Knowing My Feminity

Hi All! This is my first story and if i have done any mistake please forgive me. My Name is Rahul, my age is 18 and my height is 56”. The Story is all about feminine in me that turns me into female. When I was 15 my parents and my elder sister died in a car accident, they left me with lot of money. At that I was in shock but slowly I recovered.

From child hood I was not having interest in girls. But, I used to play my sister or with girls in my colony because in our colony there were not a single boy of my age. Having girls company, I also start behaving like girl when i m playing with them, like doing make-up, even they had not any problem with that. Most important I like that thing, like lipstick, nail-polish, etc.

Well it’s been long time doing that. After getting into high-school I have to left everything, but I missed everything. But in school one advantage is that I’m always with the boys. I can touch them, in toilet I can see many cock. Its holiday now, I have finished my exams and getting bored in holidays, as I’m missing my school(sitting with my male friends !).

Last week I saw one man has just shifted in our apartment next to my flat. He was young seems to be IT Professional, age 24 good looking 510”. After seeing him I can’t stop myself thinking about him. I started doing fingering in my ass, pinching my nipples thinking he is doing everything. Two days before I went to my sisters room as in her room there is bath tub. I came outside of bathroom and opened cub-board as usual and saw her cloths, I close it for a moment and opened it again. I thought, I will try few of her cloths and go outside and try to meet that fellow.

I went to some stores bought hair removal cream (though I’m having at-least any hair on my body), went to barber and ask him to do my hairstyle in such way that it should look like boy cut done by a girl, also din my eye-brow. After coming home i removed every excess hair from my body. Took bath again, applied some lotions. Applied some ladies deodorant. Take out some cloths from my sisters cub-board(salwar-kameez) wore bra, panty and her salwar-kameez.

I did some make-up, polished my nails. I saw my-self in mirror and could not imagine, I turned into girl completely. My voice is already very soft so I was sure that he will consider that I’m girl. I have planned that, in evening somehow I will meet me. In the evening I moved out of my flat, rung his doorbell, he opened the door. I said hello to him and asked whether he could fit a screw as i m unable to fit. He said ok and came with me. I was very happy but not having any plan to seduce him. Now I started planning very fast how to seduce him and so on.

He came and asked where to fit a screw, I was not having answer as I was lying. I said I’m sorry, I’m lying and told him that i like you and wanted to talk, but having no reason I lied. He said its okay. I said than ks, asked him to stay for while. He replied ” I am free, I don’t have any plans for this evening”. I started music player with some romantic music, we talked for a while. I went closer to him, and closed my eyes and kissed him on his cheeks, enjoyed that a lot. After that he came closer to me and kissed me, a French kiss.

We didn’t stop for 5 minutes, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I started rubbing his cock now. He was moaning, I unzipped his shorts, removed his short as well as his jockey. And saw his 8′ cock with no hair. I smelled it first, it was amazing. I took that in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. He was moaning hard and hard. After 10 minute he lost. I swallowed all his cum, it was salty but I like it.

After that he said I want to fuck you, I was frightened as hell know that I’m a boy and cheated him. I started crying. He asked me and I told him the truth that I am a boy but having feminine in nature. He kissed me love, I was surprised. He removed my cloths, started licking my left nipple and playing with my other nipple I was moaning. He did it for 20 minutes, after that I saw bites of his teeth on my chest, I didn’t mint it.

He suck my asshole for a while. Then he inserted a finger in my asshole, I was feeling like heaven, then he put two and then three, now it’s hurting me. I was moaning in pleasure as well as its hurting me now he inserted his cock in my ass, I shouted in a pain, but he didn’t stop and fucking me harder and harder. First it was hurting me a lot but after that it was pleasure of having someone’s cock in you.

He fucked me for next half an hour. He lost all his cum in my ass, I was lost in that pleasure. He stayed all night with me. He loved me a lot. He said he will come every day! Today he come and said me that he just got transferred; he has not having any choice. I have decided that I will now leave as girl not as a boy. For that I’m changing my town. I m going to shift to Pune, Please mail me your views on this story to [email protected]