshish karenge.” Then Cleaner come to me and told me to remove his underwear. he was having a big bulge on this underwear. I sat down and hesitantly removed it. As soon as i removed it his penis sprang out right there before my eyes. It was a Big penis.

Around 7 Inches Long and 3 inches Thick and having a Sharp head. He told me to take it in my mouth. I think for a minute and then Started Kissing it. Strangely, I like to play with the penis with my mouth. i took his whole penis slowly in my mouth and started sucking it. Cleaner instructed me how to do it and how to suck it. i sucked his penis form around 10 minutes the then he said “Mera Nikalne wala hai”. and with that he withdraw is dick from my mouth and Started masturbating it with his hand, and within seconds he shoot his cum on my breasts and my stomach.

He seems to be feeling happy and me too was having a good feeling. He wiped out my body with a cloth. Then he gave me a good French kiss. Driver also started kissing me from behind and he was feeling my hips. My hips are a little too fuller they are smooth. Driver said you had a great ass. I said thank you. Now driver removed his Underwear and showed me his penis. I was shocked to see anything as big as that, his penis was simply mammoth I think that it was maybe eleven inches in length and perhaps four inches thick! Black in color, in the midst of grey hairs.

Below his cock I saw two spheres hanging as big as two tennis balls. and to my shock I started to get an erection. Driver said what you are looking at, this is a real dick. Play with it. It is having a big head. I wonder whether I could be able to take it in my mouth. I slowly started to kiss it and play with it with my tongue and then try to grab it in my mouth. I can barely able to take 1/4 of it in my mouth. it was way too big for me.

After sucking for 10 minutes. He told me to lie on a bed. I lied in the bad. Cleaner set himself just above my head and Started to press my boobs. Charansing took my both legs and make them high above and tell Baluram “Iske pair Pakde rakh”, he told me try to reach to your shoulder with your legs. This way my ass was raised high above and then the took a pillow and place it underneath my vest. Now my ass got raised further. A perfect setup for a perfect fuck.

Charansing slowly started to kiss me all over my body and my thighs while the cleaner was pressing my boobs. I was manipulated by two persons at the same time. It was amazing I was becoming hot. Charansing Kissed my anus and put some Vaseline on it. They must kept it in the room somewhere. He applied some to his dick as well. I was too afraid at this moment as i was not sure I will be able to take his monster dick inside my virgin ass. Sure today is a day when I am going to lose my virginity.

He put his index finger on my anus and applied some pressure. it goes in then he tried the same with two fingures and then three, It was too much for that small hole. I cried “Aaaaa! Ahhaaaa! Ahhaaa! Aauucchh! dukhata hai! mat karo!”. he said, be patient. “pehale dukhega. badme maja aayega.” then he gave me a 1 minute break, but when i got afraid by seeing his fully developed penis. i said, “no charansing. Don’t do this.

Don’t put it in my ass. phat jayegi.”. he replied, “mat daro. kuch nahi hoga. main dhire dhire karunga, i will not do anything that will hurt you. Trust me.” Then I started to feel his dick going inside. The heaviness was worse than before and was accompanied by excruciating pain. I grit my teeth trying to block away the pain. But it was not going anywhere. I started to moan, more with pain than anything else. As the cock gradually went further in, the pain started to subside and was replace with a strange sensation of pleasure.

I started to relax and Charansing must have sensed that as he slowly withdrew his cock and inserted it back again; it was not that painful this time around. The feeling of fullness was there but there was a new sensation of pleasure which was unexplainable. I liked the feeling and wanted him to keep pulling it out and reinsert. Charansing said “Tumhari chudai karne ka bahot maja aa raha hai.

Tumhari gaand such main bahot tight hai” and he keep on pound his big dick in and out of my arse. My little penis was also got erected, I was just too excited by this dual manipulation and rough fucking. All my fears of being fucked in the arse were gone now and I was enjoying it. I stared to moan with pleasure. “Oh yes. It is good…” I cried. He bent down and grabbed my boobs which were hanging down and squeezed them as he continued to fuck me. He was getting rough both with his fucking and squeezing. But I loved it! I felt that he was going to come soon as he also started to moan.

“Mera Nikalne wala hai. Yes…” he cried out and I felt his cum filling my arse. He kept his cock inside me even after he came for a minute or two. My arse muscles kept contracting around his cock during that time. I was in a state of ecstasy. After that we had a two round of a Wild sex during the Whole night. Charansing and baluram fucked me for whole night and together we had a great pleasure. In the morning they left me to Hostel. I dont know I am a gay or not, I dont exactly know I am a boy or a Girl. Its all up to you to decide who I am. Let me know… I am eager to know.